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$Id: README 94587 2011-10-05 13:43:25Z johnnyw $

NOTE: This test has not completed yet !!!. This test currently just tested with "IN"
arguments. The OUT, INOUT and RETURN arguments test cases need be added.

This test is used to test the bug fix on collocated dii twoway request
invocation via invoke() crash on get_in_arg() when the request has multiple
"IN" parameters.

The test.idl defines twoway operations with all sorts "IN" SArgument to test the
conversion of the DII parameters in NVList to the list of arguments.
It also defines the operations with multiple "IN" arguments to test the
bug fix.

This test is a modification of the DII_Collocation_Tests/oneway test. The
idl interfaces define twoway method instead of oneway and the client invokes
the twoway operations via invoke() instead of oneway operations via

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