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ACL2 for Debian

This is a binary distribution of ACL2, as opposed to ACL2(r), the
modification of the former to use certain non-standard analyses in the

The ACL2 homepage points to two related packages which are not (yet)
included in Debian -- the 'workshops' and 'nonstd' packages.  Users
who wish to compile these sources are advised to retrieve and build
the Debian source package as follows:

apt-get -q -b source acl2

You will need to ensure that the build-dependencies, as listed at the
head of the file debian/control in the retrieved source tree, are
installed as well.  Next, retrieve and unpack the auxiliary sources
into place and compile them as explained in the upstream documentation
provided in the source tree.

The binary package has been designed for the end-user, as is typical
with all Debian binary packages, and not for the user who wants to
compile related software, who should rather retrieve the source
package as described above.  Several files needed for building
workshops and nonstd are therefore missing from the binary package

If you feel Debian binary packages of workshops and or nonstd would
be helpful, please send me an email to this effect.  The upstream
authors of ACL2 felt the need would be slight at best.

As ACL2 is not typically installed into a directory tree other than
that in which is was compiled, the directory layout in this binary
package may be unfamiliar to experienced ACL2 users.  In consultation
with the original authors, we have attempted to select a layout for
the binary distribution which would both conform to Debian policy as
well as the spirit of the ACL2 source tree.  It has been requested
that the Debian ACL2 package maintain a table of source and binary
file locations.  This is included here below.  Any files in the Debian
package(s) not in this list are Debian specific utilities/scripts used
in package maintenance.  The first entry on each line is the location
in the source tree.  Where a directory is specified here, the entire
directory has been mapped to its new location.  The second entry on
the line is the new location once the acl2 packages have been
installed, and the last entry is the package name containing the file
or directory.


 -- Camm Maguire <>, Tue Feb  3 22:14:38 2004
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