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@page AMI_Buffering Test README File

	A regression test for AMI buffering.  The test verifies
that the TAO::BufferingConstraint policies are respected by the
ORB. Three separate tests are possible:

- TAO::BUFFER_MESSAGE_COUNT: The buffer should not be flushed until
  enough messages are in the queue.

- TAO::BUFFER_TIMEOUT: The buffer should not be flushed unless the
  specified interval has expired.

- TAO::BUFFER_MESSAGE_BYTES: The buffer should not be flushed until
  enough bytes are in the queue.

	To run the test use script:

$ ./

	the nightly regression builds impose severe constraints on the
maximum time allowed for a single test.  Three separate scripts are
used to stay within those bounds:

$ ./
$ ./
$ ./

	each script returns 0 if the test was successful.

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