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$Id: README 94654 2011-10-07 09:17:20Z msmit $

This test is designed to test the very rare situation where an accept() will
fail due to the fact that no file descriptors are available to the process
(or system).  It assumes that file handles and socket handles come from the
same pool (i.e., Non-Win32 systems).

The server opens a file (the server executable itself) read-only until it
runs out of file handles.  It then enters the ORB run loop.  When the client
is started it attempts to call a two-way method which will initiate the
connection.  This will trigger the accept error handling code in the
TAO_Acceptor.  Prior to this code, the server process would tightly spin
attempting to accept() the new connection.

Unfortunately, the test relies on TAO debug messages to detect that the
error situation occurred and that the error handling code was run.
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