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$Id: README 94586 2011-10-05 13:37:38Z johnnyw $

This test verifies that PolicyFactory support is working properly.
Working PolicyFactory support requires the following on the server side:

1) Ability to register a PolicyFactory through the
   ORBInitInfo::register_policy_factory() method.
2) Ability to create a policy through that PolicyFactory.
3) Ability to create a POA containing that policy, even if the policy
   is not meant to be used by the POA.
4) Retrieve the created policy from the POA's policy list via the
   IORInfo::get_effective_policy() method.

The client side only requires a subset of this list, i.e. items (1)
and (2), for working PolicyFactory support, so testing the server side
is enough.

Run the test as follows:

	$ perl

Output should be very similar to the following:

==== Running PolicyFactory test

PolicyFactory test succeeded.
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