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$Id: README 94612 2011-10-06 11:57:27Z johnnyw $

@page Optimized_Connection Test README File

        This is a test of the Optimized Connection Endpoint Selector.
The OC provides the means to set a connection timeout.

	Instead of a server we use a invalid IOR. The hostname defined in
the IOR has to meet the following criteria:
* It needs to be invalid, else the connection isn't attempted.
* It respond to the connection request.
* Most popular web-sites meet this criteria.

Normally this will result in the client waiting for a TCP timeout. However
in this test we configure a 1300 milliseconds timeout.

        If in future the IOR host starts responding(results in test failure),
please regenerate a valid one using the ../Hello/server.

	To run the test use the script:

$ ./

	the script returns 0 if the test was successful.
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