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This README is in the doc directory of the abinit package.
See the files 'welcome.html' and 'new_user_guide' in the 'users'
directory for more information, and the file 'dirs_and_files'
in the same directory for the structure of the abinit package
and subdirectories . For installation, compilation and tests,
see a recent version of the 'install' file, in the 'Installation_notes'
subdirectory. This file is available as an html file, e.g.
the file "Installation_notes/install_v2.0.html" for version 2.0.


Copyright © 1998-2007 ABINIT group (XG,DCA)             
This file is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License, see ~abinit/COPYING
or .
For the initials of contributors, see ~abinit/doc/developers/contributors.txt .

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