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$Id: README 94653 2011-10-07 09:09:21Z msmit $

ASNMP = ACE+SNMP++ Version 2.1
By Michael R. MacFaden,

What is ASNMP ? ==> ACE+SNMP! aka Another SNMP API
  HP's SNMP++ 2.5 freely available C++ SNMP class library
  has been adapted to the ACE 4.2 Framework.

What is Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP)?
  See the FAQ:

What was changed from HP version?
  See src/ChangeLog file.

Is HP SNMP++ compatible with ASNMP?
  It is neither source nor binary compatible. About 10% of the API has changed.
  There have been API changes to make the interface more orthogonal
  and to reduce implementation complexity such as consolidating constructors
  with default formal values, and to remove some inconsistencies
  with the HP interface as well as locking down valid() semantics, etc.

What platforms have the test programs been verified on?
  Solaris 2.4, 2.5.1 using SUN C++ 4.1,4.2 compiler. Linux/GCC
  fixes are now in as well.

Why use this version?
  The SNMP++ version ships only for HP-UX and for Windows.
  It is not very portable nor does it do a good job at checking
  for out of memory exhaustion conditions (asn1.cpp). There is some great
  code here. ACE needs an SNMP library to build NM type
  communications applications. Hence ASNMP was born in my spare time.

How does ASNMP differ from SNMP?
  Current version uses ACE OS Adaption layer.  All memory
  allocation is now consistent, uses ACE_NEW().
  Standard ACE Debugging (ACE_TRACE) has been inserted.
  ASNMP has less global namespace pollution by moving all non-class
  functions into interface classes or made into static locals.

  An agent intefarce has been added (asnmp/sagent.h) so both agents
  and managers can use this class library. A trivial agent
  exists in ASNMP/agent/

  X11 GUI support removed from this version since this is
  not the place to include GUI support in the new world of
  multi-threaded apps.

  The async interface does not match the HP implementation.

How to build this library
  Set ACE_ROOT and platform_macros.GNU per ../INSTALL file.
  create libasnmp.a, and then run the tests

Any Support for ASNMP?
   As time permits from the mailing list.

Where to ask questions?
  Please use mailing list or

NOTE: Please do not bother Eric Mellquist unless you are using
   the original HP version of this library.

Where can I get the original HP SNMP++?

What version of SNMP is fully supported?
  SNMP Version 1 (RFC 1155,1157, 1215)

What about SNMP Version 2c?
  V2c is defined in RFC 1901 - 1908
  These bits are added to v1 code in this library: GetBulk PDU, Counter64
  These bits are missing Inform (RFC 1905)
  RFC 1903 defined new datatypes using existing SMI via macros.
  These should be coded as if they were SMI datatypes to encapsulate
  their behavior. V2c hasn't been deployed

What about SNMP Version 3?
   It is looking good for V3, but so far, we're just watching.
   A C implemenation is now available from UC Davis.

What copyrights/legal requirements are required when using this code?

Does this really work?
  See tests/ directory  for the current test reports (purify/purecov/...).

How does one Extend an SNMP Agent?
  Extending an agent typically means updating the agent source or
  using a dynamic link style API. RFC 2257 (AgentX) is the current design
  for doing this in a standard way. This hasn't been well formalized yet
  so extending an existing agent is still a vendor API thing.

  The agent provided here is a template. A mib compiler and agent
  library typically provide better agent support. See the UC-Davis
  SNMP software for an example Agent that is portable and can report
  on many flavors of UNIX and Windows.

Any Future Plans?
  The ASNMP library will be improved for performance and made to use
  higher level design patterns. Hopefully it will be used as a
  vehicle for grad students to learn something about network mgmt
  code work a related cousin of general distributed programming.

Michael R. MacFaden
Member of the Technical Staff
Cabletron Systems, Inc.
215 Moffet Park Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

SNMP++ For UNIX Source Code and Examples:
Included within this package can be found the source code and
examples for SNMP++. The following represents the directories which
are included within the compressed tar file and their contents.

For more details on the API , please refer to the API specification.

This library is a complete implementation of SNMP++ and does not
require other SNMP libraries to be present.

Required Tools:

readme.txt ( this file)
|------ src ( .cpp files and Makefile for building libraries )
|------ examples ( a variety of apps, .cpp and Makefile included )
|------ tests - unit test routines

src Directory Contents:
Makefile             - make file for ACE/Solaris 2. build
target.cpp           - Collection of attributes(address, timeout, etc) used
                       to define a command session
snmp.cpp             - A logical session between NM app and agent
pdu.cpp              - Pdu class source (vb list and API command)
wpdu.cpp             - Adapter pattern based class between CMU and HP code
transaction.cpp      - synchronous transaction clss
vb.cpp               - Variable Binding class source (oid + value)

<< SMI datatypes used to get/set values in SNMPv1 agents >>

address.cpp          - Address class source
gauge.cpp            - Gauge32 class source
integer.cpp          - Integer32 class source
counter.cpp          - Counter32 class source
ctr64.cpp            - Counter64 class source
timetick.cpp         - TimeTicks class source
octet.cpp            - Octet String class source
oid.cpp              - Oid class source
asn1.cpp             - ASN1 encoding and decoding code. CMU code.

examples Directory Contents:
Makefile             - make file for building console apps
get.cpp          - source for SNMP get program
next.cpp         - source for SNMP get Next program
set.cpp          - source for SNMP set program
trap.cpp         - source for SNMP trap send program
walk.cpp         - source for SNMP walk program

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