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@page Long Upcalls Test README File

	Verify that the ORB does not dead-lock, even in the presence
of very long or unbounded upcalls.  This is a regression test for:

	In the old days the leader thread would not allow any
followers to take over while a long upcall or reply handler
was running.  This could produce deadlocks as in some cases the upcall
may want for follower threads before returning.

	To execute the test simply run

$ ./

	The test returns 0 on success.

@section Known problems

	This test can also be used to verify that bug

	is still unresolved, all you need to do is run the following

$ ./ami_server -ORBSvcConf svc.conf -o test.ior

$ ./ami_client -ORBSvcConf svc.conf -k file://test.ior

	the client will deadlock.

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