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These routines perform operations on two types of lists.  One is a
generic list (list_* routines) and one is a string integer list (sl_*

The list routines work on a string containing a comma-separated list.
They break it down and return the elements of the list one at a time.

The string integer list routines perform operations on a string containing
a list of numbers.  A list is of the format "1,3-4,7,9,12-13".  There
are no spaces allowed, and the list may only contain positive integers
(or zero).

The following routines return the next element in the list as a string
(list_XXX_ele), an integer (list_XXX_int), or a real (list_XXX_num).

For example:
    call list_next_ele(str,ptr,ele,err)     => ele='abc'
    call list_next_int(str,ptr,int,err)     => int=123
    call list_next_int(str,ptr,int,err)     => int=0,err=1,ptr=unchanged
    call list_next_num(str,ptr,num,err)     => num=34.5
    call list_next_ele(str,ptr,ele,err)     => ele='',err=-1

There is a potential problem with many of the subroutines.  The value of
err could be different from zero if a value from previous call is passed
in even though the result should be 0.  Err must be set to 0 at the
beginning of each subroutine, or use a different variable in the main

Some problems have been fixed.  SI, 4/98

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