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2006-07-15 18:47  dynamite

	* .cvsignore, NEWS, adplugdb/, test/TU_BLESS.ref:
	  Updated NEWS. Fixed AMD test case. Fixed adplugdb Makefile.

2006-07-15 18:46  dynamite

	* .cvsignore: updated cvsignore.

2006-07-15 18:46  dynamite

	* INSTALL, NEWS, TODO, test/TU_BLESS.ref: Removed INSTALL file,
	  it's autogenerated now. Fixed AMD test case.

2006-07-15 15:12  dynamite

	* INSTALL: Removed install.

2006-07-15 15:09  dynamite

	* BUGS, INSTALL, README,, adplugdb/,
	  adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, adplugdb/getopt.h, adplugdb/mygetopt.h,
	  contrib/MSVC6/vc6inst.bat, src/amd.cpp, src/bmf.cpp, src/cff.cpp,
	  src/cff.h, src/d00.cpp, src/d00.h, src/dmo.cpp, src/dmo.h,
	  src/dtm.cpp, src/dtm.h, src/ksm.cpp, src/msc.cpp, src/mtk.cpp,
	  src/mtk.h, src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h, src/s3m.cpp, src/u6m.cpp,
	  src/u6m.h, test/03B.ref: Security fixes. Version 2.0.1.

2006-07-15 14:42  dynamite

	* src/amd.cpp: Fixed volume handling, by adding conversion table.

2006-07-05 15:23  dynamite

	* BUGS, NEWS, README, TODO, src/cff.cpp, src/cff.h, src/dmo.cpp,
	  src/dmo.h, src/dtm.cpp, src/dtm.h, src/mtk.cpp, src/mtk.h,
	  src/s3m.cpp, src/u6m.cpp: Fixed a lot of security issues. Thanks
	  to Luigi Auriemma.

2006-07-05 15:22  dynamite

	* src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h, test/03B.ref: Applied Palxex' patch.

2006-06-14 19:14  dynamite

	* TODO: Update.

2006-06-14 19:14  dynamite

	* test/03B.ref: Updated reference file according to latest version
	  of RIX player.

2006-06-14 19:14  dynamite

	* src/: adl.cpp, adl.h, d00.cpp, rix.cpp, rix.h: Updated ADL player
	  to latest upstream version. Incorporated patch from PALXEX into
	  RIX player to fix bugs introduced while taking out pre-rendering
	  of audio. Tried to make D00 player platform independent, but is
	  not working yet.

2006-05-17 20:50  dynamite

	* src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h, test/03B.ref: Eliminated DRO prerendering
	  in RIX player. Memory footprint is much smaller now.

2006-05-17 19:34  dynamite

	* src/: adl.h, rix.cpp, rix.h: RIX player dynamically allocates
	  memory now. Fixed portability issues.

2006-05-17 02:13  dynamite

	* TODO, src/adl.cpp, src/bmf.cpp, src/ksm.cpp, src/msc.cpp,
	  src/u6m.cpp, src/u6m.h: Portability fixes.

2006-05-16 20:49  dynamite

	* adplugdb/: adplugdb.cpp, getopt.h, mygetopt.h: Replaced getopt.h
	  by mygetopt.h to avoid clashes.

2006-05-16 20:49  dynamite

	* adplugdb/mygetopt.h: file mygetopt.h was added on branch
	  adplug-2-0-patches on 2006-07-15 22:09:25 +0000

2006-05-16 19:50  dynamite

	*, adplugdb/, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp: Fixed
	  portability issues. getopt.h is autodetected now and used, if
	  present in the system and libc.

2006-05-16 19:42  dynamite

	* src/: d00.cpp, d00.h: Portability fixes.

2006-05-16 17:19  dynamite

	* src/adl.cpp: License fixes.

2006-05-16 17:15  dynamite

	* src/: adl.cpp, adl.h: Portability fixes.

2006-05-16 17:08  dynamite

	* src/: adl.cpp, adl.h: Fixed debug logging of ADL player.

2006-05-16 17:08  dynamite

	* AUTHORS: Fixed ADL authors.

2006-05-16 11:17  dynamite

	* src/: adl.cpp, adl.h: Fixes. It's playing now.

2006-05-16 11:17  dynamite

	* NEWS, TODO: Updates.

2006-05-15 17:56  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, TODO,, src/, src/adl.cpp,
	  src/adl.h, src/adplug.cpp: Bumped version number. Added ADL

2006-05-14 14:42  dynamite

	* INSTALL: reconf'd.

2006-05-12 13:36  dynamite

	* contrib/MSVC6/vc6inst.bat: Whitespace changes.

2006-05-03 16:19  dynamite

	* ChangeLog, doc/, test/ Distribution fixes.

2006-05-03 13:26  dynamite

	* doc/libadplug.texi: Updated docs.

2006-05-03 13:25  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, test/03B.ref: Fixed AUTHORS info. Fixed RIX test case.

2006-04-23 22:46  dynamite

	* src/amd.cpp: Fixed command conversion. Old algorithm did not
	  always convert the whole song.

2006-04-23 17:25  dynamite

	* src/protrack.cpp: New line indentation style. Fixed AMD set
	  volume command to actually set volume.

2006-04-23 17:18  dynamite

	* src/: analopl.cpp, realopl.cpp: Hardware output using first OPL
	  chip now, as it should be.

2006-04-15 17:11  dynamite

	* src/rix.cpp: Fixed initialization of static data.

2006-03-16 00:19  dynamite

	* .cvsignore, INSTALL,, NEWS, README,,
	  adplugdb/, contrib/README: Moved Watcom build system
	  to contrib/.	Cleaned up build documentation.

2006-03-16 00:17  dynamite

	* INSTALL.dos, INSTALL.unix,, Makefile.wat, README.dos,
	  adplugdb/, test/,
	  contrib/Watcom/, contrib/Watcom/Makefile.wat,
	  contrib/Watcom/, contrib/Watcom/install.txt,
	  contrib/Watcom/readme.txt, contrib/Watcom/,
	  contrib/Watcom/ Moved Watcom build system to contrib/.

2006-03-16 00:14  dynamite

	* src/adplug.cpp: Removed version #define, as it's handled by the
	  build system now.

2006-03-16 00:14  dynamite

	* src/:,, rix.cpp, rix.h: Moved Watcom
	  build system to contrib/.  Applied patch from Lu Chi to RIX

2006-03-04 20:14  dynamite

	* src/: s3m.cpp, s3m.h: Some commands always reset the infobyte.
	  Fixed S3M player to do this, too.

2006-03-04 19:19  dynamite

	* INSTALL.win32: is in contrib now.

2006-03-04 19:13  dynamite


2006-03-04 19:12  dynamite

	* adplugdb/ Fixed makefile, since MSVC build is in
	  contrib now.

2006-03-04 19:12  dynamite

	* doc/ adplugdb.1 created by Autoconf now.

2006-03-04 19:07  dynamite

	* doc/:, adplugdb.1, adplugdb.1 now
	  created by Autoconf.

2006-02-27 22:17  dynamite

	* src/: msc.cpp, msc.h, realopl.cpp, rix.cpp: Platform independence
	  fixes. Added support for the DJGPP compiler on MS-DOS to real OPL

2006-02-27 22:17  dynamite

	* src/mid.cpp: Fixed new GCC 4.x warnings.

2006-02-27 22:16  dynamite

	* src/: fprovide.h, opl.h: Fixed some new GCC 4.x warnings.

2006-02-27 22:15  dynamite

	* adplugdb/:, getopt.h: Changed AdPlug's datadir to
	  $(sharedstatedir), plus some platform independence fixes.

2006-02-04 18:34  dynamite

	* NEWS, TODO: Updated NEWS and TODO list.

2006-02-04 18:34  dynamite

	* adplugdb/ Fixed linker flags. libtool now correctly
	  finds the right libadplug to link to.

2006-02-04 18:33  dynamite

	* test/playertest.cpp: Fixed typo.

2006-02-04 18:33  dynamite

	* src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h, test/03B.ref: Fixed RIX player to
	  correctly initialize variables in constructor.

2006-02-04 18:32  dynamite

	* src/database.cpp: Fixed saving of database in
	  platform-independent format.

2006-02-04 11:48  dynamite

	* test/: WONDERIN.IMF, WONDERIN.WLF, playertest.cpp: Renamed
	  WONDERIN.IMF to WONDERIN.WLF, which is now the new default file

2006-02-04 11:44  dynamite

	* src/: imf.cpp, imf.h: Applied Adam's patch. *.IMF files are now
	  at 560Hz by default. All other files are at 700Hz.

2005-12-03 19:47  dynamite

	* src/msc.cpp: Made MSC player platform-independent.

2005-11-13 18:25  dynamite

	* TODO: Updated TODO.

2005-11-13 18:07  dynamite

	* contrib/MSVC6/: adplugdb.dsp, playertest.dsp: Added AdPlugDB and
	  player test-suite MSVC6 project files.

2005-11-13 18:07  dynamite

	* adplugdb/: adplugdb.dsp, vc6inst.bat: Removed MSVC6 project

2005-11-13 18:06  dynamite

	* test/: 03B.RIX, 03B.ref,, blaster2.msc, blaster2.ref,
	  emutest.cpp, playertest.cpp, playertest.dsp: Added emulator
	  test-suite. Added MSC and RIX formats to player test-suite.
	  Removed MSVC6 project file.

2005-11-07 19:21  dynamite

	* src/: rix.cpp, rix.h: Flipped from DOS to Unix encoding.

2005-11-07 19:19  dynamite

	* src/rix.h: Changed 64k buffer to 640k.

2005-11-07 11:39  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, TODO, doc/libadplug.texi, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h: Made RIX changes mentioned by Abalone.

2005-10-26 08:40  dynamite

	* src/: rix.cpp, rix.h: Fixed "player skipping all subsequent songs
	  after the first played" bug.

2005-10-26 03:55  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, README, TODO, src/, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/rix.cpp, src/rix.h: Added RIX player.

2005-10-23 06:25  dynamite

	* src/: psi.cpp, psi.h: Cleaned endianness of PSI player.

2005-10-23 04:05  dynamite

	* src/: hybrid.cpp, rat.cpp, rat.h: Cleaned up endianness in hybrid
	  and rat players

2005-10-22 11:50  dynamite

	* src/mid.cpp, test/ice_thnk.ref, test/mi2.ref, test/michaeld.ref:
	  Fixed MIDI player to correctly reset OPL chip. Fixed test-suite

2005-10-22 09:06  dynamite

	* src/opl.h, test/playertest.cpp, test/samurai.ref: Added
	  constructor to Copl to set defaults. Modified test-suite to adapt
	  to new OPL3/Dual-OPL2 support.

2005-10-22 05:08  dynamite

	* test/ Fixed linking of test-suite against correct
	  (un-installed) adplug library.

2005-10-22 03:37  dynamite

	* src/diskopl.cpp, src/diskopl.h, src/dro.cpp, src/msc.cpp,
	  src/realopl.cpp, test/michaeld.ref, test/samurai.dro,
	  test/samurai.ref: Added OPL3 support to CDiskopl. Version check
	  in DRO player. Updated test-suite. Other fixes.

2005-10-21 03:43  dynamite

	* NEWS, TODO, test/ Fixed forgotten libbinio dependency
	  in test-suite.

2005-10-16 14:05  dynamite

	* src/: emuopl.cpp, mid.cpp: Nevermind again.

2005-10-15 10:46  dynamite

	* src/: mid.cpp, mid.h: Nevermind.

2005-10-15 10:33  dynamite

	* src/: dro.cpp, dro.h, emuopl.cpp, emuopl.h, kemuopl.h, mid.cpp,
	  mid.h, opl.h, realopl.cpp, realopl.h: Added CMF rhythm mode to
	  MID player.  Changed Copl interface: Chip type now getable by
	  anyone and only setable by frontends.  DRO player honours chip
	  type now.  Dual OPL2 and OPL3 support in all implementations that
	  could possibly support it (i.e. all, except Ken's OPL2 emulator).

2005-10-13 04:53  dynamite

	* NEWS, README, src/analopl.cpp, src/analopl.h, src/emuopl.cpp,
	  src/emuopl.h, src/kemuopl.h, src/opl.h, src/raw.cpp, src/raw.h,
	  src/realopl.cpp, src/realopl.h, src/silentopl.h: Built OPL3 and
	  dual OPL2 support into emuopl, analopl and realopl classes.
	  Added OPL3 support to RAW player.

2005-09-26 02:41  dynamite

	* NEWS, src/imf.cpp, src/imf.h: Added support for Adam Nielsen's
	  tag format.

2005-09-19 01:17  dynamite

	* doc/libadplug.texi: Fixed line ending.

2005-09-18 13:40  dynamite

	* .cvsignore: compile script needs to be ignored, too.

2005-09-18 13:39  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, COPYING, INSTALL,, NEWS,,, adplugdb/, src/,
	  src/adlibemu.c, src/adlibemu.h, src/msc.cpp: Ken's OPL emulator
	  is now free. Added pkg-config script. Made compatible with new
	  libbinio (1.4).

2005-05-13 04:48  dynamite

	* ChangeLog: Updated the changelog.

2005-05-12 10:46  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, COPYING, NEWS, TODO,, adplugdb/getopt.h,
	  src/adlibemu.c, src/adlibemu.h, src/adplug.cpp: Switched license
	  to fully LGPL'd. This is for release 1.5.1.

2005-01-16 13:12  dynamite

	* contrib/MSVC6/.cvsignore: Updated by TortoiseCVS

2005-01-16 12:59  dynamite

	* contrib/MSVC6/.cvsignore: Updated by TortoiseCVS

2005-01-16 12:01  dynamite

	* contrib/: README, MSVC6/adplug.dsp, MSVC6/readme.txt,
	  MSVC6/vc6inst.bat: Added contrib repository.

2005-01-16 11:51  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.dsp, vc6inst.bat: MSVC projects are now obsolete and
	  moved to contrib folder

2005-01-02 13:03  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, src/, src/, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/adplug.dsp, src/emuopl.cpp, src/emuopl.h, src/msc.cpp,
	  src/msc.h, src/temuopl.h, src/ymf262.cpp, src/ymf262.h: Added
	  generic support for dual OPL2 and OPL3 chips. Added support for
	  MSC files.

2004-10-15 03:17  dynamite

	* NEWS, TODO, src/, src/dro.cpp, src/emuopl.cpp,
	  src/emuopl.h, src/opl.h, src/player.cpp, src/player.h,
	  src/temuopl.cpp, src/temuopl.h, src/ymf262.cpp: Added OPL3

2004-10-07 03:55  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS,, adplugdb/getopt.h, src/,
	  src/adplug.cpp, src/analopl.cpp, src/analopl.h, src/emuopl.cpp,
	  src/realopl.cpp, src/realopl.h: Added hardware OPL drivers to
	  UNIX build. Support for MinGW (cross-)compilers.

2004-10-04 00:37  zeromus

	* src/opl.h: oops, fixed a goofup

2004-10-03 15:30  zeromus

	* src/: opl.h, player.cpp, player.h, dro.cpp, emuopl.cpp, emuopl.h,
	  ymf262.cpp, ymf262.h: . enhanced DRO support . added opl3 core in
	  ymf262.cpp . modified driver and player to support more than one
	  opl core . modified emuopl driver to take advantage of new driver
	  interfaces. it is now the first driver capable of handling the
	  new modes (opl3 and dualopl2)

2004-09-30 09:18  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.dsp, kemuopl.h: Release 1.5

2004-09-30 07:28  dynamite

	* ChangeLog, src/hsp.cpp, test/ Release 1.5

2004-09-29 09:50  dynamite

	* test/: SATNIGHT.HSP, SATNIGHT.ref: Added HSP test case.

2004-09-29 09:45  dynamite

	* ChangeLog, src/hsp.cpp, src/hsp.h, test/playertest.cpp: Fixed HSP
	  loader and added test case.

2004-09-29 08:38  dynamite

	* doc/: .cvsignore, libadplug.texi: Updated documentation.

2004-09-28 11:37  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp, src/kemuopl.h, src/lds.cpp, test/loudness.ref:
	  Updated loudness test reference file.

2004-09-27 13:38  dynamite

	* src/lds.h: Forgot to save, woops.

2004-09-27 13:37  dynamite

	* INSTALL, README, src/lds.cpp, src/lds.h: Finalized loudness
	  player! yeah!

2004-09-03 11:43  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, BUGS, TODO: Updated some docs.

2004-09-03 06:05  dynamite

	* INSTALL.win32,, Makefile.wat, README, TODO,
	  src/, src/adplug.dsp, src/d00.cpp, src/lds.cpp,
	  src/lds.h, src/s3m.cpp: DOS/Windows fixes.

2004-09-03 04:45  dynamite

	* test/: ice_thnk.sci,, mi2.laa: Fixed test-suite.

2004-09-03 04:18  dynamite

	* test/ Added Watcom Makefile

2004-09-03 04:16  dynamite

	* test/ [no log message]

2004-09-03 04:07  dynamite

	* test/: 2001.ref, ADAGIO.ref, ALLOYRUN.ref, ARAB.ref, BEGIN.ref,
	  BOOTUP.ref, CHILD1.ref, DTM-TRK1.ref, HIP_D.ref, MARIO.ref,
	  PLAYMUS1.ref, REVELAT.ref, SAILOR.ref, SCALES.ref, SMKEREM.ref,
	  SONG1.ref, TOCCATA.ref, TUBES.ref,, playertest.cpp,
	  TU_BLESS.ref, VIB_VOL3.ref, 2001.MKJ.ref, ADAGIO.DFM.ref,
	  WONDERIN.ref, adlibsp.ref, bmf1_2.ref, fdance03.ref, flash.ref,
	  hybrid.ref, hyp.ref, ice_thnk.ref, inc.ref, loudness.ref,
	  mi2.ref, michaeld.ref, playertest.dsp, psi1.ref, rat.ref,
	  samurai.ref, ALLOYRUN.RAD.ref, ARAB.BAM.ref, BEGIN.KSM.ref,
	  BOOTUP.M.ref, CHILD1.XSM.ref, DTM-TRK1.DTM.ref, HIP_D.ROL.ref,
	  SCALES.SA2.ref, SMKEREM.HSC.ref, SONG1.sng.ref, TOCCATA.MAD.ref,
	  TUBES.SAT.ref, TU_BLESS.AMD.ref, VIB_VOL3.D00.ref,
	  WONDERIN.IMF.ref, adlibsp.s3m.ref, bmf1_2.xad.ref,
	  fdance03.dmo.ref, flash.xad.ref, hybrid.xad.ref, hyp.xad.ref,
	  ice_think.sci, ice_think.sci.ref, inc.raw.ref,,
	  mi2_big_tree1.laa, mi2_big_tree1.laa.ref, michaeld.cmf.ref,
	  psi1.xad.ref, rat.xad.ref, samurai.dro.ref: Made test-suite
	  compatible with 8+3 char filename systems (i.e. DOS).

2004-09-02 13:27  dynamite

	* test/: .cvsignore: Updated by TortoiseCVS

2004-09-02 12:48  dynamite

	* src/dmo.cpp: Fixed endianness of TwinTeam player.

2004-09-02 10:07  dynamite

	* BUGS, src/rol.cpp, src/sa2.cpp: More architecture changes.

2004-09-01 14:05  dynamite

	* src/rol.cpp, src/rol.h, test/HIP_D.ROL.ref, test/playertest.cpp:
	  Updated rol player.

2004-09-01 12:07  dynamite

	* test/: 2001.MKJ.ref, ADAGIO.DFM.ref, ALLOYRUN.RAD.ref,
	  ARAB.BAM.ref, BEGIN.KSM.ref, BOOTUP.M.ref, CHILD1.XSM.ref,
	  DTM-TRK1.DTM.ref, HIP_D.ROL.ref, MARIO.A2M.ref, PLAYMUS1.SNG.ref,
	  SONG1.sng.ref, TOCCATA.MAD.ref, TUBES.SAT.ref, TU_BLESS.AMD.ref,
	  VIB_VOL3.D00.ref, WONDERIN.IMF.ref, adlibsp.s3m.ref,
	  bmf1_2.xad.ref, fdance03.dmo.ref, flash.xad.ref, hybrid.xad.ref,
	  hyp.xad.ref, ice_think.sci.ref, inc.raw.ref,,
	  mi2_big_tree1.laa.ref, michaeld.cmf.ref, playertest.cpp,
	  psi1.xad.ref, rat.xad.ref, samurai.dro.ref: Slightly modified
	  test suite reference format. Now using hex-values.

2004-09-01 10:32  dynamite

	* src/: dmo.cpp, dmo.h: Made player endian and wordsize clean.

2004-09-01 05:33  dynamite

	* src/dmo.cpp, src/dmo.h, src/hsc.cpp, src/hsc.h, src/lds.cpp,
	  src/lds.h, src/player.h, test/SMKEREM.HSC.ref,
	  test/playertest.cpp: Endian fixes. OPL write fixes. LOUDNESS
	  player now reports song position.

2004-08-31 06:20  dynamite

	* test/: HIP_D.ROL.ref, Updated test-suite.

2004-08-30 15:20  dynamite

	* NEWS, src/adplug.cpp, src/lds.cpp: Finalized LOUDNESS player.
	  just some small quirks left.

2004-08-26 05:23  dynamite

	* src/, src/lds.cpp, src/lds.h, src/sa2.cpp,
	  test/HIP_D.ROL.ref, test/MARIO.A2M.ref, test/,
	  test/playertest.cpp: Implemented LOUDNESS player. SA2 amd64
	  fixes. Fixed test-suite.

2004-08-25 07:53  dynamite

	* src/: rol.cpp, rol.h: Added pitch event handling and quirks to
	  make it work on amd64.

2004-08-18 09:33  dynamite

	* test/: 2001.MKJ.orig, 2001.MKJ.ref, ADAGIO.DFM.orig,
	  ARAB.BAM.orig, ARAB.BAM.ref, BEGIN.KSM.orig, BEGIN.KSM.ref,
	  BOOTUP.M.orig, BOOTUP.M.ref, CHILD1.XSM.orig, CHILD1.XSM.ref,
	  DTM-TRK1.DTM.orig, DTM-TRK1.DTM.ref, HIP_D.ROL.orig,
	  HIP_D.ROL.ref, MARIO.A2M.orig, MARIO.A2M.ref, PLAYMUS1.SNG.orig,
	  SAILOR.CFF.orig, SAILOR.CFF.ref, SCALES.SA2.orig, SCALES.SA2.ref,
	  SMKEREM.HSC.orig, SMKEREM.HSC.ref, SONG1.sng.orig, SONG1.sng.ref,
	  TU_BLESS.AMD.orig, TU_BLESS.AMD.ref, VIB_VOL3.D00.orig,
	  adlibsp.s3m.orig, adlibsp.s3m.ref, bmf1_2.xad.orig,
	  bmf1_2.xad.ref, fdance03.dmo.orig, fdance03.dmo.ref,
	  flash.xad.orig, flash.xad.ref, hybrid.xad.orig, hybrid.xad.ref,
	  hyp.xad.orig, hyp.xad.ref, ice_think.sci.orig, ice_think.sci.ref,
	  inc.raw.orig, inc.raw.ref, mi2_big_tree1.laa.orig,
	  mi2_big_tree1.laa.ref, michaeld.cmf.orig, michaeld.cmf.ref,
	  playertest.cpp, psi1.xad.orig, psi1.xad.ref, rat.xad.orig,
	  rat.xad.ref, samurai.dro.orig, samurai.dro.ref: .orig was a bad
	  file extension decision for the reference files, as it is the
	  standard extension used by patch to mark an original and is also
	  ignored by CVS by default. I thus renamed all reference files to
	  have an extension of .ref instead.

2004-08-18 09:24  dynamite

	* test/: HIP_D.ROL.orig, bmf1_2.xad.orig, flash.xad.orig,
	  hybrid.xad.orig, hyp.xad.orig, psi1.xad.orig: Added more
	  reference file formats.

2004-08-18 09:23  dynamite

	* src/dro.cpp, src/raw.cpp, test/HIP_D.ROL, test/bmf1_2.xad,
	  test/flash.xad, test/hybrid.xad, test/hyp.xad, test/inc.raw.orig,
	  test/playertest.cpp, test/psi1.xad, test/standard.bnk: Added more
	  reference formats to test-suite.

2004-08-18 07:48  dynamite

	* test/: 2001.MKJ.orig, 2001.MKJ.orig.raw, ADAGIO.DFM.orig,
	  ADAGIO.DFM.orig.raw, ALLOYRUN.RAD.orig, ALLOYRUN.RAD.orig.raw,
	  ARAB.BAM.orig, ARAB.BAM.orig.raw, BEGIN.KSM.orig,
	  BEGIN.KSM.orig.raw, BOOTUP.M.orig, BOOTUP.M.orig.raw,
	  CHILD1.XSM.orig, CHILD1.XSM.orig.raw, DTM-TRK1.DTM.orig,
	  DTM-TRK1.DTM.orig.raw, MARIO.A2M.orig, MARIO.A2M.orig.raw,
	  PLAYMUS1.SNG.orig, PLAYMUS1.SNG.orig.raw, REVELAT.SNG.orig,
	  REVELAT.SNG.orig.raw, SAILOR.CFF.orig, SAILOR.CFF.orig.raw,
	  SCALES.SA2.orig, SCALES.SA2.orig.raw, SMKEREM.HSC.orig,
	  SMKEREM.HSC.orig.raw, SONG1.sng.orig, SONG1.sng.orig.raw,
	  TOCCATA.MAD.orig, TOCCATA.MAD.orig.raw, TUBES.SAT.orig,
	  TUBES.SAT.orig.raw, TU_BLESS.AMD.orig, TU_BLESS.AMD.orig.raw,
	  VIB_VOL3.D00.orig, VIB_VOL3.D00.orig.raw, WONDERIN.IMF.orig,
	  WONDERIN.IMF.orig.raw, adlibsp.s3m.orig, adlibsp.s3m.orig.raw,
	  fdance03.dmo.orig, fdance03.dmo.orig.raw, ice_think.sci.orig,
	  ice_think.sci.orig.raw, inc.raw.orig, inc.raw.orig.raw,
	  mi2_big_tree1.laa.orig, mi2_big_tree1.laa.orig.raw,
	  michaeld.cmf.orig, michaeld.cmf.orig.raw, playertest.cpp,
	  rat.xad.orig, rat.xad.orig.raw, samurai.dro.orig,
	  samurai.dro.orig.raw: Switched to new player test reference file

2004-08-17 13:30  dynamite

	* src/cff.cpp, src/dmo.cpp, src/dtm.cpp, src/mid.cpp,
	  src/protrack.cpp, src/raw.cpp, src/sng.cpp,
	  test/TOCCATA.MAD.orig.raw, test/TUBES.SAT.orig.raw,
	  test/TU_BLESS.AMD.orig.raw, test/inc.raw.orig.raw,
	  test/playertest.cpp: Fixed multiple memory leaks.

2004-08-16 14:15  dynamite

	* INSTALL, INSTALL.unix, NEWS: Updated autotools.

2004-08-16 14:10  dynamite

	* INSTALL, src/mkj.cpp, test/2001.MKJ.orig.raw,
	  test/playertest.cpp: Fixed MKJamz player on multi-CPU platforms.

2004-08-16 06:44  dynamite

	* test/playertest.cpp: Added status info.

2004-08-15 15:20  dynamite

	* test/playertest.cpp: Added playernames.

2004-08-15 15:15  dynamite

	* test/.cvsignore: Added .cvsignore.

2004-08-15 15:14  dynamite

	* test/2001.MKJ, test/2001.MKJ.orig.raw, test/ADAGIO.DFM,
	  test/ADAGIO.DFM.orig.raw, test/ALLOYRUN.RAD,
	  test/ALLOYRUN.RAD.orig.raw, test/ARAB.BAM,
	  test/ARAB.BAM.orig.raw, test/BEGIN.KSM, test/BEGIN.KSM.orig.raw,
	  test/BOOTUP.M, test/BOOTUP.M.orig.raw, test/CHILD1.XSM,
	  test/CHILD1.XSM.orig.raw, test/DTM-TRK1.DTM,
	  test/DTM-TRK1.DTM.orig.raw, test/MARIO.A2M,
	  test/MARIO.A2M.orig.raw, test/, test/PLAYMUS1.SNG,
	  test/PLAYMUS1.SNG.orig.raw, test/REVELAT.SNG,
	  test/REVELAT.SNG.orig.raw, test/SAILOR.CFF,
	  test/SAILOR.CFF.orig.raw, test/SCALES.SA2,
	  test/SCALES.SA2.orig.raw, test/SMKEREM.HSC,
	  test/SMKEREM.HSC.orig.raw, test/SONG1.ins, test/SONG1.sng,
	  test/SONG1.sng.orig.raw, test/TOCCATA.MAD,
	  test/TOCCATA.MAD.orig.raw, test/TUBES.SAT,
	  test/TUBES.SAT.orig.raw, test/TU_BLESS.AMD,
	  test/TU_BLESS.AMD.orig.raw, test/VIB_VOL3.D00,
	  test/VIB_VOL3.D00.orig.raw, test/WONDERIN.IMF,
	  test/WONDERIN.IMF.orig.raw, test/adlibsp.s3m,
	  test/adlibsp.s3m.orig.raw, test/fdance03.dmo,
	  test/fdance03.dmo.orig.raw, test/ice_think.sci,
	  test/ice_think.sci.orig.raw, test/icepatch.003, test/inc.raw,
	  test/inc.raw.orig.raw, test/insts.dat, test/mi2_big_tree1.laa,
	  test/mi2_big_tree1.laa.orig.raw, test/michaeld.cmf,
	  test/michaeld.cmf.orig.raw, test/playertest.cpp, test/rat.xad,
	  test/rat.xad.orig.raw, test/samurai.dro,
	  test/samurai.dro.orig.raw,, Added

2004-08-09 05:08  dynamite

	* adplugdb/getopt.c, adplugdb/getopt.h, doc/ Reverted

2004-08-08 12:20  dynamite

	* adplugdb/: adplugdb.cpp, getopt.c, getopt.h: Updated getopt.

2004-08-06 14:45  dynamite

	* NEWS, README, doc/, src/dro.cpp: Updated distclean

2004-07-09 06:11  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.dsp, amd.cpp: Windows fixes.

2004-07-05 06:03  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, COPYING, src/, src/adplug.cpp, src/amd.cpp,
	  src/dro.cpp, src/dro.h: Added "DOSBox Raw OPL" player (.dro).
	  Fixed AMD loader.

2004-05-14 08:21  dynamite

	* src/ksm.cpp: Fixed drums in ksm player.

2004-05-13 02:33  dynamite

	* COPYING, NEWS, README, adplugdb/.cvsignore, src/,
	  src/adlibemu.c, src/adlibemu.h, src/emuopl.h, src/kemuopl.h,
	  src/lds.cpp, src/opl.h: Added Ken Silverman's emulator again.

2004-05-09 09:56  dynamite

	* adplugdb/.cvsignore, src/lds.cpp: Disabled Loudness player.

2004-04-14 03:08  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp: Added xsm player

2003-11-03 07:41  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, src/emuopl.cpp, src/emuopl.h, src/fmopl.c,
	  src/fmopl.h: Reverted fmopl OPL2 emulator to former open-source

2003-08-15 10:31  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.cpp, imf.cpp, imf.h, player.h: Added playback
	  capability for .adlib files to IMF player.

2003-05-04 12:25  dynamite

	* INSTALL: Added more info about UNIX CVS compiles.

2003-05-04 12:23  dynamite

	* NEWS: Updated NEWS.

2003-05-04 11:02  dynamite

	* INSTALL,, adplug.qpg, adplug.spec,,
	  src/adplug.cpp, src/adtrack.cpp, src/lds.cpp, src/rol.cpp,
	  src/sa2.cpp: Fixed unsupported files being left open bug. Added
	  more UNIX and CVS install instructions. Bumped version number.

2003-05-03 15:34  dynamite

	* src/: xsm.cpp, xsm.h: Added XSM player.

2003-05-03 15:33  dynamite

	* NEWS, adplug.qpg, doc/libadplug.texi, src/,
	  src/, src/adplug.cpp, src/adtrack.cpp, src/lds.cpp,
	  src/lds.h, src/mkj.cpp, src/mkj.h, src/rol.cpp, src/sa2.cpp:
	  Fixed some replay glitches in MKJamz player, but still not
	  perfect. Fixed some files being left open on unsupported file
	  types. Bumped version numbers.

2003-03-19 03:45  dynamite

	*, NEWS, adplug.qpg, adplug.spec,,
	  src/adplug.cpp: Bumped version number.

2003-03-18 08:02  dynamite

	* late-coming DOS build fixes.

2003-03-18 05:46  dynamite

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.

2003-03-18 03:41  dynamite

	* DOS build fixes. Release Candidate #3.

2003-03-17 13:11  dynamite

	* ChangeLog,, adplugdb/,
	  adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, doc/, src/ UNIX
	  build fixes. Added missing files to distribution. Release
	  Candidate #2.

2003-03-17 06:00  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, COPYING, TODO, adplug_mdk.spec, src/adplug.cpp: Fixed
	  faust music creator file extension. Removed mandrake spec file.
	  Release Candidate. Added excerpt of MAME license.

2003-03-16 11:35  dynamite

	* src/:, player.cpp: DOS build fixes.

2003-03-16 08:56  dynamite

	* NEWS, doc/libadplug.texi, src/fmopl.c, src/player.cpp: Updated
	  fmopl to MAME 0.66 source. Updated CPlayer::songlength(), it now
	  doesn't touch the OPL while calculating the song length.

2003-03-13 07:19  dynamite

	* src/: rol.cpp, rol.h: Fixed CR/LF's.

2003-03-13 05:54  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp: Synced windows build.

2003-03-13 04:45  dynamite

	* src/:, adplug.cpp, rol.cpp, rol.h: Added new version
	  of .rol player.

2003-03-07 05:41  dynamite

	* BUGS, src/fmopl.c, src/protrack.cpp: Fixed symbol clash in fmopl
	  emulator. Thanks to Goetz Waschk!

2003-03-04 13:45  dynamite

	* adplug.qpg: Added some missing header files to QNX packaging.

2003-03-04 04:47  dynamite

	* README, adplug.spec: Updated systems compatibility list. Updated
	  groups in redhat spec file.

2003-03-03 12:37  dynamite

	* doc/libadplug.texi: Changed info directory category from GNU
	  Libraries to Software Libraries.

2003-03-03 07:45  dynamite

	* TODO, adplug_mdk.spec, src/ Added Mandrake .spec

2003-03-01 10:51  dynamite

	* src/: database.cpp, database.h: Database now uses heap instead of
	  stack. (phew)

2003-03-01 09:43  dynamite

	* adplugdb/ Fixed library dependency for DOS build.

2003-02-27 08:45  dynamite

	* adplugdb/: adplugdb.dsp, vc6inst.bat: Windows build fixes.

2003-02-25 14:19  dynamite

	* TODO, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, doc/, doc/adplugdb.1,
	  src/adplug.cpp: Added adplugdb manpage.

2003-02-23 08:16  dynamite

	* AUTHORS: Documentation updates.

2003-02-23 03:17  dynamite

	* adplug.qpg: Added QNX packaging file.

2003-02-22 09:06  dynamite

	* adplugdb/.cvsignore: Updated by TortoiseCVS

2003-02-21 15:19  dynamite

	* INSTALL.dos,, Makefile.wat, adplugdb/,
	  adplugdb/getopt.h, src/ DOS build fixes.

2003-02-21 11:46  dynamite

	* src/: players.cpp, players.h: Fixed harsh memory corruption by
	  implementing a forgotten copy-constructor in CPlayerDesc class.

2003-02-20 15:31  dynamite

	* adplugdb/.cvsignore, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp,
	  adplugdb/adplugdb.dsp, adplugdb/getopt.h, src/adplug.dsp,
	  src/fmopl.c: Windows build fixes.

2003-02-20 10:36  dynamite

	* adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, doc/libadplug.texi, src/database.cpp,
	  src/database.h: Fixed logic error in the database, when multiple
	  databases are in use.

2003-02-19 02:29  dynamite

	* TODO, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, src/database.cpp, src/database.h,
	  src/imf.cpp: Fixed database search. Removed WITH_DATABASE

2003-02-18 06:03  dynamite

	* src/: fmopl.c, fmopl.h: Removed redundant LFs from new fmopl OPL2
	  emulator sources.

2003-02-17 08:46  dynamite

	* TODO, src/imfcrc.h: Removed imfcrc file.

2003-02-17 08:42  dynamite

	* TODO, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, doc/libadplug.texi,
	  src/fprovide.cpp, src/xad.cpp: Fixed loading of nonexistant
	  files. Updated documentation.

2003-02-17 05:48  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, TODO,, adplugdb/,
	  adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, src/database.cpp, src/emuopl.cpp,
	  src/emuopl.h, src/fmopl.c, src/fmopl.h: Added newest fmopl OPL2
	  emulator. Made adplugdb access home directory first, before
	  trying system-wide database, on systems that support it.

2003-02-16 05:43  dynamite

	* doc/.cvsignore, doc/libadplug.texi, INSTALL, README, TODO,
	  adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp, src/adplug.h, src/database.h: Updated

2003-01-30 11:28  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.dsp, sng.cpp: Windows fixes.

2003-01-30 09:18  dynamite

	* TODO, src/adplug.cpp, src/adplug.h, src/fprovide.cpp,
	  src/players.cpp, src/players.h: Added lookup_filetype() method to
	  CPlayers class. Random fixes otherwise.

2003-01-28 05:40  dynamite

	* TODO: Updated TODO list.

2003-01-28 05:34  dynamite

	* src/:, adplug.cpp, adtrack.cpp, amd.cpp, bam.cpp,
	  bam.h, bmf.cpp, bmf.h, cff.cpp, cff.h, d00.cpp, d00.h, dfm.cpp,
	  dfm.h, dmo.cpp, dmo.h, dtm.cpp, dtm.h, flash.cpp, flash.h,
	  fmc.cpp, fmc.h, fprovide.cpp, fprovide.h, hsc.cpp, hsp.cpp,
	  hsp.h, hybrid.cpp, hybrid.h, hyp.cpp, hyp.h, imf.cpp, ksm.cpp,
	  ksm.h, lds.cpp, lds.h, mad.cpp, mad.h, mid.cpp, mid.h, mkj.cpp,
	  mkj.h, mtk.cpp, mtk.h, player.cpp, player.h, psi.cpp, psi.h,
	  rad.cpp, rad.h, rat.cpp, rat.h, raw.cpp, raw.h, s3m.cpp, s3m.h,
	  sa2.cpp, sa2.h, u6m.cpp, u6m.h, xad.cpp, xad.h: Updated rest of
	  players for new loading framework. ROL player still missing.
	  Waiting for Akintunde to fix it.

2003-01-23 08:27  dynamite

	* doc/libadplug.texi, src/, src/a2m.h, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/adtrack.cpp, src/adtrack.h, src/amd.cpp, src/amd.h,
	  src/database.cpp: Updated adtrack and amd replayers to new file
	  handling code.

2003-01-16 13:28  dynamite

	* Makefile.wat, src/ DOS build fixes.

2003-01-16 13:05  dynamite

	* src/database.cpp: Removed invalid libbinio access.

2003-01-07 07:47  dynamite

	* src/: a2m.cpp, a2m.h, adplug.dsp, database.cpp, database.h:
	  Windows fixes.

2003-01-04 08:50  dynamite

	  adplugdb/.cvsignore, adplugdb/, adplugdb/adplugdb.cpp,
	  adplugdb/getopt.c, adplugdb/getopt.h, doc/.cvsignore,
	  doc/, doc/fdl.texi, doc/libadplug.texi,
	  src/, src/a2m.cpp, src/a2m.h, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/adplug.h, src/database.cpp, src/database.h, src/fprovide.cpp,
	  src/fprovide.h, src/hsc.cpp, src/hsc.h, src/imf.cpp, src/imf.h,
	  src/opl.h, src/player.cpp, src/player.h, src/players.cpp,
	  src/players.h, src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h, src/sng.cpp,
	  src/sng.h, src/u6m.cpp, src/u6m.h, src/xad.cpp, src/xad.h: Added
	  database framework, implemented new loading system, some fixes,
	  added 'adplugdb' database maintenance utility and rewrote the
	  IMF, SNG, HSC and A2M replayers to support the new loading
	  system. All other players are still broken at this point. The
	  documentation is also not in sync with these changes, yet!

2002-11-28 06:04  dynamite

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, TODO, adplug.spec, doc/.cvsignore,
	  doc/, doc/, doc/,
	  doc/, doc/libadplug.texi, src/fmopl.h: Converted
	  docs into Texinfo format. Added Red Hat RPM spec file. Fixed
	  memory leak in fmopl.

2002-11-18 12:04  dynamite

	  src/rol.h, src/u6m.h: Revised DOS build installation
	  instructions.  Added -oi+ compiler flag to DOS build to work
	  around a compiler bug.

2002-11-16 09:57  dynamite

	* src/:, adplug.cpp: Enabled STL using code under

2002-11-15 04:42  dynamite

	* src/raw.cpp: Made RAW player loop itself.

2002-11-15 04:05  dynamite

	* src/imf.cpp: Fixed IMF player to correctly load files with a
	  null-length footer.

2002-11-15 02:52  dynamite

	*, NEWS,, src/adplug.cpp: Bumped version
	  number. Added dependency to libstdc++ under UNIX.

2002-11-07 10:32  dynamite

	* .cvsignore: Release Candidate #1.

2002-11-07 10:31  dynamite

	* AdPlug Release Candidate #1.

2002-11-07 09:03  dynamite

	* TODO, src/dmo.cpp: TODO list updates.

2002-11-02 05:10  dynamite

	* src/: .cvsignore, adplug.dsp, dmo.h: Fixed struct element
	  alignment in dmo player.

2002-10-31 06:08  dynamite

	* src/:, d00.h, dmo.cpp: Added file extension check to
	  dmo player.

2002-10-27 07:49  dynamite

	* src/: adplug.dsp, cff.h: Some fixes.

2002-10-27 07:19  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp: Some fixes.

2002-10-24 14:10  dynamite

	* README, TODO,, doc/, src/,
	  src/adplug.cpp, src/adplug.h, src/amd.cpp, src/cff.cpp,
	  src/d00.cpp, src/debug.c, src/dmo.cpp, src/emuopl.cpp,
	  src/emuopl.h, src/mad.cpp: AdPlug 1.3 Release Candidate #1.

2002-10-21 07:04  riven-mage

	* src/dmo.cpp, src/s3m.cpp, AUTHORS, README: nothing chaged :)

2002-10-20 09:05  riven-mage

	* src/dmo.cpp: dmo release

2002-10-20 09:04  riven-mage

	* README: no message

2002-10-20 04:46  riven-mage

	* src/, src/, src/adplug.cpp, src/dmo.cpp,
	  src/dmo.h, AUTHORS, NEWS, README: dmo release

2002-10-20 00:05  riven-mage

	* src/: dmo.cpp, dmo.h: latest alpha

2002-10-20 00:04  riven-mage

	* src/s3m.h: instrument structure named 's3minst'

2002-10-20 00:03  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp: signature check after unpack moved from unpack() to

2002-10-19 00:59  riven-mage

	* src/protrack.h: Channel placement fixed :)

2002-10-18 13:56  riven-mage

	* src/protrack.cpp: fmc fix

2002-10-18 13:51  riven-mage

	* doc/ fmc & dtm additions

2002-10-18 12:58  riven-mage

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, README, TODO: dtm released

2002-10-18 12:57  riven-mage

	* src/: cff.cpp, cff.h: some changes

2002-10-18 12:53  riven-mage

	* src/: d00.h, s3m.h: pragma #once

2002-10-18 12:50  riven-mage

	* src/: adplug.cpp,,, adplug.dsp, dtm.cpp,
	  dtm.h: dtm released

2002-10-16 00:32  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp: input underflow fix

2002-10-15 13:37  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp: no message

2002-10-15 07:36  riven-mage

	* src/protrack.cpp: 'DTM frequency slide' effect added

2002-10-15 07:35  riven-mage

	* src/protrack.h: moved Channels from private to protected

2002-10-15 07:32  riven-mage

	* src/: amd.cpp, rad.cpp: 'MOD_FLAGS_DECIMAL' changed to 'Decimal'

2002-10-15 07:30  riven-mage

	* src/: cff.cpp, cff.h: default instruments fix

2002-10-15 07:29  riven-mage

	* src/: mad.cpp, mad.h, fmc.cpp, fmc.h: update to latest Protracker

2002-10-14 09:15  dynamite

	* TODO, src/, src/xad.h: Added pseudo #once pragma.

2002-10-12 05:41  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp: comment changes

2002-10-12 04:12  riven-mage

	* src/: xad.cpp, xad.h, fmc.h, dmo.cpp, dmo.h: no message

2002-10-10 08:19  riven-mage

	* src/: hybrid.cpp: nothing important :)

2002-10-09 13:31  dynamite

	* TODO,, src/emuopl.h: UNIX build fixes.

2002-10-06 13:42  dynamite

	* src/realopl.h: nothing changed. ;)

2002-10-05 11:23  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp: Added cff.[cpp,h] to adplug.dsp.

2002-10-04 06:19  dynamite

	*, TODO, UNIX build system fixes.

2002-10-03 15:07  dynamite

	* TODO, src/, src/fmopl.c: Fixed copyright notice in

2002-10-03 13:34  dynamite

	* INSTALL.dos, Makefile.wat: Updated DOS build system. Can now
	  create debug info.

2002-10-03 13:32  dynamite

	* src/:, adplug.cpp, adtrack.cpp, bmf.cpp, cff.cpp,
	  cff.h, debug.c, debug.h, dtm.cpp, flash.cpp, hsc.cpp, hybrid.cpp,
	  ksm.cpp, protrack.cpp, psi.cpp, rat.cpp, rol.cpp, sa2.cpp,
	  xad.cpp: Prefixed C debug functions with AdPlug_*. Updated DOS

2002-10-02 13:33  dynamite

	* doc/.cvsignore: Added cvsignore file.

2002-10-02 13:31  dynamite

	* INSTALL,,,, doc/,
	  doc/groff-it, src/ automake based documentation
	  building on UNIX.

2002-10-01 04:17  riven-mage

	* src/: dtm.cpp, dtm.h: alpha 2

2002-10-01 04:16  riven-mage

	* src/: cff.cpp, cff.h: final version

2002-09-29 13:16  riven-mage

	* AUTHORS: no message

2002-09-29 13:08  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp: final version

2002-09-29 10:31  dynamite

	* TODO, doc/, doc/Hacking.txt, doc/,
	  doc/Player-Development.txt, doc/,
	  doc/Protracker.txt, doc/groff-it: Added troff documentation.

2002-09-29 10:15  dynamite

	* AUTHORS,, NEWS, README, TODO: Some more updates...

2002-09-29 05:02  riven-mage

	* src/adplug.dsp: struct member alignment set to 1 byte (for

2002-09-29 04:45  riven-mage

	* src/cff.cpp, TODO: no message

2002-09-29 01:20  riven-mage

	* NEWS, TODO, AUTHORS: no message

2002-09-29 01:19  riven-mage

	* src/: cff.cpp, cff.h: pre-final version

2002-09-29 01:18  riven-mage

	* src/adplug.cpp: CFF loader support

2002-09-29 01:17  riven-mage

	* src/protrack.cpp: fixed memset(channel,0,sizeof(channel))

2002-09-26 05:11  riven-mage

	* TODO, doc/Protracker.txt, src/cff.cpp, src/cff.h,
	  src/protrack.cpp, src/xad.cpp: CFF updated to beta

2002-09-22 03:17  riven-mage

	* TODO, src/cff.cpp, src/cff.h, src/dmo.cpp, src/dmo.h,
	  src/dtm.cpp, src/dtm.h: added cff,dmo,dtm alphas

2002-08-19 13:57  dynamite

	* doc/: Player-Development.txt, Protracker.txt: Updated docs.

2002-08-18 02:12  riven-mage

	* src/: debug.c, debug.h: no message

2002-08-15 11:49  dynamite

	* TODO, src/adtrack.cpp, src/adtrack.h, src/debug.c: Finished
	  CadtrackLoader. Fixed debugging. Updated TODO list.

2002-08-15 10:54  dynamite

	* src/: adtrack.cpp, adtrack.h, debug.c: Fixed CadtrackLoader.
	  Fixed debug logging.

2002-08-15 10:07  dynamite

	* src/.cvsignore: Added *.err.

2002-08-15 10:06  dynamite

	* src/: adtrack.cpp, protrack.cpp, protrack.h: Added NoKeyOn flag
	  to CmodPlayer. Fixed CadtrackLoader.

2002-08-15 09:37  dynamite

	* src/adtrack.cpp: Changed all 0-notes to keyoffs instead. And
	  don't use own note table.

2002-08-15 08:39  dynamite

	* INSTALL: Corrected DOS debug documentation.

2002-08-15 08:24  dynamite

	* NEWS, README, TODO, doc/Protracker.txt, src/imf.cpp, src/imf.h,
	  src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h, src/sa2.cpp: Fixed SA2 loader.
	  Added descriptions to IMF player. Updated docs.

2002-08-13 12:57  dynamite

	* INSTALL: Revised DOS build instructions.

2002-08-13 12:56  dynamite

	* INSTALL, Makefile.wat, src/.cvsignore, src/,
	  src/adplug.cpp: Added adtrack.cpp & lds.cpp to DOS build and
	  revised cvsignore files.

2002-08-13 12:20  dynamite

	* src/adplug.dsp: Added adtrack.cpp build information.

2002-08-13 07:47  dynamite

	* TODO, src/adtrack.cpp, src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h: Fixed

2002-08-13 04:55  dynamite

	* NEWS, src/, src/adplug.cpp, src/adtrack.cpp,
	  src/adtrack.h, src/fmc.cpp, src/mad.cpp, src/protrack.cpp,
	  src/protrack.h: Flexible notetable in CmodPlayer, implemented

2002-08-11 11:36  dynamite

	* src/: adtrack.cpp, imfcrc.h: Added "Duke Nukem 2" IMF CRC values.

2002-08-09 09:46  dynamite

	* NEWS, TODO, doc/Hacking.txt, doc/Protracker.txt, src/adtrack.cpp,
	  src/adtrack.h, src/fmopl.c, src/fmopl.h, src/protrack.cpp,
	  src/protrack.h: checked in adtrack.* and updated protracker docs.

2002-08-09 07:11  dynamite

	* src/: .cvsignore, adplug.dsp, sa2.cpp: Windows fixes.

2002-08-09 03:22  dynamite

	* src/: .cvsignore, adplug.cpp, debug.c, lds.cpp, mid.cpp,
	  protrack.cpp: Fixes from the Windows build.

2002-08-08 15:34  dynamite

	* TODO, src/dfm.cpp, src/lds.cpp, src/protrack.cpp, src/rad.cpp,
	  src/sa2.cpp: made CmodPlayer more flexible.

2002-08-08 13:06  dynamite

	* TODO, doc/Protracker.txt, src/a2m.cpp, src/adplug.cpp,
	  src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h, src/sa2.cpp: Implemented
	  preliminary extendable CmodPlayer class.

2002-08-08 06:20  dynamite

	* doc/Protracker.txt: Added preliminary Protracker player devel

2002-08-08 05:22  dynamite

	* doc/Player-Development.txt: Updated Player devel HOWTO

2002-08-08 05:11  dynamite

	* TODO, src/protrack.cpp: no message

2002-08-08 01:27  riven-mage

	* TODO: no message

2002-08-07 12:01  dynamite

	* TODO: todo list update.

2002-08-07 11:59  dynamite

	* .cvsignore, INSTALL, README, TODO,,,
	  doc/Hacking.txt, doc/Player-Development-mini-HOWTO.txt,
	  doc/Player-Development.txt, src/.cvsignore, src/a2m.cpp,
	  src/a2m.h, src/adplug.cpp, src/adplug.h, src/amd.cpp, src/amd.h,
	  src/bam.cpp, src/bam.h, src/bmf.cpp, src/bmf.h, src/d00.cpp,
	  src/d00.h, src/debug.c, src/debug.h, src/dfm.cpp, src/dfm.h,
	  src/flash.cpp, src/flash.h, src/fmc.cpp, src/fmc.h, src/hsc.cpp,
	  src/hsc.h, src/hsp.cpp, src/hsp.h, src/hybrid.cpp, src/hybrid.h,
	  src/hyp.cpp, src/hyp.h, src/imf.cpp, src/imf.h, src/ksm.cpp,
	  src/ksm.h, src/lds.cpp, src/lds.h, src/mad.cpp, src/mad.h,
	  src/mid.cpp, src/mid.h, src/mkj.cpp, src/mkj.h, src/mtk.cpp,
	  src/mtk.h, src/player.h, src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h,
	  src/psi.cpp, src/psi.h, src/rad.cpp, src/rad.h, src/rat.cpp,
	  src/rat.h, src/raw.cpp, src/raw.h, src/rol.cpp, src/rol.h,
	  src/s3m.cpp, src/s3m.h, src/sa2.cpp, src/sa2.h, src/sng.cpp,
	  src/sng.h, src/u6m.cpp, src/u6m.h, src/xad.cpp, src/xad.h: too
	  many changes to list here.

2002-08-06 03:18  riven-mage

	* TODO: no message

2002-08-04 03:25  riven-mage

	* TODO: no message

2002-08-04 03:15  riven-mage

	* TODO: no message

2002-08-01 08:04  dynamite

	* .cvsignore, src/.cvsignore: added .cvsignore file. cleaned up.

2002-07-24 10:18  dynamite

	* INSTALL.win32, TODO, src/, src/imfcrc.h: no message

2002-07-19 05:24  dynamite

	  Makefile.wat, TODO, src/, src/Makefile.wat,
	  src/adplug.dsp, src/vc6inst.bat, src/xad.cpp: no message

2002-06-20 13:52  dynamite

	  src/fmopl.c, src/protrack.h: no message

2002-05-10 13:11  dynamite

	* NEWS, README, src/Makefile.wat, src/debug.h, src/diskopl.cpp,
	  src/diskopl.h, src/fmopl.c, src/fmopl.h: n

2002-04-26 05:53  dynamite

	* AUTHORS: no message

2002-04-16 04:02  dynamite

	* src/: Makefile.wat, adplug.cpp, xad.cpp: no message

2002-03-28 08:26  dynamite

	* NEWS: no message

2002-03-28 04:53  dynamite

	* NEWS,, src/adplug.cpp, src/adplug.dsp, src/adplug.h,
	  src/bmf.cpp, src/debug.c, src/flash.cpp, src/hybrid.cpp,
	  src/hyp.cpp, src/psi.cpp, src/rat.cpp, src/debug.h: no message

2002-03-25 08:10  dynamite

	  doc/Player-Development-mini-HOWTO.txt: m

2002-03-25 06:07  dynamite

	* src/, src/Makefile.wat, src/a2m.cpp, src/a2m.h,
	  src/adplug.cpp, src/adplug.dsp, src/adplug.h, src/amd.cpp,
	  src/amd.h, src/analopl.cpp, src/analopl.h, src/bam.cpp,
	  src/bam.h, src/bmf.cpp, src/bmf.h, src/d00.cpp, src/d00.h,
	  src/debug.c, src/dfm.cpp, src/dfm.h, src/diskopl.cpp,
	  src/diskopl.h, src/emuopl.cpp, src/emuopl.h, src/flash.cpp,
	  src/flash.h, src/fmc.cpp, src/fmc.h, src/fmopl.c, src/fmopl.h,
	  src/hsc.cpp, src/hsc.h, src/hsp.cpp, src/hsp.h, src/hybrid.cpp,
	  src/hybrid.h, src/hyp.cpp, src/hyp.h, src/imf.cpp, src/imf.h,
	  src/imfcrc.h, src/ksm.cpp, src/ksm.h, src/lds.cpp, src/lds.h,
	  src/mad.cpp, src/mad.h, src/mid.cpp, src/mid.h, src/mididata.h,
	  src/mkj.cpp, src/mkj.h, src/mtk.cpp, src/mtk.h, src/opl.h,
	  src/player.h, src/protrack.cpp, src/protrack.h, src/psi.cpp,
	  src/psi.h, src/rad.cpp, src/rad.h, src/rat.cpp, src/rat.h,
	  src/raw.cpp, src/raw.h, src/realopl.cpp, src/realopl.h,
	  src/rol.cpp, src/rol.h, src/s3m.cpp, src/s3m.h, src/sa2.cpp,
	  src/sa2.h, src/silentopl.h, src/sng.cpp, src/sng.h, src/u6m.cpp,
	  src/u6m.h, src/xad.cpp, src/xad.h, doc/PLAYER_SDK: no message

2002-03-25 06:00  dynamite

	  adplug.cpp, adplug.dsp, adplug.h, analopl.cpp, analopl.h,, diskopl.cpp, diskopl.h, emuopl.cpp, emuopl.h,
	  fmopl.c, fmopl.h, opl.h, realopl.cpp, realopl.h, silentopl.h,
	  COPYING: no message

2002-03-18 06:55  dynamite

	* CHANGES, COPYING, CREDITS, INSTALL, adplug.cpp, adplug.h, fm.h,
	  makefile, makefile.wat, AUTHORS, ChangeLog,,
	  Makefile.wat, NEWS,,, diskopl.cpp,
	  diskopl.h: no message

2002-03-02 09:35  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp, makefile: G

2002-03-02 06:01  dynamite

	  adplug.dsp, emuopl.h, fmopl.c, makefile, makefile.wat, opl.h: G

2002-01-13 02:27  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp, adplug.dsp, adplug.h: made CAdPlug a static class.

2001-12-26 05:27  dynamite

	* CHANGES, CREDITS, README, adplug.cpp, adplug.dsp: documentation

2001-11-27 11:36  dynamite

	* fm.h, fmopl.c, fmopl.h: updated emulator to upstream (MAME)

2001-11-08 20:03  cdc_

	* README: added .SAT (and preliminary .LDS note) to documentation

2001-11-08 20:02  cdc_

	* CREDITS: .SAT support added to sa2.cpp - thanks mamiya

2001-10-26 08:06  dynamite

	* CHANGES, INSTALL, PLAYER_SDK, README, adplug.cpp, adplug.dsp,
	  makefile: release candidate #1

2001-10-23 12:19  dynamite

	* CREDITS, adplug.dsp, analopl.cpp, analopl.h, makefile,
	  makefile.wat: added WATCOM and MSVC support.

2001-10-18 09:44  dynamite

	* CHANGES, CREDITS, INSTALL, README, adlibemu.c, adlibemu.h,
	  adplug.cpp, adplug.h, kemuopl.h, makefile: made linux dynamic
	  library, removed adlibemu.

2001-10-15 04:18  dynamite

	* COPYING, CREDITS, lgpl.txt: documentation cleanup.

2001-10-15 04:13  dynamite

	* README, adplug.cpp: added BAM player. messed with LDS player.

2001-10-08 06:23  dynamite

	* PLAYER_SDK, README, adplug.cpp: misc. changes.

2001-09-23 19:01  cdc_

	* lgpl.txt, adlibemu.c, adlibemu.h, adplug.cpp, adplug.h,
	  emuopl.cpp, emuopl.h, fm.h, fmopl.c, fmopl.h, kemuopl.h, opl.h,
	  realopl.cpp, realopl.h, silentopl.h: added license information

2001-09-15 08:05  dynamite

	* fmopl.c, opl.h: linux fixes.

2001-08-19 08:00  dynamite

	* adlibemu.c, adlibemu.h, adplug.cpp, adplug.h, kemuopl.h:
	  miscellaneous fixups & code cleanups.

2001-07-16 08:00  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp: added DFM player.

2001-06-30 20:42  cdc_

	* realopl.cpp: fixed delay values in realopl.cpp

2001-06-30 12:20  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp: added MKJamz support to core module.

2001-06-30 12:10  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp: made adplug 1.0 core release.

2001-06-24 10:51  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp, realopl.cpp: added preliminary MKJamz player. Some
	  comments added to realopl.cpp.

2001-06-14 11:12  dynamite

	* adplug.cpp: added .wlf support. IMF player rewinds songs
	  automatically now.

2001-05-31 03:20  dynamite

	* adlibemu.c: added proper credits to adlibemu.c & ksm.cpp. Fixed
	  raw.cpp (del variable was falsely interpreted).

2001-05-30 08:42  dynamite

	* adlibemu.c, adlibemu.h, adplug.cpp, adplug.h, emuopl.cpp,
	  emuopl.h, realopl.cpp, fm.h, fmopl.c, fmopl.h, kemuopl.h, opl.h,
	  realopl.h, silentopl.h: Initial revision

2001-05-30 08:42  dynamite

	* adlibemu.c, adlibemu.h, adplug.cpp, adplug.h, emuopl.cpp,
	  emuopl.h, realopl.cpp, fm.h, fmopl.c, fmopl.h, kemuopl.h, opl.h,
	  realopl.h, silentopl.h: initial import.

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