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acpitool-0.5.1 - 13-08-2008

  * toshiba.cpp, freq.cpp:
	- add  #include <string.h>:  needed for gcc 4.3.1, reported by Erwan <>, Mandriva
	package maintainer.
	- merge various fixes provided by Sergei Trofimovich: removing limit on number of thermal zones,
	fixing memory leaks and adding asserts     

acpitool-0.5.0 - 24/07/2008

  * 1st version of acpitool that's compatible with kernel >= 2.6.24 : in 2.6.24, the information
    about batteries and AC adapter is moved from /proc/acpi to /sys/class/powersupply. You can still
    have everything in /proc, but in the future, this will dissapear.
    If acpitool finds the information in /proc, it will use that, just like before. Otherwise, it will 
    look in /sys/class/... and use that information if found.
  * The acpitool -B option is not quite ready yet, but most of it works ;)     

  * all/most .cpp files:
	- add #include <cstdlib> and <cstring>, 
	- replace bzero with memset
	to avoid compilation  problems on gcc 4.3. Thanks to Martin Michlmayr ( and
	Patrice Dumas (Fedora package maintainer) for reporting this.  
  * new files: ac_adapter.cpp , ac_adapter.h
	- split off from acpitool.cpp to keep things manageable

acpitool-0.4.7 - 06/02/2007

  * new files: battery.cpp, battery.h, cpu.cpp, cpu.h
	- split off from acpitool.cpp to keep things manageable 
  * cpu.cpp:
	- Add support for frequency scaling. CPU info shows current speed, available speeds, governor and driver.  

acpitool-0.4.6 - 09/08/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- CPU info : 
	    * fix output for Bogomips and C-state usage for everything that looks like an SMP system (Intel Core Duo,
	      Pentium 4 with HyperThreading, AMD Opteron, . . .). 
	      Thanks to John Stembridge (University of Michigan, USA) for reporting this error.

acpitool-0.4.5 - 14/02/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- CPU info : 
	    * fixed output for Bogomips (again) for AMD64 cpu's (well, at least the 3500+).
	    * added cache size information
	- fixed bug causing acpitool to enter an infinite loop when trying to display c-state usage
	  for AMD64 3500+ cpu. This should also fix the "0 (nan %)" output seen on cpu's reporting 00000000 usage
	  for just 1 C-state (C1). Reported by Samuele Kaplun.

acpitool-0.4.4 - 05/02/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- fixed "bug" where total battery runtime is calculated even if AC is online (but 1 battery is charging).
	It doesn't really make sense to calculate runtime if AC is online. Bug reported by Markus Melms.
	I should have tested this somewhat better.

acpitool-0.4.3 - 29/01/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- if 2 batteries are installed, total battery time left is also calculated (estimation based on
	discharging rate of the battery in use). This was a feature request by Markus Melms (Germany).

acpitool-0.4.2 - 19/01/2006

  * main.cpp :
	- moved argument parsing from getopt to getopt_long. This allows the use of long options,
	you know, stuff like --version, or --help. This should make acpitool somewhat more idiot-proof
	(some people were very wondered about "acpitool --version" not doing what they expected :).
	So, while I was at it, I implemented the next long options:
	--version, --help, --battery, --Toshiba, --Asus, --wakeup, --cpu, --thermal, --fan
acpitool-0.4.2 - 18/01/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- received a patch from Niko Ehrenfeuchter (University of Freiburg, Germany), which integrates
	c-state statistics in acpitool (-c option). It allows you to see the usage of the c-states supported
	by your machine. Very nice patch. He even made the effort of reformatting the indentation nicely :)

acpitool-0.4.1 - 08/01/2006

  * acpitool.cpp : 
	- acpitool segfaulted when it found number of thermal zones > 3. Raised to 5 thermal zones now.
	Unfortunately, the person filing the bugreport, did not provide any feedback to confirm this fix.
	I am pretty confident however the fix is OK. If not, let me know.

acpitool-0.4.0 - 31/10/2005

  * thinkpad.cpp, thinkpad.h : 
	- added initial support for IBM Thinkpad ACPI driver, provided by Narayan Desai (
	Many thanks to Narayan for providing  valuable information, testing and adding code to the project.

  * main.cpp :
	- new option added (-j) :  eject Thinkpad ultrabay device
	- adapted -l option : now integrates setting  brightness level on Toshiba and Thinkpad laptops
	- adapted -f option : now integrates Toshiba and Thinkpad fan support

acpitool-0.3.0 - 23/10/2005 

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- CPU info : fixed output for Bogomips and PM capabilities for CPU with very long flags information
	  Many thanks to Giuseppe Della Ricca (once again) for reporting and fixing this bug.
  * asus.cpp : 

	- added initial support for Asus ACPI extensions. Many thanks to "ufoalien" (Nicolas Weyland) for providing
	  valuable information, testing and adding code to the project.
  * main.cpp :
	- 5 new options added (-A, -m, -n , -o , -z), all related to the Asus ACPI driver.
  * some more minor code cleanups

acpitool-0.2.8 - 06/10/2005 

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- CPU info : added Bogomips (I know, totally useless, but nevertheless cool ;)
	- battery : when battery is charging, calculate time as time needed untill battery is charged
	- the -e option now also shows CPU and wakeup capable devices information 
  * main.cpp : 

	- added a -v option, gives more verbose output when something is not found. Note that
	  the -v option only makes sense when used in conjunction with other options.
	- Version information is now given by the -V option
  * minor code cleanups in most files	

acpitool-0.2.7 - 03/03/2005 

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- from Jeremy "Mad Lunatic" Janssens (Belgium) : thermal zone information displayed
	  some weird garbish for the 2nd thernal zone of his Fujitsu laptop. Turned out to
	  be an error in the looping code which caused interpretation of the wrong files
	  for the 2nd thermal zone. Is fixed now.
	- battery : capacity loss is displayed only if there do is any capacity loss.

acpitool-0.2.7b2 - 24/01/2005 

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- from Patrick "Padde" (Germany) : description for the -F option was not entirely correct,
	  that is, -F1 forces the fan on, but -F0 only switches it off IF it was forced on first,
	  not if was switched on by auto mode. Help text is adapted to reflect this. He also
	  noted that acpitool works perfectly on his Toshiba Satellite A50, running Gentoo.

acpitool-0.2.7b1 - 13/01/2005 

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- from Alan Pope (UK) : the batteries of his Dell laptop report a remaining capacity higher
	  than their last full capacity or their design capacity !
	  This lead acpitool to report funny stuff like 107% battery percentage. To avoid
	  this silliness, remaining percentage will be "capped" to 100% if calculation
	  yields a value > 100%.  
	  Making the calculation with the higher remaining capacity as the last full capacity would
	  be better, but is impractical since there is no way of "knowing" what the highest remaining
	  capacity was. Dell would better start using decent batteries . . .

acpitool-0.2.7b1 - 15/12/2004

  * acpitool.cpp :
  	- more meaningfull error message for Toggle_Wakeup_Device if user has insufficient
	  permissions on /proc/acpi/wakeup 

acpitool-0.2.6 - 28/11/2004 

  * added support for trip_points information (ro), shown with option -t.
  * added calculation of battery capacity loss, it is computed as the difference between
    the design capacity and the last full capacity of a battery. If you think this is
    wrong, let me know.
  * extended CPU information option (option -c) : now also reports power throttling status,
    if the CPU has throttling support.

acpitool-0.2.5 - 13/09/2004 

  * added initial support for CPU information : type, speed, PM capabilities.
acpitool-0.2.4 - 31/08/2004 

  * added support for enabling/disabling wakeup devices
  * we now use autoconf/automake for compiling, building and installation. 
  * for all you RPM lovers out there, I included acpitool.spec, generously contributed by Robert Ambrose.  

acpitool-0.2.3 - 22/08/2004 

  * acpitool.cpp : 

    - fixed really stupid bug that prevented battery status to be calculated if only 1 entry
      is found in /proc/acpi/battery (logical error of mine, mea culpa)

    - Do_Fan_Info function rewritten to enumerate all possible entries
      in /proc/acpi/fan, like was done already for AC, THRM and batteries.

    - cleaned up unused and/or uninitialised variables

    - battery Model_Number and Serial are shown only if non-empty values are found since
      not all batteries seem to report these

    - when charging state returns "unknown", report it as "charged" (happens on older kernels)

    - a battery is now considered to be absent if it reports it's last full capacity as "unknown" 
      (solves a quirk on some Dell laptops that report a 2nd battery as present when there obviously
       isn't one. All values for this battery are then however reported as "unknown").

    - if battery is charged, and present rate returns "unknown", then report 0 for the present rate  
  * main.cpp : added #include <unistd.h>, on some systems, this is needed to declare 
    the getopt function. Without it, compilation breaks on these systems.
  * Makefile : added -Wall to compile flags, it catches a lot of warnings  

acpitool-0.2.2 - 20/08/2004 

  * Added support (ro) for wakeup capable devices. Currently available in the 
    ACPI patch for kernel 2.6.8 (ACPI version 20040715).

acpitool-0.2.1 - 04/08/2004 

  * Use Toshiba_Fan function for fan info if Toshiba ACPI is available.

acpitool-0.2.1 - 15/07/2004 

  * Added support for fan control to the Toshiba ACPI extensions.
  * Updated the manpage.
  * Fixed a few embarassing typos.

acpitool-0.2 - 13/07/2004 

  * Added initial support for Toshiba ACPI extensions.
  * Added a manpage.

acpitool-0.1 - 05/06/2004

  * Initial Release.

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