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programming : David Leemans <davidleemans |AT| tiscali |DOT| be>

I would like to thank the following people for their aid in the development
of AcpiTool by means of testing, feedback, contributions, . . . :
 - Jeremy Janssens <> : initial testing of acpitool on his Fujitsu laptop
 - Giuseppe Della Ricca : provided extensive feedback and patches for problems, occuring on his Dell laptop,
   that are addressed in AcpiTool 0.2.3
 - Christopher A. Ghalon : provided feedback on failure to report battery status, on yet another Dell laptop
 - Jiri Tyr : provided feedback on failure to report battery status
 - Narayan Desai ( : added initial support for IBM Thinkpad ACPI driver

 - Nicolas Weyland (ufoalien) : added initial support for Asus ACPI extensions.
 - Niko Ehrenfeuchter (University of Freiburg, Germany) : integration of c-state statistics

 - Erwan <> (Mandriva package maintainer): fixing includes needed for gcc 4.3.
 - Sergei Trofimovich: removing limit on number of thermal zones, fixing memory leaks and adding asserts     
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