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Abe's Amazing Adventure!!

-SDL library

How to build it:

Windows (cross-compile on linux):
./cross-make clean all
(You may need to: cp abe abe.exe)

You need to install mingw's cross-compiler tools for this to work.

How to run it:

and in fullscreen mode:
./abe -f

on Windows:

You can also run: ./abe --help to see some other options.
Abe can in video modes between 320x200 to 800x600. It needs at least a 16bpp mode.
You can do: ./abe -t to see what video modes will run faster in fullscreen mode.

This is only a demo, so please excuse the rough edges. 
On the startup screen, hit "SPACE" to run the game, or "ENTER" to run the editor.
In general the keys are:

arrow keys - move
space - jump
enter - use a balloon
esc - quit

Editor: (to enable the editor set Game.h/GOD_MODE to 1 and re-build)
arrow keys - move
home,end,pageup,pagedown - move around by pages
enter - put down tile
1,2,3 - select layer
del,backspace - clear tile
5,6 - cycle thru tiles
L - load map
S - save map
esc - quit
q,w - make a slide (q-top left, w-bottom right)
q,e - make a rectangle

If you have any comments, email me at

Many thanks for sourceforge for hosting Abe!!. Look for more info at

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