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$Id: README 94587 2011-10-05 13:43:25Z johnnyw $

This is a test that creates a birectional GIOP policy for a POA and then
attempts to repeat this, after destructing and re-creating the ORB. This used to
fail by breaking an assertion, because the second ORB was tryig to register a policy
validator object instance, which lingered since the time the first ORB was created.

The validators are chained in a linked list, and any attempt to register a new one,
which already points to another, is considered an error:

ACE_ASSERT: (24189|4143901376) file Policy_Validator.cpp, line 28 assertion failed for 'validator->next_ == 0'.Aborting...

In other instances it broke with SEGV, when trying to access an previously deleted
bi-dir policy validator.

For additional detail reffer to RT4667 and RT4672.

Start the test like this:

$ destroy

It should complete ok

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