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* Thu Mar 29 2012  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.16 release
    (  (Ted Felix)
  - Add tests for required functions to
    (  (Ted Felix)
  - Move fchmod() before bind() on socket.  Debian bug #664705.
    (sock.c ud_socket.c ud_socket.h)  (Ted Felix)
  - Switch back to chown() as fchown() doesn't appear to work with sockets.
    (sock.c)  (Ted Felix) 
  - Add support for headphone (and other) jack switch events.
    (input_layer.c)  (AlexanderR)
  - Add notes on making the tarball.
    (README)  (Ted Felix)

* Thu Mar 15 2012  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.15 release
    (  (Ted Felix)
  - Improve man page (Debian bug #656676).  
    (acpid.8 acpi_listen.8)  (Ted Felix)
  X Change makefile to get rid of double slashes on install paths.
    Note: This change was lost due to introduction of autoconf which
    wiped out the old Makefile.
    (Makefile)  (Gilles Espinasse)
  - Switch from Makefile to autoconf build system.  Fix some related
    (Makefile README TODO acpi_ids.c acpi_ids.h acpid.h connection_list.h event.c kacpimon/ 
    kacpimon/makefile proc.h sock.h)
    (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Fix build warnings uncovered by new gcc settings from autoconf.
    (inotify_handler.c input_layer.c kacpimon/acpi_ids.c kacpimon/acpi_ids.h 
    kacpimon/connection_list.c kacpimon/connection_list.h 
    kacpimon/input_layer.c kacpimon/kacpimon.c kacpimon/netlink.c netlink.c
    proc.c sock.c)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Remove fcntl() calls to set FD_CLOEXEC and replace with
    CLOEXEC flags within the various open(), recvmsg() and other calls.
    Requires kernel version 2.6.23 and above.
    (acpi_listen.c inotify_handler.c input_layer.c libnetlink.c netlink.c
    proc.c ud_socket.c)
    (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Add SOCK_NONBLOCK to ud_create_socket().
    (ud_socket.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use isfdtype() instead of getsockopt() in is_socket().  Use fchmod(), 
    fstat(), and fchown() instead of the non-"f" versions in open_sock().
    (sock.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use __attribute__ for argument checking in acpid_log().
    (input_layer.c log.h netlink.c ud_socket.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Close only the open fds in close_fds().
    (acpid.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use accept4() with SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK in ud_accept().
    Remove unnecessary calls to fcntl() in process_sock().  
    (sock.c ud_socket.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use asprintf() instead of snprintf() in process_sock().
    (sock.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY macro instead of bogus checks for EINTR.
    (acpi_listen.c acpid.c event.c input_layer.c libnetlink.c netlink.c 
    proc.c ud_socket.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)
  - Use safer, faster, and more modern functions asprintf(), fstatat(), 
    openat(), and fdopen() in the configuration file processing.
    (event.c) (Cristian Rodriguez)

* Thu Dec 15 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.14 release
  - Fixed brace style.  (inotify_handler.c acpid.c)  (Ted Felix)
  - Added support for a "K" suffix on event strings to indicate that they
    may have originated from a keyboard input layer device.  This can be
    used to differentiate between a power switch on the keyboard, and a power
    switch on the computer's case.
    (connection_list.h inotify_handler.c input_layer.c netlink.c proc.c
    sock.c)  (Ted Felix)
  - Added a pathname to connection along with a find_connection_name().  
    Modifications to process_inotify() to log IN_DELETE events.  Additional 
    debugging output.
    These changes were experimentation related to dealing with a ThinkPad 
    suspend problem.  They should have no effect on acpid's behavior.  They are 
    mainly noticeable as a change in the logging.
    The Problem: When resuming from suspend, the lid switch and power button's 
    /dev/input event files do not trigger an IN_CREATE, so acpid doesn't 
    reconnect to them.  Restarting acpid fixes this.
    Tried using IN_DELETE instead of ENODEV to detect the drivers going away.
    Worked fine for disconnecting/reconnecting a USB keyboard, but not for the
    ThinkPad suspend problem.  I've given up on fixing this as it appears to be
    a kernel or driver issue.
    (connection_list.c connection_list.h inotify_handler.c input_layer.c 
    netlink.c proc.c sock.c)  (Ted Felix)
* Tue Nov 15 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.13 release
  - Fix for socket name buffer overflow.  (ud_socket.c)  (Ted Felix)
  - Moved acpid_log() out of acpid.h/.c and into log.h/.c to make it easier
    for all parts of acpid to use.  (Makefile acpid.h acpid.c connection_list.c
    event.c inotify_handler.c input_layer.c log.h log.c netlink.c proc.c 
    sock.c ud_socket.c)  (Ted Felix)
  - Cleaned up #includes and comment style.  (libnetlink.c libnetlink.h)
    (Ted Felix)

* Mon Aug 15 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.12 release
  - Changed exit() to _exit() if execl() fails.  (event.c)  (Ted Felix)

* Sat Jul 30 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.11 release
  - Set umask to 0077 for scripts run by acpid.  (event.c)  (Ted Felix)

* Tue May 17 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.10 release
  - Fixed compiler warnings in kacpimon.  (kacpimon/libnetlink.c)
    (Michael Meskes)
  - systemd support.  The socket acpid creates to connect with clients can now
    be passed as stdin (fd 0) at startup.  (acpid.c sock.h sock.c acpid.8)  
    (Reiner Klussmeier)
  - man page improvements  (acpid.8)  (Ted Felix)

* Fri Apr 15 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.9 release
  - Removed newlines from acpid_log() calls and modified acpid_log() to
    no longer need newlines.  This change to acpid prevents blank lines in
    the log for versions of syslogd that preserve newlines.  (acpid.c 
    connection_list.c event.c inotify_handler.c input_layer.c netlink.c 
    proc.c sock.c)  (Michael Meskes, Ted Felix)
  - Added fcntl() for O_NONBLOCK on the client sockets.  This prevents acpid
    from hanging if a client behaves badly.  (sock.c)  (Vasiliy Kulikov)
  - Improvements to error handling.  (sock.c)  (Ted Felix)

* Tue Feb 15 2011  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.8 release
  - Fixed "comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions"
    error with gcc 4.6.  (libnetlink.c) (Eugeni Dodonov)
  - Fixed unused variable "type" with gcc 4.6.  (libnetlink.c) (Jiri Skala)

* Mon Nov 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.7 release
  - Reduced the startup logging and skipped processing of "." and ".."
    in the config files directory.  Debian #598198.  (event.c proc.c)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Added CD-related buttons.  Debian #600564.  (input_layer.c)
    (Stanislav Maslovski)
  - Removed the "getppid() == 1" hack from daemonize().  
    Red Hat #629740.  "While forking is ugly in theory, this has the advantage
    that it is clear that the acpid unix socket is properly installed before 
    systemd continues starting other units that want to be started after 
    acpid." - Lennart Poettering
    For upstart, specify "expect fork" in your upstart .conf file for acpid.
    For systemd, specify "Type=forking" in your systemd service file for
    (acpid.c) (Lennart Poettering)
  - Added FD_CLOEXEC to the input layer fd's.  Red Hat #648221.  
    (input_layer.c) (Daniel Walsh)

* Tue Jun 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.6 release
  - Added getXconsole() to samples/powerbtn/ to eliminate 
    dependency on other parts of Debian.  (samples/powerbtn/
    (Debian and Timo Gurr)

* Sat May 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.5 release
  - Moved to and brought in the latest from Debian which handles KDE4.  
    (samples/powerbtn/ samples/powerbtn/  
    (Ted Felix)

* Thu Apr 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.4 release
  - Replaced all the mandb code in the makefile with a comment.  (Makefile) 
    (Ted Felix)
  - Revamped logging.  (acpid.c event.c inotify_handler.c input_layer.c 
    netlink.c proc.c sock.c) (Ted Felix)
  - Removed CR's (\r) from files.  (Changelog connection_list.c sock.c)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Cleaned up the samples directory a bit.  Also added powerbtn samples
    taken from Debian.  (samples/*) (Ted Felix)
  - Removed the %changelog token from the top of the Changelog.  This
    appears to be a Red Hat-ism.  (Changelog) (Ted Felix)

* Mon Mar 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.3 release
  - Fixed problem in makefile with mandb line when DESTDIR is not empty.
    (Makefile) (Jiri Skala)
  - Added missing headers needed by Red Hat/Fedora.  (acpid.c sock.c)
    (Jiri Skala)
  - Updated daemonize() to be in keeping with Doug Potter's "How to Daemonize
    in Linux".  (acpid.c) (Ted Felix)
  - Removed the test for bad kernels.  (acpid.c) (Ted Felix)

* Mon Feb 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.2 release
  - Increased MAX_CONNECTIONS to 20.  (connection_list.c)
  - Recalculate highestfd in delete_connection().  (connection_list.c)
    (Willi Mann)
  - Removed old naming convention code for configuration files.  (event.c)
  - Fixed unescaped dashes in manpage.  (acpid.8) (Michael Meskes)
  - Added fix for mandb issue.  (Makefile) (Robby Workman)

* Fri Jan 15 2010  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.1 release
  - Makefile improvements for packagers.  (Makefile) (Robby Workman)
    * Use DESTDIR instead of INSTPREFIX
    * Allow custom compiler optimizations
    * Allow alternative prefix
    * Allow custom manpage directory
    * Add DOCDIR and install docs
    * Remove reference to "mandb -q" - this doesn't exist everywhere

    After this patch, packagers can do e.g.:
      make install \
        OPT="-O3" \
        PREFIX=/opt \
        MANDIR=/opt/man \
        DOCDIR=/opt/doc/apcid \
  - run-parts(8) naming convention for configuration files.  (event.c
    acpid.8) (Debian)

* Tue Dec 15 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - 2.0.0 release
  - Fixed gcc 4.4 warnings for strict aliasing.  (kacpimon/acpi_ids.c)
  - Fixed a printf() warning.  (kacpimon/input_layer.c) (Debian)
  - Fixed kacpimon makefile for a release build.  (kacpimon/makefile)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Added dist and install targets to kacpimon makefile.  Added
    a set of CFLAGS for Debian-style (-g -O2) builds.  Fixed error
    messages in clean target with a "-f" to rm.  (kacpimon/makefile)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Increased MAX_CONNECTIONS to 20 for kacpimon.
    (kacpimon/connection_list.c) (Ted Felix)
  - Improved "dist" target with DISTNAME in makefile.  (Makefile)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Added mandb to the install target so that the man database will get
    updated after the man pages are installed.  (Makefile)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Updated the "event=" line in sample.conf to be more modern.
    (samples/sample.conf) (Ted Felix)
  - Improved the Example in the man page.  (acpid.8) (Ted Felix)

* Thu Nov 13 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - 1.0.10-netlink6 release
  - Implemented discovery of new input layer devices using inotify(7).
    (inotify_handler.h inotify_handler.c acpid.c input_layer.h input_layer.c)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Updated input layer event table to incorporate more events and
    to support a format compatible with older event configuration
    files.  (input_layer.c) (Harald Braumann and Ted Felix)
  - Cleanup and move of input layer constants.  (acpid.h input_layer.c 
    inotify_handler.c) (Ted Felix)
  - kacpimon now opens all event sources and reports where each event 
    comes from.  This makes it more useful for discovering events.
    (kacpimon/kacpimon.c kacpimon/input_layer.c kacpimon/netlink.c)
    (Ted Felix)
  - Turned off strict aliasing optimizations as the netlink code is
    filled with strict aliasing problems.  (Makefile) (Ted Felix)

* Fri Nov 6 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - 1.0.10-netlink5 release
  - Fixed exit on device removal.  (input_layer.c connection_list.h
    connection_list.c) (Mikhail Krivtsov)

* Sun Jul 19 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - 1.0.10-netlink4 release
  - Added events to input_layer.c to cover more buttons on the Thinkpad X40
    (input_layer.c) (Peter Stuge)
  - Fixed Makefile "dist" target to work properly.  (Makefile) (Ted Felix)
  - Added kacpimon to the codebase as a debugging tool.  (kacpimon directory,
    Makefile) (Ted Felix)
  - Removed erroneous comment in sock.c about the 256 connection limit.
    (sock.c) (Ted Felix)
  - Removed unnecessary #include from connection_list.c.  (connection_list.c)
    (Ted Felix)

* Mon May 04 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - Fixed strict aliasing issue with gcc 4.4. (acpi_ids.c) (Michael Meskes
    and Peter Alfredsen)
  - 1.0.10-netlink3 release.

* Sat May 02 2009  Ted Felix <>
  - Merge of the following three 1.0.10 changes into 1.0.10-netlink2
    (Michael Meskes and Ted Felix)

* Wed Apr 22 2009  Tim Hockin <>
  - Bump version to 1.0.10 for release.

* Wed Apr 22 2009  Tim Hockin <>
  - Add a -C (--clientmax) command line flag to set max number of non-root
    socket connections. (acpi.c acpid.h acpid.8 event.c)
  - Set the maximum number of socket clients to 256 by default. (acpid.h)
  - Close clients that have disconnected. (acpid.c event.c) (Aaron Plattner
  - Give up and exit() if 5 accept() calls fail in a row. (acpid.c)

* Mon Feb 09 2009  Tim Hockin <>
  - Open /dev/null O_RDWR, rather than O_RDONLY. (acpid.c)

* Thu Dec 11 2008  Ted Felix <>
  - Version 1.0.8ted1
  - Netlink and Input Layer support.  Many files have been changed and
    several have been added.  (Ted Felix <>)

* Tue Oct 28 2008  Tim Hockin <>
  - Bump version to 1.0.8 for release.

* Sun Oct 26 2008  Tim Hockin <>
  - Define _GNU_SOURCE. (Makefile) (Ted Felix <>)
  - Rename a variable to avoid shadowing a global. (event.c) (Ted Felix
  - Fix typos in man pages. (acpid.8, acpi_listen.8) (Ted Felix
  - GCC 4.3.2 gives chdir() the _wur attribute (warn unused result). Check
    for errors. (acpid.c) (Ted Felix <>)
  - Check for ferror() in parse_file(). (event.c) (Ted Felix
  - Only read regular files in acpid_read_conf(). (event.c) (Ted Felix
  - Stop processing ACPI events when a lockfile exists (from Debian).
    (acpid.8, acpid.c, acpid.h) (Ted Felix <>)

* Sat Nov 24 2007  Tim Hockin <>
  - Build with -O2 flag (Makefile).
  - Add -l (--logevents) option to enable logging of all events.  Due to a
    number of reports of log flooding (bad ACPI BIOS?) The new default is to
    NOT log events. (acpid.c acpid.h event.h acpid.8)
  - Add pidfile support and a -p (--pidfile) option to change the pidfile.
    Default is /var/run/ (acpid.c acpid.8) (Javier Pello
  - Rename ACPI_* constants to ACPID_*. (acpid.c acpi_listen.c)
  - Remove a bad cast of malloc()'s return value. (event.c)
  - Add proper make dependencies. (Makefile)
  - Close client file descriptors on exec(). (acpid.c) (Zdenek Prikryl

* Mon Sep 24 2007  Tim Hockin <>
  - Don't use a mode argument on open("/dev/null") (acpid.c) (Steve Grubb
  - Use GCC "__attribute__((format(printf)))" for acpid_log (acpid.c) (Steve
    Grubb <>)
  - Fix a shadowed variable name (event.c) (Steve Grubb <>)
  - Fix a leaked fd on error (event.c) (Steve Grubb <>)
  - Fix a signed/unsigned comparison (event.c) (Steve Grubb
  - Compile with more warnings (Makefile) (Steve Grubb <>)

* Sat June 30 2007  Tim Hockin <>
  - Bump version to 1.0.6 for release.

* Thu May 24 2007  Tim Hockin <>
  - Print event handler output to stdout only in debug mode (acpid.c, event.c).
  - Update man page for new logging.

* Wed May 23 2007  Tim Hockin <>
  - Correctly check for malloc() failures (event.c)
  - Skip editor backup files when scanning for conf files (event.c) (Stefan
    Seyfried <>)
  - Use syslog() for logging (acpid.c, event.c, acpid.h) (Stefan Seyfried

* Fri Dec 30 2005  Tim Hockin <>
  - Add a do_detach argument to acpid_cleanup_rules() to avoid closing
    clients on a HUP (acpid.c, event.c) (Frederic Lepied

* Sat Sep 24 2005  Tim Hockin <>
  - Document -f option in the acpid man page (acpid.8)

* Fri Sep 23 2005  Tim Hockin <>
  - Fix rule and fd leak when clients disconnect on socket (event.c) (Timo
    Hoenig <>)

* Fri Oct 19 2005  Tim Hockin <>
  - Use socklen_t for sockets calls (ud_socket.c)

* Sun Oct 24 2004  Tim Hockin <>
  - Update my own email to not say anymore

* Sun Oct 17 2004  Tim Hockin <>
  - mkdir BINDIR in Makefile

* Sun Oct 17 2004  Tim Hockin <>
  - set acpi_listen stdout to be line-buffered (Gilles Chanteperdrix
  - detect a closed socket and exit (acpi_listen.c)
  - detect a closed events file and exit (acpid.c)
  - print read_line() errors (acpi_listen.c, acpid.c)
  - added sample battery config and handler (Frank Dietrich
  - added sample AC adapter config/handler and hotkey config/handler for
    Panasonic notebooks (David Bronaugh <>)
  - prep for 1.0.4 release

* Fri Feb 13 2004  Tim Hockin <>
  - dump debian/ and redhat/ dirs -- too much hassle
  - change 'make rpm' to 'make dist'
  - minor Makefile cleanup
  - README cleanup
  - prep for 1.0.3 release

* Thu Dec 18 2003  Tim Hockin <>
  - unblock signals before exec()ing a handler
  - remove odd 'been_here' from signals_handled() (debug artifact?)

* Mon Nov 24 2003  Tim Hockin <>
  - add -c, --count option to acpi_listen (Luca Capello <>)
  - add -t, --time option to acpi_listen (Luca Capello <>)
  - return a meaningful value if we break out of the main loop (acpi_listen.c)
  - break out usage() from handle_cmdline() (acpi_listen.c)

* Mon Nov 17 2003  Tim Hockin <>
  - Decouple logging to stdout from foregrounding
  - Add acpi_listen (source and man)
  - Add ud_connect()
  - Remove (euid == 0) check
  - ifdef the bad-kernel checking - it consumes a byte of data!

* Fri Nov 14 2003  Tim Hockin <>
  - Add -f option (run in foreground)

* Tue May 13 2003  Tim Hockin <>
  - Fixed a dumb bug with %e expansion for commands
  - Add COPYING file
  - Add TODO file

* Fri Mar 15 2002  Tim Hockin <>
  - Updated RPM spec with patch from sun for chkconfig on/off
  - Add Changelog, make 'make rpm' use it.
  - 1.0.1

* Wed Mar 13 2002  Tim Hockin <>
  - Fixed logging bug - not appending to log (O_APPEND needed)
  - Fix 'make install' to not need root access
  - Fix RPM spec to not need root

* Thu Sep 6 2001 Tim Hockin <>
  - 1.0.0

* Thu Aug 16 2001  Tim Hockin <>
  - Added commandline options to actions

* Wed Aug 15 2001  Tim Hockin <>
  - Added UNIX domain socket support
  - Changed /etc/acpid.d to /etc/acpid/events

* Mon Aug 13 2001  Tim Hockin <>
  - added changelog
  - 0.99.1-1

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