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$Id: README 36522 2000-12-02 05:12:50Z marina $

This is a test for <Object::_validate_connection> method, i.e.,
explicit binding functionality.

The goal of this test is to check that <validate_connection>
establishes connections appropriate for the effective policy
overrides, and that it detects policy misconfigurations and reports
them back to the client via <inconsistent_policies> parameter.

The server creates an object, which can be used through IIOP or SHMIOP,
and publishes its IOR.  The client performs three tests:

1) Set ClientProtocolPolicy override to SHMIOP, and invoke
<validate_connection> on the object.  This should return TRUE, and one
SHMIOP connection should get established.

2) Invoke <test_method> on the object.  The invocation should succeed
and NO new connections should get established (connection from step 1
should get used).

3) Now set ClientProtocolPolicy override to UIOP, and invoke
<validate_connection> on the object.  It should return FALSE (because
the server is not reachable through UIOP), and <inconsistent_policies>
should contain the problematic override: ClientProtocolPolicy we

To run (on Unix):
$./server [-o <ior_output_file>] -ORBendpoint iiop:// -ORBendpoint shmiop://
$./client [-o <ior>] -ORBdebuglevel 1


-o <ior_output_file>       Default: test.ior
                           Filename for output of the server IOR.

-ORBendpoint iiop://       Default: none
-ORBendpoint shmiop://     Need to open server endpoints for several
                           protocols.  Client is hardcoded to use
                           SHMIOP, so these options must be specified
                           for the test to work.


-o <ior>                   Default: file://test.ior
                           IOR of the test object.

-ORBdebuglevel 1           Default: none
                           Recommended debug level for monitoring of
                           connection establishment.

Expected output:
Below is a sample output from on NT.  Please note that
since in this test we are using ORB debug option

1) test output may look different from that shown below as ORB debug
   messages are modified by developers
2) the output may contain some debug information irrelevant to this

********** RTCORBA Explicit Binding Unit Test


TAO (964|300) Loaded default protocol <IIOP_Factory>
TAO (964|300) Loaded default protocol <SHMIOP_Factory>

     Test 1
TAO (964|300) Connector::connect - looking for SHMIOP connection.
TAO (964|300) SHMIOP connection to server <> on 320

     Test 2
TAO (964|300) Connector::connect - looking for SHMIOP connection.
Server: test_method invoked.

     Test 3
Inconsistent policies contain ClientProtocolPolicy, as expected.

  Testing over - shutting down
TAO (964|300) Connector::connect - looking for SHMIOP connection.
Server ORB event loop finished
TAO (964|300) SHMIOP_Client_Connection_Handler::handle_close (320, 511)

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