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    * readded AppKit bundle
    * include all Tiger classes for Foundation and AppKit


    * Mac OS X version


    * introduced new language management (STLanguageManager)
    * introduced remote scripting (STRemoteConversation)
    * new tool for semi-persistent environments: stenvironment
    * added reading from stdin to stexec
    * added remote scripting to stshell and stexec
    * new conversation methods
    * removed tools: stalk, stupdate_languages
    * removed depreciated methods from STEnvironment, removed class STLanguage
    - you can delete */Library/StepTalk/Configuration directories


    * Actor class - STActor. For more information see attached example or
    * fixes after GNUstep-base fixes of NSUnknownKey


    * Changed "full scripting" behaviour. When enabled, all classes are
    available for scripting, not only those published by frameworks.
    * There was done design fix in the Smalltalk language bundle. Instance
    variables of script objects were accessed by index, now they are
    referenced by names. This allows further creation of STActor
    (STScriptObject successor) object that is composed of script methods and
    ivars. Also it would be possible to create script methods for any objc
    receiver. Ivar access is done through KVC. For more information do not
    hesitate to ask.


    * Fixed and changed license to LGPL
    * Several fixes from Mateu Batle for the framework and Smalltalk bundle
    * Fixed bug with signed/unsigned bytecode in the Smalltalk bundle


    * Added ReadlineTranscript
    * Renamed, added and deprecated some STEnvironment methods. Methods were
    not removed, NSLog warnings were added.

    * Added STConversation object. Basically, it's a conversation with 
    objects in an environment using a scripting language. The reason
    for creating this clas was to open a path for easier remote scripting
    where you can 'talk in a conversation' with a remote DO server or
    application. However, this remote part is just going to be implemented.


    NOTE: You HAVE to remove your previous installation of StepTalk to be
    able to install new one. (especially Local/Library/Headers/StepTalk).

    Major changes:
    * Changed StepTalk from library to a framework
    * Added script objects.

    * StepTalk module was removed, because it was no longer required.
    * Added framework loading support in environment description files (.stenv)

    * Added some autogsdoc generated documentation
    * Implemented Framework support and new Environment method: includeFramework:
    * Created a workaround for gnustep-base Distributed Objects bug. Now
    DO shold work correctly.
    * Some smalltalk parser fixes.


    * Prepared StepTalk for application scripting support
    * Added application scripting support bundle
    * Added documentation for application scripting
    * Many source cleanups by David Ayers  <>
    * Some bugfixes in Smalltalk source reader

    For more information about scripting bundle see ApplicationScripting


    * Added ability to use any bundle or framework for scripting 
    * Moved scripting information from bundle info dictionary into separate
    * Replaced .stmodules with plain bundles.
    * Removed STModule class
    * Added conditional GDL2 module installation.
    * Small improvements and bug-fixes.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to rebuild and reinstall all modules, because the
    bundle format has changed.


    * Smalltalk: Added parsing of real numbers
    * ObjectiveC: added two new methods into the Runtime object:
            returns an array of selectors that contain specified string
            returns an array of all classes that implement specified selector
    * Created an empty language bundle MyLanguage as an example
    * Added GDL2 module
    * Fixed installation: removed forced installation to the user's home 

    NOTE: Please delete all standard StepTalk language bundles, modules and
    finders from your home directory if it is not your default installation
    directory so new bundles can be found.


    * Code cleanup
    * New modules: ObjectiveC and StepTalk
    * New classes: STScript and STScriptManager


    * Created 'Object Finders'
        Distributed Object Finder 
        Application Finder
    * New example tool stshell - the StepTalk shell
    * Automated loading of modules and finders using scripting environment 
    * StepTalk defaults changed
    * Some source documentation added
    * Bugfixes in Smalltalk language

    * Separated AppTalk
    * Added option to make "appkit=no" to disable making of AppKit stuff.

    * Added AppTalk application scripting library
    * Smalltalk syntax changed. See Documentation/Smalltalk section Source. 
    * Fixed AppKit constants
    * Make it build with latest GNUstep release
    * Various bugfixes

    * support for NSRange, NSPoint and NSSize (see example
    * Implemented SEL type handling (see examples and
    * New example - pldes tool written in smalltalk

    * Small (10-15%)speed improvements of block evaluation
    * Handle 'exit' method in script object. 'self exit' will terminate script 
    * Documentation describing smalltalk features (exception handling,
      symbolic selector and iterators)


    * Guile - new language bundle. gstep-guile library is needed.

      Guile bundle is not build by default. You have to make it in 
      Languages/Guile directory (make; make install). You may try to execute
      very simple piece of code in Languages/Guile/Tests using stexec. 
      NOTE: do not forget to run 'stupdate_languages' after installing any new
            language bundle. To find out if languages were updated, try 
            'stexec -list-languages'

    * Separated Foundation binding stuff to Foundation module

    * AppKit - new module
    * AppKit examples
            openPanel - shows NSOpenPanel
            rtf2text - converts RTF document to plain text 
    * Added execution of script with more methods
    * Tools will now try to get language type from file extension
    * Added new tool stupdate_languages to create file extensions dictionary

for more details see ChangeLog file
    * Added few examples to show how scripting works. See Examples directory 
      in source package. 
    * Added tool 'stalk' to talk to named servers. 
    * Added new tool options. 
    * Some known bugs were fixed.
    * Little bit of documentation added (see Documentation directory)
    * STEnvironment interface changed
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