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Adaptx (C) 1998-2004 Intalio, Inc, Keith Visco and XSL:P/Adaptx contributors

The following are changes from different versions of Adaptx

Version (CVS)

-- Fixed bug where normalize-space() function required an argument.
   With no arguments, it now correctly defaults to the context node.
   (kvisco - 20050114)

Version 0.9.13, June 22, 2004

-- Backed out previous fix in 0.9.12. It was an incorrect fix,
   there was actually no bug with the node-set comparisons
   after triple-checking the XPath spec. When comparing two nodesets
   sometimes they can both be equal and not-equal at the same time,
   and sometimes they can both be never and equal, and never not-equal.
   It's very confusing, but the previous implementation had it correct.

Version 0.9.12, June 14, 2004

-- Fixed bug in EqualyExprImpl with respect to the NOT_EQUALS
   operator (!=) when used with NodeSet comparisons.

Version 0.9.11, April 20, 2004

-- Fixed issue with xsl:sort that was restricting the result of 
   the expression specified by the select attribute to be a
   node-set, instead of any valid XPath result.

Version 0.9.10, February 02, 2004

-- Fixed some NullPointerExceptions that were occurring when
   attempting to create a StringResult with a null value.

-- Fixed issue of possible incorrect context node
   when processing certain expressions at the top-level.

-- Fixed parse error when using variables in union expressions.

-- Fixed issue with using the node-test keywords in
   attribute expressions (eg: @text, @node, @pi)

-- Added some improvements to the expressions API to
   allow greater ability to "drill-down" and get to
   the core components of the XPath expressions.

Version 0.9.9, December 22, 2003

-- Fixes issue with error occuring when "xml prefix" is being
   declared by Xerces. Normally, the "xml" prefix shouldn't
   be declared, but Xerces declares this, probably as a 
   convenience. The error is changed to check only for
   a redefinition of the "xml" prefix to a non-valid

Version 0.9.8, October 07, 2003

-- Made some improvements to the XPath expressions package to 
   allow improved accessibility to the components of a given
   expression. Improvements include the ability to obtain the
   Operator type of a BinaryExpr and a new GroupedExpression 
   interface for expressions wrapped in parenthesis.
   (kvisco - 2003-10-06)

-- Added Identity transformation support in the JAXP implementation
   (kvisco - 2003-10-06)

-- Fixed *static* variable bug in the Lexer, should fix some problems
   with certain operators being treated as a function name. This was
   a regression from 0.9.5 (I think).
   (kvisco - 2003-10-02)

-- Added support for URIResolver in the JAXP implementation
   (kvisco - 2003-10-01)

Version 0.9.7, September 29, 2003

-- Fixed document-base bug with document() function
   (kvisco - 2003-09-28)

-- Updated to support JAXP. The user must first configure
   their environment by setting within the system properties
   the JAXP property: javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory
   to the value of: 
   (kvisco - 2003-09-09)

Version 0.9.6, June 16, 2003

-- Added the "xpath/expressions" to allow XPath expressions
   to be broken down into their respective sub-expressions.
   (kvisco - 2003-05-13)

Version 0.9.5, April 23, 2003

-- Fixed bug with translate function. The function
   was not properly handling the case when the 3rd
   argument string was shorter in length than the 
   2nd argument string.
   (kvisco - 2003-04-21)

Version, March 19, 2003

-- Fixed the value-of implementation to correctly call the
   XPathResult#stringValue method. It was incorrectly using
   the XPathResult#toString method, which produces the
   correct result for many cases, but is not guaranteed to
   be equivalent to the stringValue() method.
   (kvisco - 2003-03-19)

Version, March 04, 2003

-- The sum() function now throws an exception if any node
   contained within the argument node-set contains a value
   which cannot be converted to a numeric value. The old
   behavior was simply to ignore non-numeric values.
   (kvisco - 2003-02-26)

-- Cleaned up exception handling in the ResultFormatter,
   ResultHandler and DefaultHandler code.
   (kvisco - 2003-02-25)

Version, January 27, 2003

-- Fixed NullPointerException when parsing an XPath expression that is
   missing a closing parenthesis ')'.
   (kvisco, 2003-01-24)

-- Fixed Token#toString() to return "*" when Token is the Mulitply 
   Operator. This issue only affects apps that are using the 
   XPath Lexer directly.
   (kvisco, 2003-01-24)

Version, October 07, 2002

-- Fixed issue with EqualityExpr not properly handling node-set
   (kvisco, 2002-09-19)

-- Fixed issue with StylesheetHandler incorrectly interpreting some
   literals as XSLT elements.
   (kvisco, 2002-09-19)

Version, May 31 2002

-- Fixed the XPNBuilder with respect to attribute namespaces. The 
   current element must be added to it's parent before namespace 
   resolution occurs for attributes, otherwise previously declared 
   namespaces in the parent context will not be available.
   (kvisco, 2002-05-30)

-- Added support for declaring namespace/prefix bindings for XPathContext.
   The only way to do it before was to extend XPathContext, provide the
   necessary logic for declaring namespaces and then override the 
   getNamespaceURI method.
   (kvisco, 2002-05-30)

-- Some improvements to loop detection. Sometimes a loop was incorrectly
   detected due to a for-each statment changing the current context node.
   This has now been fixed.
   (kvisco, 2002-05-29)

Version, March 27, 2002

-- Changed the behavior of handling undefined extension functions.
   An exception is now thrown instead of simply reporting the error
   via a StringResult.
   (kvisco, 2002-03-25)

-- Changed the default behavior of XPathParser to throw an exception 
   upon parse errors instead of wrapping the exception in an ErrorExpr.
   This can be configured via a call to XPathParser#setUseErrorExpr.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-28)

-- Fix for descendants-or-self matching in PathExpr
   (kvisco, 2002-02-25)

-- Fix for wildcard in QName (NCName:*)
   (kvisco, 2002-02-19)

Version, February 12, 2002

-- Fixed priority calculation bug/namespace issue, reported by Bob Lojek 
   and Eric Gaudet. (kvisco, 2002-02-12)

Version, February 11, 2002

-- Added support for Literal Result Element (LRE) Stylesheets.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-08)

-- Fix for issue with namespace resolution when XPathContext uses child contexts.
   This fixs bug #1901 (kvisco, 2002-02-08)

-- Implemented attribute-set merging for attribute sets with the same name.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-07)

-- Implemented use-attribute-sets on xsl:copy (kvisco, 2002-02-07)

-- Fixed built-in rules so that attributes values are copied through when no
   matching template is found. (kvisco, 2002-02-07)

-- Fixed a Path expression issue with matching a pattern with predicates.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-07)

-- Fixed bug with round function not properly handling NaN.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-06)

-- Fixed bug with substring function not properly handling the default length.
   (kvisco, 2002-02-06)

Version, February 05, 2002

-- Fixed bug with top-level variables (kvisco, 2002-02-05)

-- Added Text node normalization in default implementation of XPathNode 
   (kvisco, 2002-02-05)

-- Added support for ANT by providing an implementation of Ant's XSLTLiaison
   interface, (see org.exolab.adaptx.util.JakartaAntAdapter).
   (kvisco, 2002-02-04)

-- Fixed a bug with ancestor operator, path expressions with the ancestor 
   operator // were not always being matched properly due to misplaced {}
   in a conditional statement. (kvisco, 2002-02-05) 

-- Added XMLDiff for comparing XPathNode objects or XML files 
   (kvisco, 2002-01-30)

-- Fixed bug with namespace comparing in the getAttribute method of the
   default implementation of XPathNode.
   (kvisco, 2002-01-23)

Version 0.9.4,  December 11, 2001

-- Fixed bug #1478 NodeSet as parameter to a named operators (mod, div, etc) 
   causes subsequent XPath expressions to break.

Version 0.9.3,  November 30, 2001

-- Fixed bug with predicate expressions occuring before '/'. Reported by
   Anthony Desportes.
-- Fixed bug with operator names not being recognized if appearing after
   a function (eg: "position() mod 2")  This bug occured after a previous 
   fix was applied to make sure CNAMEs that clash with operator names were 
   not being marked as operators.

-- Fixed bug 1443 [StackOverFlow when variable name is not defined]

-- Fixes bug with less-than-or-equal-to "<=", was being treated as ">="
   instead. Reported by Thomas Yip.

-- Fix to URIResolverImpl for Jikes (submitted by Stefan Bodewig):
    - changes a catch statement from catch(java.lang.Exception) to

-- Upgraded to latest ANT, build.xml patch from Stefan Bodewig.

Version 0.9.2,  September 28, 2001

-- Changed org.exolab.adaptx.xpath.VariableSet to be an abstract class. 
   This class now only has one abstract method #getVariable.

-- Created VariableSetImpl which is the default implementation of 
   VariableSet (actually it's basically the old version of VariableSet 
   with the addition of declaring that it extends VariableSet).

Version 0.9.1,  September 7, 2001 

-- The VariableSet inner class is now marked as Serializable, which was preventing 
   VariableSet from being properly serializable.
   (Sebastien Sahuc)

Version 0.9,  AUgust 1, 2001

-- Initial Release of Adaptx 0.9

-- Fix for != operator

-- Fix for namespace resolution in xpath/   

-- Fix for "/" match-expression 
   - bug occurred during port of XPath library
   - reported by Eric Gaudet

Version 0.9-internal, July 16, 2001

-- Renamed project to Adaptx
-- Many API changes

########## Previous XSL:P versions ##########

Build Number: 20010124

-- Introduced URILocation, and URIResolver

-- Fixed bug in current() function

-- Improved handling of Namespaces
   -- Thanks to Dimitri Laloue for his patience and
      his test cases. :-)

Build Number: 20001129

-- Fixed bug in ExpressionParser to handle case when a function is missing
   the closing ')', instead of crashing with a NullPointerException
   - reported by Warner Onstine

-- Fixed a some error reporting issues
   - reported by Pascal Belloncle

-- Add a few minor performance improvements 

Build Number: 20001009

-- Fixed thread safety problem with sharing the DOMParser
   - reported by David Blondeau

-- Other miscellaneous changes have been commited over the
   last serveral months.

Build Number: 20000501

-- Fixed whitespace bug in StylesheetHandler (reported by Peter Armstrong).

Build Number: 20000428

-- Fixed a new bug in PathExpr which was a result of doing some
   peformance improvements, A null NodeSet was being returned under
   certain circumstances. (reported by Assaf Arkin)

Build Number: 20000419

-- fixed bug in FormatterAdapter (Jacques-Alexandre Gerber)
   - In the constructor the passed in DocumentHandler was not getting set

Build Number: 20000412
-- Some more performance tuning...more to come

Build Number: 20000301
-- did some minor performance tuning
-- changed one of the values of the level attribute for xsl:number
   - from "multi" to "multiple"

Build Number: 20000224
-- upgraded xsl:use-attrubute-sets element to the xsl:use-attribute-sets
-- added the current() function call
-- added some more namespace support
-- fixed some bugs with the expression parser and lexer
-- updated xsl:pi to xsl:processing-instruction

Build Number: 20000212
-- Fixed bug with lexer, wild card was not properly handled when it appeared directly
   after '/' (reported by Jason Mathews)
-- Upgraded the Axis Indentifier syntax to the latest spec (sorry for the delay)
-- Fixed top-level parameter support

Build Number: 20000201
-- Changed the XSLReader to add SAX support
-- Added internal SAX support for efficiency

Build Number: 20000121
-- Updated variable, param, with-param to use the "select" attribute
   instead of the "expr" attribute
-- Changed param element to with-param, changed param-variable element to param

Build Number: 19991111
-- separated out XPath into it's own package
   -- look for a new XPath package that supports the proposed recommendation soon.
-- fixed bug with DefaultFormatter that was causing Triplicate output
   -- submitted by tons of you! ;-)
   -- sorry for the delay in getting this fixed

Build Number: 19991017
-- added support for xsl:output from the latest draft
   -- supported attributes are:
      -- doctype-public
      -- doctype-system
      -- indent
      -- method
      -- version

Build Number: 19990923
-- fixed bug with xsl:entity-ref introduced in a recent version
-- Added fix for XML4J 2.0.15 (Jason Mathews)
-- Added fix for XMLPrinter with respect to " inside attribute values
   (Donald Ball)
-- fixed source code location of SimpleMessageObserver for proper compilation

Build Number: 19990823
-- added MessageObserver interface to handle xsl:message
-- added SimpleMessageObserver to print xsl:messages to a writer
-- created a default MessageObserver, which will just dump messages
   to the console. The default MessageObserver can be removed passing
   XSLProcessor.removeMessageObserver() method.

Build Number: 19990822
-- fixed bug pertaining to Entity and DocumentType Nodes
   - When using entities, XSL:P did not filter Entity and
     DocumentType nodes, from the DOM tree

Build Number: 19990820
-- fixed bug with xsl:number
   with level set to any, to many counts were being generated, instead of a list
   of length one, containing one plus the number of nodes,
   a list of length NodeSet#size was being created with each node count.
   -- reported by Jason Crickmer

-- fixed whitespace bug, when whitespace appears before the document element,
   under certain circumstances an <xslp:result> wrapper element would be
   -- reported by Eric van der Vlist

Build Number: 19990818
-- added support for global variables that reference other global variables
   not yet declared.
-- fixed a bug with processing global variables.
   I am storing the global variable declarations in a hashtable.
   This could cause the variables to be processed out of order, since
   hashtables are not ordered. So if one variable referenced another one,
   before it was defined, the result was "undefined".
   I fixed this, by adding in the required support for out-of-order processing,
   which I had not yet implemented.
   -- thanks a bunch to Roger for enabling me to find this bug.

Build Number: 19990817
-- Fixed bug with operator precedence
   -- submitted by Donald Ball
-- Fixed bug with
   -- submitted by Roger Costello

Build Number: 19990816
-- patched bug caused by XML for Java 1.1.x.
   -- Attr nodes with the same name, hash to the same value. This appears
      to be fixed with IBM's 2.x version
      -- This causes the document order of attributes with the same name to be
         the same, and therefor causes improper document order sorting, and
         the same id was being generated for these nodes.
-- Added Michel Casabianca's additions to HTMLPrinter for more HTML elements
   that shouldn't print end elements

Build Number: 19990809
-- fixed bug with XML4J_1xParser and using a custom EntityResolver
   -- Unfortunately their SAXDriver class wasn't working, so
      I had to implement StreamProducer myself.

Build Number: 19990808
-- fixed bug with '.' in CNames
   -- the result of a bug report submitted by Dan Potter
-- fixed bug when the result of a predicate is a Number,
   sometimes this wouldn't use the default comparison of that Number
   with the current Node's position within the current NodeSet
-- added catalog loading to some of the XML parsers
   -- code sent by Michel Casabianca
-- Only instantiate XML parsers once inside the DOM wrapper, if they
   can be reused
   -- Changes effect XML4J 2.0.x parsers, and Sun's ProjectX parser
   -- code from Michel Casabianca
-- Made some changes to the XSLReader class for performace improvements,
   and simpler design

Build Number: 19990804
-- Removed AVTComponent class, now that we have different types of
   expression values, this class is no longer needed
-- Removed StringTokenizer from AttributeValueTemplate parsing
   -- changed to use parsing code from MITRE's TransforMiiX (TM) processor,
   -- a C++ XSL processor which I wrote for MITRE and will be released soon
-- Fixed a bug I found with the ExprLexer

Build Number: 19999803
-- added wrapper element for stylesheets that add text nodes before
   adding a document element
-- fixed bug introduced in 19990729 build with ProcessorState#findParent
   -- submitted by Matt Hoskins

Build Number: 19990729
-- added generate-id()
-- fixed bug with VariableReference names
   -- longest token wasn't being returned by ExprLexer
      if a '-' was encountered in the name
   -- submitted by Edas Pazera
-- added default-space functionality...yikes, sorry I forgot about this
   -- thanks for pointing this out, Roger (Costello)

Build Number: 19990724
-- added the xsl:cdata proprietary element back into XSLReader
-- updated XSLProcessor to make appropriate calls to XSLReader#setErrorStream
   -- submitted by Michel CASABIANCA and Mohan Embar

Build Number: 19990721
-- fixed bug with NodeSet#copy
-- did some minor performance adjustments
-- added format-number function
   -- uses default locale, does not yet support the optional locale argument

Build Number: 19990720
-- added substring() function for use with XSLT WD 19990709  (XPath)
-- added string-length function (XPath)
   -- currently doesn't handle XPath Unicode surrogate pairs

Build Number: 19990719

-- added doc() and docref() function calls (
   -- fragment identifiers not yet handled
   -- also mapped these to document() function call for use with XSLT WD 19990709
      -- second argument (used for BaseURI) not yet supported

-- changed the behavior of the HTMLPrinter to not use the
   empty element shorthand (suggested by Donald Ball)
-- fixed null pointer bug with RuleProcessor#isStripSpaceAllowed
   (submitted by Ray Powell)

Build Number: 19990718
-- fixed bug with (submitted by Frank Peters)
   -- prevented NodeSet from growing beyond default size
-- fixed bug with (submitted by Rolande Kendal)
   -- prevented absolute path expressions from being evaluated properly

Build Number: 19990712
-- added lang(), qname() and function-available() functions
-- added ns attribute support to xsl:functions
-- fixed bug with comment() (submitted by: Roger Costello)
-- fixed bug with parent axis (submitted by: Xavier Faz)
-- changed default format for xsl:number to always be 1 (Stefan Mintert)

Build Number: 19990711
-- added xsl:copy-of
-- fixed package name for NameSpaceUtil (submitted by: Xavier Faz)

Build Number: 19990708
-- added ceiling(), round(), floor(), and sum() functions
-- added system-property() function

Build Number: 19990706
-- finished Axis Identifier support
-- changed main package from "com.kav.*" to "com.kvisco.*"

Build Number: 19990704
-- updated xsl:number to support the expr attribute
-- added xsl:param and xsl:param-variable support

Build Number: 19990703
-- fixed a bug with parsing union expressions
-- added local-part function call
-- started adding namespace support

Build Number: 19990702
-- Added complete scoping for xsl:variable
-- Did a major overhaul of the ExprLexer (was called ExprTokenizer)
-- Did some clean up on the ExpressionParser

Build Number: 19990621
-- Added concat(), contains(), starts-with(), substring-after(),
   substring-before(), and translate() functions

Build Number 19990611

-- Added top-level xsl:variable
-- Added additional functions

Build Number 19990519

-- Added Mulitplicative and relational Expressions
-- Added simple xsl:functions mapping to xsl:script
-- Added position() function
-- Removed Counter related code
-- Removed Macro related code
-- Integrated Peter Ciuffetti's Named Template code

//-- ^^ Started support for XSLT ^^ --/

Build Number: 19990425

-- Fixed bug with xsl:include
   -- submitted by Kelly Holford
-- Fixed bug with ExpressionParser
   -- discovered by Shane Hathaway
-- Added fix from Shane Hathaway for XSLImport#getDocumentBase
   - fixes a problem with mixing "/" and "\" file separators
-- Added support to the file for declaring Formatters
   - based on code from Franck Mangin
-- Added META to the list of elements not to print ending tags for when
   HTML is specified.
   - based on feedback from Ian Davis

Build Number: 19990415

-- Added support for addition URLs other than http and local files
   -- suggested by Calle Wilund
-- Added Attribute Value Fix
   -- based on code submitted by Shane Hathaway
-- Fixed bug with xsl:copy where attributes were automatically getting
   copied when the context node was an element
   -- This bug effected releases 19990326 and 19990406(a and b)
   -- discovered by Stefano Bovone
-- Fixed bug when using xsl:counter within xsl:element
   -- This bug effected releases 19990326 and 19990406(a and b)
   -- discovered by Aaron Metzger
-- Fixed bug with priority
   -- This bug affected releases 19990326 and 19990406(a and b)
-- When the result namespace is HTML, special characters within
   CDATA sections are no longer mapped to their respective xml entities
   -- suggested by a few people

Build Number: 19990406b

-- fixed xsl:counter bug
   - discovered by Aaron Metzger
-- fixed xsl:constant bug that effected releases 19990326 and 19990406a
   - discovered by Tim McCune
-- fixed XSLReader() default constructor to initialize the PrintWriter
   it used for error reporting
   - discovered by Tim McCune
-- fixed the xslp.jar file to include the updated file
   - discovered by too many people

Build Number: 19990406a
-- fixed a bug with SelectExpr
   A node could be selected twice
   - discovered by Stefano Bovone
-- Added XSLProcessor#setValidation to turn on/off xml validation
   -- Validation is turned off by default
-- Added -val switch to command line to turn on xml validation
    - suggested by Olivier Brand
-- Added better whitespace handling
-- Added indent-size to the file
    - suggested by Aaron Metzger
-- changed the package for DOMPackage implementations to xslp.xml.parsers

Build Number: 19990326

-- Added some basic pretty printing for indent-result="yes"
-- Core classes no longer extend DOM Elements
   -- I made this decision so that it would be easy to support any
      DOM package
   -- They also run faster now
-- Added the file to the jar archive
   -- this file is used to specify XSL:P properties
   -- currently only the DOM package information is specified here
-- Added support for OpenXML
-- Added support for XML4J 2.0.3 and 2.0.4
-- Added support for Oracle XML Parser
-- XSLProcessor#process methods that used to return NodeList now return a
   DOM Document
   -- if you need the NodeList use the getChildNodes method from the returned
-- Formatter now takes a Document instead of a NodeList as input
   -- sorry it took me so long for this change, I should have done this sooner
-- Added XSLProcessor#process methods that take a Stylesheet as a DOM document.
-- Many changes to the internals of XSL:P (I hope I didn't cause many bugs! ;-)

Build Number: 19990318
-- Added indent-result attribute to xsl:stylesheet
   -- doesn't really indent yet but add's line breaks if set to "yes"
   -- removed default behavior of adding line breaks
-- Added fix from Peter Marks and David King Lassman for "Not"
   printing line breaks when the first and last child of an element is
-- Fixed bug in Absolute MatchExpr pointed out by Wayne Grunes

Build Number: 19990315
-- Added fix from Majkel Kretschmar in Whitespace.class
-- Added fix from Majkel Kretschmar for proper UTF-8 encodings
-- Added Warren Hedley's fix for no stylesheet being
   specified or possible error when opening the file
-- Added feature for dumping to StdOut if no output file is specifed
   -- Warren Hedley
-- Fixed SelectExpr for ancestor expressions

Build Number: 19990305
-- class archive is now a jar
-- Fixed bug with error printing
-- Fixed bug in BooleanTokenizer
   -- keywords (and, or) were not being ignored inside of quotes

Build Number: 19990301
-- Added changes from Domagoj Cosic for compatibility issues
   between XML4J 1.1.9 and XML4J 1.1.14

Build Number: 19990226
-- includes performance enhancements
   -- I've finally done some performace tuning, you should notice
   -- a significant speed increase for larger files.
   -- More optimizations to come.
-- Added support for namespace quoting
-- updated ScriptHandler
   -- to allow scripting access for inserting nodes into the result tree
      besides text nodes:
      -- Three API methods were added to the scripting environment
-- updated DefaultFormatter
   -- this Formatter is used by Default when no Formatter is specified
      and the result-ns is not equal to "html" or begin with
   -- all empty elements are printed using the empty element convention
-- added BasicHTMLFormatter
   -- this Formatter is used when the result-ns attribute equals "html"
      or begins with ""
   -- this Formatter does not print closing tags for <BR><IMG> and <HR>;
      If a <P> element has no children it will not print the closing tag

Build Number: 19990215
-- Added Numbering in the result tree
   --  xsl:counter
   --  xsl:counters
   --  xsl:counter-increment
   --  xsl:counter-reset
   --  xsl:counter-scope
   --  Note: for Number formatting, only the format attribute is currently
-- Fixed a bug when using pi() and text() Match expressions at the same time

Build Number: 19990205
-- Added some more fixes
   -- fixed a problem with context for literals
   -- fixed xsl:attribute problem with whitespace

Build Number: 19990201
-- Added some whitespace handling features
   -- xsl:strip-space, xsl:preserve-space
-- Made some enhancements
-- Fixed some of the document ordering when using UnionExpr select patters
   -- still need to fix out of order attributes

Build Number: 19990130
-- fixed a bug with IdentityExpr with FilterExpr (thanks Aaron)

Build Number: 19990127
-- added xsl:sort!!!!
   -- uses jdk 1.1 Collator so only languages supported by jdk1.1 are supported
-- fixed a bug with "importance"
-- fixed a bug when selecting on the document root

Build Number: 19990118
-- added xsl:include support
-- Made some minor modifications to the XSLReader and XSLStylesheet classes

Build Number: 19990112
-- added macro-arg support
-- changed DefaultFormatter to print <?xml version="1.0"?>
-- added support for <?xsl:result-dtd ?> processing instruction
   -- This is proprietary pi that allows the DOCTYPE to be added to the
   -- result document

Build Number: 19990111
-- added xsl:script support as children of xsl:attribute

Build Number: 19990110
-- added support for xsl:entity-ref which allows the creation of an
   entity reference in the result
-- changed the CDATA section serialization to replace the entities & < >
-- incorporated new XslNumberFormat from Tim

Build Number: 19990107
-- added support for multi level and any level numbering
-- incorporated support for number formatting
   -- uses Tim Taylor's XslNumberFormat
-- fixed a bug I ran across in MatchExpr
   -- The // operator wasn't always match correctly when used in a MatchExpr.
   -- SelectExpr's were unaffected. I may have broken this during my change
   -- from the 19980818 draft.

Build Number: 19990106
-- added boolean expressions AndExpr, OrExpr and BooleanGroupExpr
-- updated scripting support

Build Number: 19990102
-- did a little fine tuning, no feature changes

Build Number: 19981229
-- added more of WD19981216 changes
   -- added pi,comment, and text functions
   -- added xsl:copy

Build Number: 19981228
-- I have incorporated many of the WD19981216 changes
   -- changed xsl:process and xsl:process-children to xsl:apply-templates
   -- added creation of XML nodes (comment,pi,element,attribute)
   -- changed Select patterns and Match patterns to support new syntax changes
   -- changed attribute to @
   -- added processing modes
   -- changed expr attribute to select for xsl:value-of
   -- added ancestor-or-self
   -- changed priorities to be a real number
-- xsl:text has been added

Build Number: 19981220
-- Added xsl:choose

Build Number: 19981216
-- Added documentBase fix provided by Tim Taylor
-- Added Macro support

Build Number: 19981215
-- Added proprietary support for xsl:script
     -- Scripting language is ECMAScript (Uses FESI ECMAScript Interpreter)

Build Number: 19981213
-- Added Attribute Value Templates
-- Added xsl:if
-- Added Anchors to xsl:value-of

Build Number: 19981210
-- Added xsl:value-of

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