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How to enable the ACPI daemon support for Toshiba ACPI enabled laptops

If you have the acpi, acpid and acpi-support packages installed and are using
the linux kernel version 2.6.10 packages (or better) from Ubuntu then you can
enable support for passing the Toshiba hotkeys via the ACPI subsystem.

This allows acpid to automatically launch the relevant scripts when you hit
the hotkeys on your laptop.

The following keys are currently supported:

 * The Lock key
 * The suspend to RAM key   (Also known as sleep)
 * The suspend to DISK key  (Also known as hibernate)
 * The brightness up/down keys

The other hotkeys are passed through the acpi layer and you may be able to get
other programs which can listen to the acpi events and respond appropriately.

Note that if you enable this functionality then software such as fnfx will stop
working because they rely on older functionality for obtaining the hotkey
information from the kernel.

If you want to enable the acpi daemon support for Toshiba ACPI then do the
following simple set of operations.

Open a terminal and...

1. become root:
   myuser@mymachine:~ $ sudo -s -H
   Password:  <enter your password here>
   root@mymachine:~ #

(from now on I will simplify the root shell prompt to a single # symbol)
2. unload the current toshiba kernel module
   # rmmod toshiba_acpi

   (Don't worry if you get an error at this point)

3. create the configuration file
   # cd /etc/modprobe.d
   # cp /usr/share/doc/acpi-support/toshiba_acpi.modprobe .

4. attempt to load the toshiba support module again
   # modprobe toshiba_acpi

5. check that the module loaded okay and enabled the hotkey support
   # ps ax | grep ktoshkeyd

   If you get no output from that command then the installation failed and
   you should seek support on the ubuntu-users mailing list.

6. ensure that the hotkey support is now working
   Try pressing Fn+<key with brightness symbols on it>

   Your brightness should change appropriately. Again if you see no difference
   then seek support on the ubuntu-users mailinglist.

7. ensure that the module will be loaded on boot
   # grep toshiba_acpi /etc/modules
   if you see no output from that command you should do:
   # echo toshiba_acpi >> /etc/modules

That's it.

If you need any more support, please contact the ubuntu-users mailing list.


Document written by Daniel Silverstone <>
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