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Information about activemq

This package was debianized using the mh_make command
from the maven-debian-helper package.

The build system uses Maven but prevents it from downloading
anything from the Internet, making the build compliant with
the Debian policy.

Cleanup for DFSG
Build upstream tarball from SVN tag :
  debian/rules get-orig-source

Import upstream tarball without merging to debian (master) branch :
  git-import-orig --no-merge activemq_5.5.0.orig.tar.gz
  git tag upstream/5.5.0

Switch to dfsg_clean branch to do the real cleanup :
  git checkout dfsg_clean
  git pull . upstream
  git rm -r assembly/src/release/bin/linux-x86-32
  git rm -r assembly/src/release/bin/linux-x86-64/
  git rm -r assembly/src/release/bin/macosx/
  git rm -r assembly/src/release/bin/solaris/
  git rm -r assembly/src/release/bin/win32/
  git commit -a -m "Make source dfsg clean"
  git tag upstream/5.5.0+dfsg
  git tar-tree upstream/5.5.0+dfsg activemq-5.5.0+dfsg | gzip > activemq_5.5.0+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
  pristine-tar commit activemq_5.5.0+dfsg.orig.tar.gz

Merge back changes into debian (master) branch :
  git checkout master
  git pull . dfsg_clean

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