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This Tk interface to the Notify Service Monitor requires opalORB v0.0.3 or
later which can be downloaded from

It will require some form of make (GNU make, nmake, Borland make, etc.)
You must have the TAO_ROOT environment variable set to the full path of the
TAO directory and you must also have the OPALORB_ROOT environment variable
set to the full path of opalORB.  Then run make.  It will generate the stubs
and at that point you are ready to run -ORBInitRef NameService=...

By default, the monitor interface will use the Name Service to locate the
monitor service.  However, an IOR can be passed as the first parameter to to designate the location of the monitor service.  This can be
any one of the opalORB supported IOR formats.  See for supported formats.
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