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AdunServer 0.4 - 20/03/06

	* Now uses message ports by default. In this mode the server only supports 
	  intrauser/intrahost communications i.e. all distributed simulation support is disabled.
	* This removes some limitiations present in Adun v 0.4 -
		o Multilple users can now run AdunServer,  and hence simulations, on the same
		o AdunServer no longer requires the program "gdomap" to be running. 
		  (gdomap handles interhost communication)
		o Implementation of distributed simulation will continue. When it is useable
		  an option will be provided to allow users to choose which mode to run the
		  server in.
	* Improved relaying of error messages from the kernel to the interface.
	* Fixed bugs 5401 & 5403.
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