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AdaControl is an Ada rules controller. It is used to control that Ada
software meets the requirements of a number of parameterizable
rules. It is not intended to supplement checks made by the compiler,
but rather to search for particular violations of good-practice rules,
or to check that some rules are obeyed project-wide.

Please refer to the User's guide for information about how to install
and run AdaControl. If you used the automatic setup under Windows,
everything is installed and the guide is accessible from the
"Help/Adacontrol/User guide" menu from GPS.

Otherwise you'll find the guides in a variety of formats
(adacontrol_ug.html, adacontrol_ug.pdf or in the
"doc" directory of the installation.

Commercial support is available for AdaControl; please refer to
doc/support.txt for details.
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