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This directory contains AdaCGI, an Ada 95 interface to the
Common Gateway Interface (CGI).  To see its current status,
go to the AdaCGI website at:

The following files are included in the AdaCGI distribution:

cgi.html      - Documentation for AdaCGI.
                (Older versions of this package included a duplicate file
                named cgi-doc.htm; now just consult cgi.html).       - The Ada 95 package specification (declaration) for the
                main CGI Ada package.
cgi.adb       - The corresponding Ada 95 package body.
minimal.adb   - A minimal demonstration of how to use CGI.
demo.adb      - A larger demonstration of how to use CGI.
search.adb    - Search replies with all lines that match a given pattern 
                in a given file.  Only files listed
                in a special srchlist file may be searched.
makefile      - The makefile to compile the demo programs using the
                GNAT Ada 95 compiler.  - A package that simplifies the use of Ada's Unbounded_String.
                It is required by the search demonstration program.
ustrings.adb  - Its package body.
test_get.adb  - Source for a short test program of package Ustrings.
README        - This file.
COPYING       - Information about copying and licensing.

There are a few other demo files and related material.

The entire distribution is contained in a single file named "",
a zip-formatted file, and in "cgi.tar.gz", a tarball.  There's also
an RPM packaging of it.

Previously the package was available at:

--- David A. Wheeler

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