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2010-09-26  Tony Plate <>
        * Version 1.4-0
        * added NAMESPACE

2010-09-26  Tony Plate <>
        * Version 1.3-0
        * R/adrop.R: Make able to drop a 1-d array to a named vector

2009-12-03  Tony Plate <>

        * Version 1.2-0
        * R/abind.R: Make code more efficient and cleaner
        * R/adrop.R: Make adrop generic
        * R/asub.R: add function asub() to subscript arrays on specified
        * R/afill.R: add function afill() <- value to fill subarrays on specified

2004-03-12 Tony Plate <>

        * R/abind.R man/abind.Rd
        Allow first argument of abind() to be a list of objects to be
        bound -- this avoids the need for when one wants to bind
        a list of objects

        * R/abind.R man/abind.Rd
        Changed argument name 'use.anon.names' to the more intuitive
        'make.names' (the argument 'use.anon.names' still works)

        * R/abind.R man/abind.Rd
        Changed default value for 'make.names' to FALSE (now more closely
        behaves like rbind() and cbind()).  This means that dimension
        names for dimensions that have no names are only constructed
        when requested, not by default.

        * R/adrop.R man/adrop.Rd
        Added new function adrop().  This is a function like drop(), but
        it allows to user to specify which of the dimensions with extent
        one will be dropped.
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