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AEWM(1x)                                                    AEWM(1x)

       aewm - An Exiguous Window Manager

       aewm [options...]

       aewm  is  an  X11  window  manager with very few features. It
       draws a small titlebar above top-level windows, allows you to
       manipulate  them  with  the  mouse, and starts other programs
       when the root window is clicked. That's  also  about  all  it
       does, so don't expect anything nifty.

       The  titlebar contains a small box in the upper right corner.
       Clicking the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd buttons on the main area of the
       titlebar will raise, move, or lower the window, respectively.
       Clicking on the box will respectively hide, resize, or  close
       the window.

       By  default,  clicking  on the root window with button 1 will
       run aemenu(1x), and button 3 will start a new xterm(1x),  and
       and  button  2  will run aemenu --switch.  aemenu (or another
       equivalent program) is required  to  unhide  hidden  windows;
       aewm does not do this itself.

       --config file, -rc file
              Read  configuration options from file.  This overrides
              options which precede it in the command line.

       --font xfld, -fn xfld
              Draw window titles using the font defined by xfld.

       --bgcolor color, -bg color
              Set the background color of window frames.

       --fgcolor color, -fg color
              Set the foreground color of window frames.

       --bdcolor color, -bd color
              Set the color of window borders.

       --bdwidth width, -bw width
              Draw window borders width pixels wide.

       --padding width, -p width
              Draw width pixels of space between window borders  and
              window titles.

       --new1 command, -1 cmd
              Run  command when button 1 is clicked on the root win‐

       --new2 command, -2 cmd
              Run command when button 2 is clicked on the root  win‐

       --new3 command, -3 cmd
              Run  command when button 3 is clicked on the root win‐

       --help, -h
              Print a short help message to stdout and exit.

       --version, -v
              Print version information to stdout and exit.

       DISPLAY Sets which X display will be managed by aewm.

       aeclients(1x), X(7), The Inter-Client  Communication  Conven‐
       tions Manual (from the X11R6 documentation).

       Decklin Foster <>

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