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$Id: README 94616 2011-10-06 12:01:49Z johnnyw $

@page Thread Pool Latency Test README File

	This test tries to estimate the minimum latency for the
Thread-Pool concurrency model.  The test uses a multi-threaded client
and server.

	Please do not extend this test to deal with other data types,
configurations, etc.  If you need to just create a new test.  In the
past we had multi-purpose tests like that, they were hard to maintain,
and the results were hard to interpret.  Furthermore, the test is
purposely simple so its output can be parsed via nightly scripts and
plotted in a graph.   More importantly, the overhead of marshaling is
better measures using an isolated test, that does not involve the

	To run the test use the script:

$ ./

	the script returns 0 if the test was successful, and prints
out the performance numbers.

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