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$Id: README 94654 2011-10-07 09:17:20Z msmit $

This directory contains a simple file transfer test program for the
Full Profile & Multicast in the TAO's Audio/Video Streaming
Service. This program can be run using UDP by default

Executable Options:


-f <filename> -> The name of the file under which the received stream
                data has to be stored.


-f <filename> --> The file to be streamed to the server. It is currently
                streamed at the rate of 0.5kbytes/s.

-s          --> flag to use SFP. This option cannot be used with -p
                TCP since SFP currently runs only over UDP.

Running the Test:

In that order:

Run the Naming Service

server -f <filename1>     (machine 1)

server -f <filename2>     (machine 2)

ftp -f <filename>         (machine 3)

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