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$Id: README 94654 2011-10-07 09:17:20Z msmit $

CORBA Messaging

File: DevGuideExamples/Messaging/RelativeRoundtripTimeout/README

This directory contains an example illustrating the relative
round trip timeout policy defined in CORBA Messaging.

At each request invocation on the server, the client checks
against a user-specified timout value. If the time spent since
the start of the request exceeds the timeout value, a CORBA::TIMEOUT
exception is raised.

This example is based on the Messenger example in GettingStarted

How to Run

To start the server:

To start the client:

Exeuction via Perl Script

A Perl script has been created to automate the steps shown
above.  This script can be run via the following command:


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