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@page InsecureReferences Test README File

  This test validates a fix for a problem with decoding IIOP Profiles
  containing multiple endpoints as tagged components, but that do not
  include ssl components. The problem was that the code was
  incorrectly accounting for the initial endpoint in the profile when
  preparing additional generated ssl endpoints for the decoding
  process. The test executable is run twice. Once with no ORBSvcConf
  argument, and a -o argument to create the IOR, and then a second
  time with the svc config argument and a -k argument to read in the
  previously generated ior. The test is successful if the second run
  does not crash.

	To run the test use the script:

$ ./

  or start the test executable manually:

$ ./test -o <iorfile> -p <base_port>
$ ./test -ORBSvcConf client.conf -k file://<iorfile>

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