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2011-01-01  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac3.home>

	* (pkginclude_HEADERS): removed threaded_hash.h from package.

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp: incorporated kernel modifications from kernel mounter.

2010-12-22  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/affverify.cpp (hash_verify): changed aftimer to return string

	* aftimer.h (class aftimer): modified to return string rather than
	deal with silly buffers.

2010-12-16  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* removed IN_AFFLIB. I wonder what it was used for.

2010-12-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* version number increased to 3.6.6

	* lib/ (AFFLIB_SOURCES): threaded_hash.h removed from
	afflib distribution.

2010-12-04  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac3.home>

	* lib/afflib_i.h: only define ENOTSUP if it is not already defined

	* version number increased to 3.6.5

2010-12-04  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac3.local>

	* disable qemu with Msys
	* ssl3_new in AC_CHECK_LIB changed to SSL_library_init

2010-11-10  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/affdiskprint.cpp: changed HAVE_EXPAT to HAVE_LIBEXPAT

2010-10-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac3.home>

	* tools/affxml.cpp (xml_info): was adding a NULL to data instead
	of b64size.

2010-10-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open): added a warning that support for E01
	was removed.

2010-10-08  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* increased to 3.6.3

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp (split_raw_get_seg): added ability to

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_get_seg): fixed AF_DEVICE_SECTORS to make
	sure that there are 8 bytes available for the data (previously was 0)

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_get_page): wasn't setting *bytes if a
	page was requested and data was null. Now it does. This caused
	mis-reporting in the size of split_raw files.

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp (split_raw_open_internal): replaced
	fprintf with call to stderr.

2010-08-09  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* renamed to for consistency.

2010-08-01  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* increased version to 3.6.2

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp (afd_identify_file): added file:// logic to
	afd_identify_file from aff_identify_file

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp (split_raw_write_internal2): when
	storing data in AFM-files the mode set by af_open is only used for
	the AFM-file, but not for the .000 which contains the raw data. In
	case of mode 0600 for af_open,  the mode for the .000 raw-data
	file is set to 0644, which enables read-access for everyone. This
	is a possible security risk on multi-user systems. To correct
	this, mode in open() is now taken from af->openmode, and not
	hard-coded to be 0644.

2010-07-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.home>

	* win32/afflib.mak (LINK_OPTS): updated for AFFLIB3.6 naming scheme

	* lib/afflib.h: added #ifdef for stdint.h

	* BUGLIST.txt: removed note about afd encryption not working.

2010-07-20  Simson Garfinkel  <>

2010-07-15  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@shorty.local>

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp (vnode_afd): removed AF_VNODE_NO_SEALING from vnode_afd->flags.
	(afd_add_file): ap->num_afs>0 changed to ap->num_afs>1 for copying
	over the metadata for the second file.

2010-07-10  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.home>

	* lib/afflib.h (struct af_vnode_info): changed imagesize in
	af_vnode_info structure from int64_t to uint64_t.

2010-07-10  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* tools/ all commands now begin aff rather than af.

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_vstat): removed EWF support from AFF

2010-07-06  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.home>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_get_seg): fixed assertion in ret.

2010-06-28  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@silver-surfer.home>

	* increased version number to 3.5.13.

	* tools/ (bin_PROGRAMS): renamed afconvert to
	affconvert because of name collission with MacOS

2010-06-27  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@silver-surfer.home>

	* lib/ (EXTRA_PROGRAMS): I read on a debian complaint
	list that "aftest" and "s3" shouldn't be installed, but nobody
	thought to drop me a note explaining this or telling me how to do
	it. So after about 15 minutes with the automake manual I moved
	aftest and s3 from bin_PROGRAMS to EXTRA_PROGRAMS and now they
	shouldn't get installed. It would be really nice if those Debian
	folks to send their comments back to package authors.

2010-04-25  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* version increased to 3.5.12

	* (EXTRA_DIST): misc expat distribution removed.

2010-04-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* version increased to 3.5.11

2010-04-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* substantial modifications to compile under mingw
	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (check_file): replaced index() with strchr()
	for WIN32

	* lzma443/C/Common/Alloc.cpp: removed MidAlloc(), MidFree(),
	SetLargePageSize(), BigAlloc() and BigFree() when compiling under mingw

2010-04-17  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* patched for conditional inclusion of the win32

2010-04-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* debian/ directory removed at the request of the debian project.

2010-04-12  Ryan Mayer  <mrsolo@mayer-precision>

	* lib/aftest.cpp (xmltest): now compiles without threaded_hash.h
	(simson apparently forgot to add threaded_hash.h to the subversion repository....)

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (print_info): now checks to see if fwrite() doesn't
	write all the characters.

	* tools/afcat.cpp (afcat): now checks to see if fwrite() doesn't
	write all the characters.

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (usage): changed -d (debug) to -D. Added -e
	option (decrypt.)

2010-04-10  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* applied 03-bashism.patch, fixes a so-called bashism in a test script.
	* applied 04-fix-afdiskprint.patch, fixes a grave bug which prevents
	afdiskprint from starting at all.

2010-04-09  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/affuse.c (main): added explicit instructions to install fuse-devl

2010-03-19  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* updated version to 3.5.10

	* tools/aff_bom.h: removed non-PD terms in copyright statement.

	* tools/aff_bom.cpp: removed non-PD terms in copyright statement.

	* tools/aff_bom.cpp: corrected spelling of postgraduate

2010-03-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* increased version number to 3.5.9

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp: now sets af->imagesectorsize when
	AF_SECTORSIZE is requested. 
	* (raw_filesize): moved added support for af_figure_media to

	* (raw_open): modified to call raw_filesize() to figure size of
	the media

	* bulk_extractor should now work with raw devices.

2010-02-23  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* increased version to 3.5.8
	* tools/ (echo): removed ./ from command names.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (main): removed TERM dependency from

2010-01-17  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp: removed 'shouldfree' comment, because the
	variable is gone.

2010-01-16  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* updated version to 3.5.6

2010-01-15  simsong  <>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): ewf_get_seg had segnum as an uint64_t; should have been a uint_64_t.

2010-01-03  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* now properly handles linux systems that have
	libewf installed but not uuid-dev

2009-12-24  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* incremented version to 3.5.5
	* tools/afverify.cpp (process): modified to only complain of an
	unsigned file if the unsigned segments are data segments.

	* tools/afverify.cpp (verify_bom_signature): fixed bug in
	verification of XML signatures. I have no idea why this was
	here. Added better error checking.

2009-12-24  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* tools/test_*.sh: modified to use mkstemp to create proper
	temporary files.
	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_read_sizes): corrected to properly
	calculate the size of the last page

2009-12-23  simsong  <>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_get_imagesize): added memset(&vni,0,...) to af_get_imagesize()

2009-12-20  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_invalidate_vni_cache): created new function,
	since invalidation was happening in more than one place

2009-12-19  simsong  <>

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (main): added -E option which just prints the number of segments that would be encrypted.

2009-12-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): modified so that a valid AFFILE
	is returned even if the passphrase is invalid

2009-12-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_vstat): wasn't setting cannot_decrypt:1; fixed.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): fixed so that it handles file:// notation.

2009-12-13  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-SSD.local>

	* upgraded version count to 3.5.4
	* tools/afverify.cpp (main): added OpenSSL_add_all_digests().
	(usage): added debug to print if SHA256 isn't working.

2009-12-13  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/ (PATH): now stores tempfiles in /tmp

	* tools/ (echo): now stores tempfiles in /tmp/

	* tools/ now stores tempfiles in /tmp, rather
	than in the current directory.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): fixed utimes() so that it is
	applied to the af_output_filename.

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (main): added option -j to print total number
	of encrypted segments and -J to print total number of unencrypted segments.

2009-12-05  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_close): forgot to close aff_toc_free,
	causing memory leak. Fixed.

2009-12-05  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): same bug as below

	* lib/vnode_qemu.cpp (qemu_get_seg): bug in qemu_get_seg should
	have set *datalen to 8 when called with *datalen=0. Fixed.

	* tools/afcompare.cpp (compare_aff_aff): fixed handling when
	images have different pagesize but same sectorsize.

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_get_seg): added check for seek beyond end
	of file

2009-11-26  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@t>

	* MASSIVE UPDATE: fixed many compiler warnings from signness and
	bad printf formats.

	* lib/afflib.h: af_read now returns ssize_t

2009-11-26  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp: now reports the number of encrypted pages

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_vstat): now calculates the number of
	encrypted pages.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_seek): reworked so that there would be no
	sign problems

	* (AFFUSE_BIN): turned on -Wall. enabled
	_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 in the Makefiles. What happened to that?

2009-11-25  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* updated to version 3.5.3

2009-11-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/crypto.cpp (af_get_affkey_using_keyfile): fixed swapped
	memset arguments.

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_get_next_seg): fixed swapped memset arguments.

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (encode): fixed swapped memset arguments.

2009-11-01  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* also checks ${prefix} for installed libraries

2009-10-22  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* updated to version 3.5.2

2009-10-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surver.local>

	* win32/ (the_release): added libeay32.dll to zipfile

2009-10-09  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* Removed AFF_SIGS since it is now determined on the fly.
	* remove SHA256 detection from configure script; this is now done at runtime.

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_update_page): modified write_sha256 block to use the EVP system.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_initialize): removed SHA256 validation vectors from af_initialize() because AFFLIB now uses the EVP system for SHA256.

2009-10-04  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (print_info): fixed bug in which auto_decrypt
	was being set even if it was not previously set.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_set_option): now returns the previous version
	of the option that is set. 

2009-10-03  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surver.local>

	* tools/afdiskprint.cpp: added O_BINARY define for Windows.

2009-09-30  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@t>

	* updated version number to 3.4.2

	* tools/afdiskprint.cpp: added #include <algorithm> because STL
	isn't very S on Linux.

2009-09-22  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_open): failure to obtain exclusive lock
	now generates warning rather than error.

	* tools/afdiskprint.cpp (main): added #ifdef HAVE_SRANDOMDEV for
	compilation on linux

2009-09-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surver.local>

	* increased version number to 3.4.0

	* tools/afdiskprint.cpp (diskprint_verify): added diskprint.

2009-08-22  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* increased version number to 3.3.8

2009-08-20  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/*.cpp and tools/*.cpp (info_file): warnings removed for GCC 4.2.1
	* Updated many format strings to handle GCC 4.2.1

2009-08-08  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* tools/affix.cpp (fix): changed truncate() to ftruncate(), as we
	have a valid win32 cover for ftruncate.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): made call to utimes() conditional
	because we don't always have it.

	* lib/ (AFFLIB_SOURCES): removed aftimer.cpp, since the
	class is now entirely defined in the aftimer.h

2009-07-22  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Snow3-2.local>

	* now specifically tells the user to install an up-to-date version of OpenSSL if SHA256 is missing.

	Version number upped to 3.3.7

2009-05-19  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* upped version number to 3.3.6

	* Fixed bug in handling of fixed-size AFD files.

2009-05-03  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* changed version number to 3.3.5

	* Modified so lack of SHA256 is no longer fatal

2009-03-17  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): changed name= to image_filename= in affinfo attribute.

2009-03-05  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

2009-02-21  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@t>

	* added AC_CHECK_LIB([rt],[aio_error64]) to

2009-02-11  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* support added for VMDK and DMG files.
	Version number will be incremented to to 3.4 when they are stable.

2009-02-10  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): Now, if it can't allocate
	AFFLIB_CACHE_PAGES_DEFAULT, try to allocate just 2 pages.

	* lib/afflib.h (AFFLIB_CACHE_PAGES_DEFAULT): Default page cache
	size increased from 2 pages to 32, increasing memory requirements
	from 32MB to 512MB. This will make AFFLIB run dramatically faster
	in most situations. It will, however, require lowering when AFF is
	running in reduced memory configurations.

2009-01-27  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp: created function to set acquisition date in a
	standardized way.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (usage): removed -Z option from usage
	because it was never implemented.

2008-12-30  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/ (AFFLIB_SOURCES): moved display_as_quad to
	af_display_as_quad() and added to library.

2008-10-28  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_read): if reading through a short page, return (0) for attempts to read additional bytes. (Previously generated a crash...) What's the correct behavior? SHould we advance to the beginning of the next page? I don't know.

2008-10-12  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* man/ created man page for afcat

2008-09-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* incremented version counter to 3.3.4

	* pyaff/pyaff.c: changed #include from afflib/afflib.h to lib/afflib.h

2008-09-23  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib_i.h (struct af_figure_media_buf): incremented
	max_read_blocks from 4 bytes to 8 bytes because that's what Apple returns!!!

2008-09-10  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* upped version counter to 3.3.3

	* Added include <cstring> to all CPP files that had include <string>

2008-09-04  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* (AFFUSE_BIN): removed printing of modified cflags

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_df): removed af_commas, as it was already in afflib_utils.cpp
	(s3_ls): changed af_commas to PRId64

2008-09-03  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* fixed support for QEMU under Linux (added -lrt ---
	what a weird place to put it), and also fixed autoconf problem of
	qemu support being required even when it was turned off.

2008-08-25  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib.h (struct af_vnode_info): 

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_get_imagesize): updated for new af_vnode_info name

	* lib/afflib.h (struct af_vnode_info): encrypted_count and
	signed_count changed to segment_count_encrypted and
	segment_count_signed; page_count_total and segment_count_total added.

2008-08-26  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* removed QEMU support by default; it needs more work.

2008-08-17  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* made OpenSSL error on Mac fatal.

	* lib/ (libafflib_la_SOURCES): s3_glue is now not included
	in AFFLIB SOURCES if MAYBE_S3 is false.

2008-08-17  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_set_maxsize): changed call from
	af_get_imagesize() to access of af->image_size.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_seek): changed called to af_get_imagesize()
	to af->image_size
	(af_get_imagesize): removed locking, as the individual elements of
	the af structure are not accessed.

2008-08-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_update_segf): modified to clear af->vni_cache

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_vstat): added support for caching results.
	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_write): modified to clear af->vni_cache
	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_read): modified to use af->image_size
	rather than a calculated image_size.

2008-08-13  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): now takes imagesize from
	af->image_size, since it was already set.
	(ewf_bytes_per_sector): refactored all libewf_get_bytes_per_sector
	into this function.

2008-08-11  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* increased version number to 3.2.7

	* lib/s3.cpp: changed include err.h to include afflib_i.h for
	cases where users want s3 but don't have err.h (like Solaris)

2008-08-07  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* version increased to 3.2.6

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_close): modified to use the second
	argument for libewf if LIBEWF_VERSION>=20080501
2008-07-22  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* upped version to 3.2.5, as 3.2.4 wouldn't compile
	on machines without EVP_SHA256.

2008-07-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_make_gid): returns -1 if an error, 0 if GID
	exists, and if one is made.

	* lib/crypto.cpp: (af_sign_all_unsigned_segments): Now returns the
	number of unsigned segments that were signed.

	* tools/afsign.cpp (afsign): 

	* lib/crypto.cpp (af_is_signature_segment): af_is_signed_segment
	changed to af_is_signature_segment because that's what it is doing.

2008-07-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): fixed case of data==0 and
	datalen==0 generating an error.
	(ewf_get_seg): fixed requesting of invalid pages

2008-07-18  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (main): changed -s option to -k for consistency
	with afsign.

2008-07-16  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_vstat): removed has_encrypted and
	has_signed from the vni information; use the encrypted_count and
	signed_count. Sorry about breaking backward compatibility with the
	binary API; nobody is using this yet.

	* tools/afsign.cpp (afsign): bug in signing of signature pages fixed.

2008-07-15  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* increased version number to 3.2.4

2008-07-14  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_open): added flock to vnode_aff, so that
	multiple writers to an AFF file will now block rather
	than corrupt the file

2008-07-10  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (figure_media): added -A option to print XML
	output of media params.

2008-07-09  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afxml.cpp: suppreses XML output of encrypted segments

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): color was too hard to do; we just use bold now for decrypted data

2008-07-08  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): fixed bug in afxml where last 2 chars of md5_hex were not reported because not large enough buffer was allocated

	* lib/afflib_util.cpp (af_hexbuf): 

2008-07-07  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (main): added -x to print segment as hex string

2008-07-05  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/ (#aftest_LDFLAGS): lib/s3 binary no longer made
	if S3 is not enabled.

2008-07-03  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (process): better error messages when
	segment doesn't exist

2008-07-03  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): fixed printing so color is left as
	red, not black
	(info_file): only reports missing pages can't be computed if -d
	flag is present.

2008-07-02  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* lib/afflib_i.h (AF_VNODE_NO_SEALING): added flags for
	implementations that do not support encryption can declare
	this. Added appropriate macros for checking these variables. 

2008-06-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* incremented version to 3.2.3

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): fixed bug in which  converting .aff file
	to a .afd file caused crash

2008-06-27  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib.cpp: added locking to all of the functions; still
	need to add it to afflib_streams.

	* lib/afflib_util.cpp: moved eff, af_err, errx, warn and warnx to
	this file.

2008-06-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* tools/affix.cpp (fix): adds an AF_IMAGE_GID if one doesn't exist.
	(fix): fixed error in which O_RDWR flag was being passed as a mode
	to af_open_with(). This prevented the -y option from operating

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): adds an AF_IMAGE_GID if one doesn't exist.

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): adds an AF_IMAGE_GID if one doesn't exist.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_make_gid): added af_make_gid (removed from aimage)

2008-06-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* incremented version number to 3.2.2

2008-06-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Silver-Surfer.local>

	* added threaded_hash.h to the list of installed .h files

2008-06-10  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/aff_toc.cpp: simplified to make toc mandatory.

2008-06-02  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): fixed error in wiping password
	when open mode is read-only and password is provided. (If no
	encryption segment is present, do not use a password.)

2008-05-28  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): now states that bold is something that was decrypted

2008-05-30  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): decrypted data now shows in red
	and bold

	* lib/afflib_i.h (struct _AFFILE): fixed definition of struct
	_AFFILE to be compatible with C (was just compatible with C++).

2008-05-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): modifid once again to work with
	wide char

2008-05-21  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp (afd_open): now refuses to open a .afd
	directory with no aff files.

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (main): AFCRYPTO will now only encrypt AFD
	and AFM files.

2008-05-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/*.cpp (recover): changed err() to af_err() after every af_open().

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_get_next_seg): detects truncated files
	and will not allowed them to be opened.

2008-05-19  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/affix.cpp (usage): removed -b option; wasn't using it.

2008-05-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_update_segf): changed padding to 01 for 1 pad
	byte, 02 02 for two pad bytes, etc., in keeping with PKCS7.


2008-05-13  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): for some reason, XML sometimes had a ^C at the end. Changed malloc to calloc to zero buffer and avoid the problem.

2008-05-12  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/aftest.cpp (lzma_test): changed more char *'s to const char *.

	* lib/afflib_i.h (struct af_vnode): changed char *name to const
	char *name; wonder why I didn't see this before.

2008-05-08  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* fixed script so that setting the environment
	variable AFF_NOOPT to any value will prevent optimization

2008-05-07  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/crypto.cpp (af_get_aes_key_from_passphrase): fixed error in
	kversion checking; additional work on encryption compatibility
	between Mac and Linux

2008-04-28  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp: updated copyright notice.

	* tools/aff_bom.cpp: added public domain disclaimer

	* tools/aff_bom.h: added public domain disclaimer

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp: corrected copyright notice 

	* tools/afcompare.cpp: updated copyright notice

	* tools/afconvert.cpp: updated copyright notice.

2008-04-26  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): removed debugging.

2008-04-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib.h (AF_XML_AFFBOM): AF_XML_CUSTODY_CHAIN renamed
	AF_XML_AFFBOM and changed from "custody_chain" to "affbom"

2008-04-23  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/crypto.cpp (af_get_aes_key_from_passphrase): added code to
	fix compiler problem on Linux/GCC 4.0/64-bit machines in which
	unsigned long foo:32 took up 8 bytes (instead of 4).

	* Added to code to handle reading incorrectly-generated 56-byte affkey segments 

2008-04-21  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): changes made to support the
	circa 2007 version of libewf

	* tools/afcrypto.cpp (main): changed output to make easier to parse and more useful.

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_vstat): added signed_count and encrypted_count.

2008-04-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_read): replaced fseek() with fseeko().

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (af_truncate_blank): replaced fseek() with
	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp  (aff_update_seg): replaced fseek() with fseeko(). (Shouldn't
	matter here, but it might).

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_write): changed fseek() to fseeko().

2008-03-27  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* Added debian system provided by Joachim Metz
	* incremented version counter to 3.1.5

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_get_imagesize): now sets errno=1 if it can't
	determine imagesize because of encryption.
	* (prefix): added file

2008-03-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_seg): updated to handle with libewf
	returning -1 for error and 1 for success.

2008-03-12  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* (BuildRequires): fixed subdirectory problem in specfile.

2008-03-09  Simson Garfinkel  <>


2008-03-09  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* updated to AFFLIB-3.1.3

2008-03-09  System Administrator  <simsong@Obsidian.lan>

	* lib/ (install-exec-hook): fixed shell script syntax error

2008-03-05  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp: updated for libewf 20080305

2008-03-02  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* (BuildRequires): added missing include files

	* (pkginclude_HEADERS): removed duplicate afflib_sha256.h

2008-02-28  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afrecover.cpp (recover): fixed bug in printf statement.

2008-02-26  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* Here's how to turn on executable property in the SVN repository:
	svn propset svn:executable ON 
	More at

2008-02-26  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_update_segf): fixed annoying bug which caused
	signing of encrypted data being written to generate segmentation
	errors under some conditions.

	* better reporting of dependencies for aff signatures

2008-02-26  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (usage): usage fixed, removing space after
	-s and -p options (apparently getopt on Linux can't handle it.)

	* lib/crypto.cpp (af_sig_verify_seg): #ifdef USE_AFFSGIS changed
	to #ifdef USE_AFFSIGS

	* lib/utils.cpp: C++ utilities moved into the aff namespace.

	* tools/afverify.cpp (main): version flag changed from -v to -V
	for consistency with other tools.

	* lib/afflib_os.cpp (af_figure_media): fixed another int64 reference

2008-02-26  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afverify.cpp (usage): corrected usage.

2008-02-25  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* now properly handles libexpat once again

	* lib/afflib_i.h: removed lots of the #ifdefs for openssl/*.h and replaced if #ifdef HAVE_LIBSSL

	* lib & tools:  moved utils.cpp from tools directory to lib directory

	* (pkginclude_HEADERS): added lib/aftimer.h to the list of installed headers

2008-02-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_get_imagesize): changed int64 to int64_t and
	uint64 to uint64_t for compliance with C99 standard.

	* aimage removed for AFF; it is now going to be its own distribution

2008-02-12  SImson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* aimage/gui.cpp (my_refresh): changed screen update so it now happens every 128K bytes.

2008-02-10  SImson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afcat.cpp (sig_info): added SIGINFO (^t) to afcat to print current page

2008-02-10  Charlie Root  <>

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_open): modified raw so that it will write as well

2008-02-20  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib_i.h ("C"): put everything inside an extern "C".; removed legacy uint64 and int64 types.

	* tools/ (bin_PROGRAMS): added test_tools to being to get some more automated testing.

	* tools/afsign.cpp (afsign): improved error message when certificate file cannot be loaded

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (usage): fixed usage so that version number is -V (as the option was implemented)

2008-02-13  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* revamped to allow you to specify where expat is located

2008-02-08  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afcat.cpp (afcat): now warns if it can't cat because it
	doesn't have the encryption keyx

	* lib/afflib.h: moved af_vstat() into afflib.h.
	* lib/afflib.h: moved actually AFFILE definition into afflib_i.h

2008-02-06  SImson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* aimage/gui.cpp (my_refresh): Now prints names of input and
	output files on display.

	* aimage/aimage.cpp: You can now specify "%d" or "%02d" or any
	%...d format in the output filename; %d is incremented until the
	file doesn't exist.

2008-01-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/aftest.cpp (main): made default to run all tests
	(main): now erases the test files after creating them.

	* (prerelease): added "make distcheck" to prelease target

2008-01-28  Simson Garfinkel
	* Released 3.0.5 - doesn't compile due to noinst_ issue in
	* Released 3.0.6, which is the same as 3.0.5 but doesn't install
2007-12-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* (Name): Joachim Metz contributed this file.

2007-12-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_afd.h (AFD_DEFAULT_MAXSIZE): Changed from 600 to 608
	(so that it is now a multiple of 16; not strictly needed, but it
	makes things a bit cleaner.)

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_update_segf): fixed crasher on update when
	af->crypto->encrypt was not present.

	* tools/affuse.c (main): improved error messages for when affuse
	can't run.

2007-12-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* changed config.h to affconfig.h to minimize
	name space collisions. 

	* lib/ (lib_LTLIBRARIES): is now an
	installed library.

2007-11-27  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (okay_to_print): added ', ", and & to the list
	of characters that cannot be output in XML

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): opening a read-only AFF file that
	has no encryption works, even if you specify an encryption password.

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (display_as_hex): displayed image GID in hex

2007-11-26  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* REMOVED lib/sha256.c --- the implementation had bugs. (That's
	what I get for including a non-validated crypto algorithm.) AFF
	now requires SHA256 but it should compile without it

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (main): now handles case when optarg==0
	(which happened with afsegment -d seg instead of affsegment -dseg)
	(usage): added : to "d" in getopt.

2007-11-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/crypto.cpp: refactored AFF compilation error message

2007-11-16  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_identify_file): fixed parsing of file:// URLs.

2007-11-14  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib.h: af_is_badsector now takes const unsigned char
	*buf; taking non-const was an error

2007-11-13  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong@domex.local>

	* lib/afflib_sha256.h: minor tweaks to deal with the problem with
	SHA256() and EVP_sha256() are present but not in the #include file.

2007-11-07  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (main): -q renamed to be -Q (because -q
	should be quiet)
	(main): only prints filename if there is more than one file
	(main): only prints segname if there is more than one seg

2007-10-31  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* tools/utils.cpp: added #ifdef AFF_SIGS so that bom class won't
	be compiled if not compiling with AFFSIGS
	added #include <afflib_i.h> to get #ifdef AFF_SIGS

2007-10-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): aes_segs now initialized to
	0. (Strangely, the uninitialized value was causing problems when
	running with MSC.)

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_cantopen): added "return -1" to s3_cantopen()

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_get_next_seg): ENOBUFS error on
	incomplete reads changed to E2BIG, since there is no ENOBUFS on windows.

2007-10-23  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@m-ern-nps-edu.local>

	* tools/afverify.cpp: moved #include "expat.h" to after the #ifdef USE_AFFSIGS

2007-10-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_update_page): lots of code that
	required signatures made #ifdef USE_AFFSIGS for compiling under
	Windows without OpenSSL

	* lib/afflib_util.cpp (af_parse_url): index() changed to strchr()
	for Win32.

2007-10-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/afflib.h: significant changes for compiling under win32. 
	- added u_int and others for compiling under win32.
	- affkey_aes256 structure had an element with the same name;
	structure renamed to affkey.

2007-10-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/vnode_afm.cpp (afm_split_raw_setup): modified so that
	ap->aff->image_size only needs to equal ap->sr->image_size if
	ap->aff->image_size has already been set

2007-10-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp (split_raw_get_seg): fixed bug in that
	*datalen was not set properly if it was smaller than the size of
	the segment, even if data==0. Fixed.

2007-10-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp (split_raw_update_seg): was returning
	the number of bytes written; now returns 0 if write is successful,
	-1 if it is not.

2007-10-14  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@imac2.local>

        * aimage/aimage.cpp (usage): --sign and -s now used to specify
	private and public key used for signing.
	* aimage/aimage.cpp (usage): --setseg used to be -s; changed to -g
	so that we can use -s for signing.

2007-09-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@m-ern-nps-edu.local>

	* tools/utils.cpp (get_seglist): fixed uninitialized variables in
	get_seglist which was causing indeterminate behavior in get_seglist.

2007-09-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* BUGLIST.txt (library): removed need to check for af->writing,
	because it's gone.

2007-09-15  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/afflib.h: removed af->writing, because it wasn't good for
	POSIX compatibility. 

2007-09-14  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (main): -c option (verify compression) removed
	from usage because it was never implemented. New -c will specify
	an X.509 certificate.

2007-09-12  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* MULTIPLE FILES: changed most "const void *" pointers on update
	and write routines to "const u_char *".

2007-09-02  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/aff_toc.cpp (aff_toc_del): fixed double-del problem; thanks
	to Jason Shiffer for bringing this to our attention.

2007-08-29  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/, tools/, (affuse_LDADD):
	first steps for using libtool and shared libraries

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): added support for AFFLIB_PASSPHRASE

2007-08-27  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* aimage/aimage.cpp (process_option): made opt_maxsize an int64;
	added support for dvd and dvddl from luca at

2007-08-20  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/aftest.cpp (aestest): now sets page size in test files.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_update_seg): af_update_seg() didn't check to
	make sure that writing was enabled. Now it does.

2007-08-20  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_write): Now sets pagesize to
	AFF_DEFAULT_PAGESIZE (1024*1024*16) if a write is attempted
	without a pagesize being previously set.

2007-08-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* increased version to 2.4.0

	* lib/aff_db.cpp (af_backspace): af_backspace will no longer
	backspace from the first segment in the file.

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_write_ignore): BUG --- if first segment
	was deleted, entire file got wiped. Whoops! fixed this.

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): bugfix - removed af_close(;
	when zapping; file wasn't open.

2007-08-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_open): revised for URL parsing in afflib.cpp

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_create): moved af_make_badflag to afflib.cpp
	(aff_get_next_seg): now sets errno to ENOBUFS if buffer isn't
	large enough to hold requested data. 

2007-08-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_open): changed all occurances of af_toc
	to aff_toc since the TOC is an AFF-file specific thing.

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (usage): changed -p option (validate the hash
	of each page) to -v 

2007-08-12  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (print_info): added two spaces to the "data
	length" printout. 

2007-08-11  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): fixed printing of missing pages
	with -a when there was no device sector size.

	* lib/afflib.cpp: added support for openssl/fips_sha.h

	* S3 support is now disabled by default. 

2007-08-11  Simson Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp: removed main() if USE_S3 was not defined. What
	was I thinking?

2007-07-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong@Obsidian.local>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (main): Removed -p option; now just has -X1
	through -X9 and -L for recompressing; these are the same flags as aimage.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open): attempts to open a file for writing
	with an invalid name now sets EINVAL.

2007-07-26  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): removed use of af_backspace() so
	this will now work with S3.
	(xml_info): hex is now printed with coding='base16', decimal
	numbers now printed coding='base10'
	(xml_info): printable data now just printed, rather than encoded

2007-07-25  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_write): added check for valid
	image_pagesize in af_write if the write bypass is not used. 

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_update_seg): removed stale "append" comment.

2007-07-19  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_seek): af_seek w/ SEEK_CUR didn't work. It
	was doing SEEK_CUR as SEEK_SET. This is now fixed. SEEK_END was
	(af_seek): added automatic detection of random access, which now
	changes the af_update_seg algorithm.

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_write_ignore): modified so that if an
	IGNORE segment is written before another IGNORE, they are
	combined. Likewise, if one is written after an IGNORE, they are
	(aff_update_seg): modified so that new objects smaller than 4096
	will not be dropped into deleted segments larger than 4096 bytes
	to prevent fragmentation.

2007-07-18  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_update_seg): if the last segment is NULL,
	it is now erased before writing.
	(aff_del_seg): now we use this on Windows, since _chsize_s() is a
	good analog for ftruncate()

	* lib/aftest.cpp (reverse_test): reverse test now reads data to
	verify it is correct

2007-07-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3.cpp: applied patches from Ted Romer.  The 'cat' and 'cp'
	commands in s3.cpp had a bug where they neglect to skip over the
	command name in argv, with the result that cat always tries to
	look for the key 'cat' and 'cp' always tries to copy the file

	This patch fixes that, and also modifies cat and rmdir to accept
	multiple arguments.
2007-07-16  Simson L. Garfinkel  <>

	* lib/aftest.cpp (sparse_test): added read-at-end and
	read-beyond-end of sparse file tests to aftest -6

	* lib/afflib_stream.cpp (af_read): removed break so that reads on
	pages that don't exist return NULs rather than errors.

2007-07-14  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp: changed AF_IDENTIFY_AFD to AF_IDENTIFY_S3
	Modified system so that if s3 support is not compiled in, s3:///
	names generate an error.

	* lib/afflib_i.h: changed from int64 to int64_t and from uint64 to uint64_t.

2007-07-13  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* Removed #define UNIX. Now we have #ifdef HAVE_POPEN (which is
	what we really wanted, anyway)

	* Added support for uint64_t; uint64 now is a typedef for it.
	* Added support for int64_t; int64 now is a typedef for it.

2007-07-11  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): cleaned up printing a bit
	(afcopy): fixed -y option, which apparently didn't work

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_read_sizes): removed &arg from
	af_get_next_seg call. This change makes af_read_sizes()
	dramatically faster on s3 because the calls can be satisfied by
	reading the directory, rather than the need to read every
	individual segment.

2007-07-10  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* S3 support is now disabled by default.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_version): added af_version()

	* lib/afflib.h: moved #include <inttypes.h> to its own major
	block, as prelude to moving over to C99 standards.

2007-07-04  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* added isatty()

	* lib/afflib_i.h: moved af_identify_file_type() and
	af_identify_file_name() from afflib.h to afflib_i.h so that people
	wouldn't be tempted to call them .

2007-07-01  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): changed %qd to %"I64d" for Win32 compat.

	* tools/afstats.cpp (main): changed final return() to exit() for
	Microsoft happieness.

	* tools/affix.cpp (main): added final exit().

	* tools/afconvert.cpp: changed final return() to exit() for
	microsoft happiness

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): changed final return to exit() for
	Microsoft happieness.

	* win32/openssl/sha.c: replaced sha1 implementation with
	pass-through to Microsoft CryptoAPI.

	* win32/openssl/md5.c: replaced md5 implementation with
	pass-through to Microsoft CryptoAPI.

2007-06-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/gui.cpp (gui_startup): corrected bug of 
	#ifdef HAVE_LIBCURSES; should have been 

	* aimage/imager.cpp, aimage/gui.cpp, aimage/aimage.cpp: added support for SHA256

	* lib/afflib.h (AF_SHA256): added AF_SHA256

2007-06-26  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* (SUBDIRS): added win32 back to the and
	Makefile, so that the win32 stuff would be included in the distribution

2007-06-21  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/gui.cpp (comma_printw): modifications to gui.cpp and
	aimage.cpp so that it will compile and run in batch if ncurses and
	termcap are not installed.

2007-06-10  U-AMD64\Simson Garfinkel  <Simson Garfinkel>

	* aimage/imager.cpp (start_recover_scan): added #ifdef for 
	HAVE_SRANDOMDEV to allow for complication under Cygwin (and other
	systems that don't have srandomdev()

2007-05-30  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	is enabled. fixed compilation for AFFUSE

2007-05-30  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_get_seg): no longer scans the whole file
	looking for a segment. If it is not in the ToC, it doesn't
	exist. Not that this means that we can't have simultaneous access
	to a single AFF file by a writer and a reader anymore.

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (print_info): added -X flag to print segment names without data contents.

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_get_page): only fills buffer with "bad flag" if a buffer is provided.

2007-05-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/imager.cpp (start_imaging): only writes out AF_IMAGE_GID if segment doesn't exist.
	Appends to AF_ACQUISITION_DATE segment if it already exists.
	Added \n to AF_ACQUISITION_DATE segment contents.

2007-05-25  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): fixed rounding error in
	calculation of missing pages

2007-05-23  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (info_file): added Missing Pages to printout

2007-05-14  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (main): modified output format so that it
	prints filename:segname and then the contents on every line

2007-05-11  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afsegment.cpp (usage): changed afcat to afsegment in usage()
	(main): added -q option which prints value as 64-bit quad

2007-05-02  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib.h: changed af_ext_is to return "int" instead of bool.

2007-04-30  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_bandwidth): removed s3_debug call from s3
	bandwidth test

2007-04-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/aimage.cpp: minor update to getlock(), although this code
	is still not being called.

2007-04-29  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_popen): moved hasmeta() to af_hasmeta()
	and put in afflib_util.cpp.

2007-04-29  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): command string parameter fname no
	longer used as format string in warn().

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): command string no longer used as
	format string in warn().

	* aimage/aimage.cpp (getlock): command line parameter no longer
	used as format string in err()

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (main): command line parameter no longer used
	as format string in err().

	* lib/aftest.cpp (figure): err(1,fn) changed to err(1,"%s",fn) in
	multiple places

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_cp): fixed * Format String Injection in s3 *
	reported by V3Security

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_popen): added metacharacter testing here
	as well

2007-04-25  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* version 2.2.8

	* aimage/aimage_os.cpp (ident): fixed minor compile-under-linux problems

2007-04-17  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/imager.cpp (write_data): doesn't seek if we don't know offset

	* tests/ (runtest): modified test to put file in /tmp

	* aimage/ident.cpp (get_params): added metacharacter checking
	filename before popen.

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): added meta character filtering
	per VSecurity.

2007-04-16  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afxml.cpp (xml_info): added name sanitization to AFF XML
	names per VSecurity report

	* aimage/imager.cpp (image_loop): fixed important bug when imaging
	from /dev/random (or presumably a network connection) which caused
	page 0 to be repeatedly rewritten.

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp: added |AF_VNODE_TYPE_RELIABLE to vnode type

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp: added |AF_VNODE_TYPE_RELIABLE to vnode type

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp: added |AF_VNODE_TYPE_RELIABLE to vnode type

	* lib/vnode_split_raw.cpp: added

	* lib/vnode_afm.cpp: added

	* cleaned up enable_fuse so that it doesn't generate
	errors on Macintosh; removed OPENSSL alert

2007-04-11  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib.h: prototypes for af_read() and the like changes from
	"unsigned count" to "size_t count"

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (quote_plus): added quoting of '%'

2007-04-04  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/ident.cpp (get_params): fixed strlcat() & strlcpy() order

2007-04-03  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3.cpp (strlcat): added strlcpy and strlcat to s3.cpp

2007-04-02  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/ident.cpp (get_params): changed occurances of strcpy() to
	strlcpy() and strcat() to strlcat() per VSecurity report.

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_open): Now checks to make sure that there
	are at least 4 characters available in the fname buffer after the
	trailing '.', per VSecurity report.

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_bandwidth): all occurances of sprintf() changed
	to snprintf per VSecurity report.

	* tools/afinfo.cpp (main): changed err(1,infile) to
	err(1,"%s",infile) to defend against string format vulnerability
	per VSecurity report. 

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (afcopy): changed err(1,infile) to
	err(1,"%s",infile) to defend against string format vulnerability
	per VSecurity report. 

	* tools/afconvert.cpp (convert): changed err(1,infile) to
	err(1,"%s",infile) to defend against string format vulnerability
	per VSecurity report. 

	* tools/afcompare.cpp (main): replaced all occurances of sprintf()
	with snprintf(), all occurances of strcpy() with strlcpy(), and
	all occurances of strcat() with strlcat().

	* lib/vnode_ewf.cpp (ewf_get_next_seg): replaced both strcpy()
	calls with strlcpy() per VSecurity report

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_open): added maximal size to both memcpy()
	calls, per VSecurity report.

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_ls): replaced strcpy() with strlcpy() per
	VSecurity report.

2007-03-28  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/aimage.cpp: added option "skip" / -k to the longopts[]
	array. It wasn't there before, and it should have been.

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_update_page): moved acbi.compressed=1
	out of the if statement in the event that the compress2() call fails.

2007-03-20    <simsong>

	* lib/s3.cpp (s3_bandwidth): s3 bandwidth test now verifies MD5 returned 

2007-03-07  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/affuse.cpp (main): Olivier Castan provided a fuse
	implementation for us. Thanks! We also have changes of his in,

2007-03-01  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* Now compiles under stock MacOS without expat installed

2007-02-05  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* tools/afcopy.cpp (usage): fixed formatting

2007-02-05  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/imager.cpp: patches to aimage to fix imaging over a
	network provided by Suessmilch Bernd

2007-02-01  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* fixed bugs in the caching system; caching now works.

2007-01-24  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib.h: moved #include <sys/types.h> from afflib_i.h to afflib.h

	* lib/afflib.h: Moved #ifndef PACKAGE_TARNAME from afflib.h to afflib_i.h

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_eof): uses results from af_vstat() instead of
	calling af_imagesize() again (which would be another call to vstat)

2007-01-23  Simson Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/aff_toc.cpp (af_toc_build): changed malloc(0) to
	malloc(sizeof(af_toc_mem)) as on Borland C++, malloc(0) returns a
	NULL pointer.

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_open_with): fixed memory leak in error condition.

	* lib/vnode_aff.cpp (aff_open): added "b" to opens for running
	under windows.

	* lib/vnode_raw.cpp (raw_get_seg): added support for phantom
	segments AF_PAGESIZE and AF_IMAGESIZE. This fixes the bug with
	afconvert that had been previously reported. 

2007-01-11  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp: moved definitions of F_OK and R_OK to this file.

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp: added #include to malloc.h for
	valloc. Perhaps it should go in afflib_i.h?

	* aimage/aimage_os.cpp (ident): fixed handling if ident is not defined

	* tools/unix4win32.cpp: removed this file because it shouldn't be
	needed anymore; warn, warnx, err and errx are now provided by

	* lib/afflib_i.h: created proper configure macros for HAVE_ERR,
	HAVE_ERRX, HAVE_WARN and HAVE_WARNX to handle the presence of
	absence of these on multiple platforms. 

2006-12-27  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (request): Added CURLOPT_TIMEOUT 60*60 (1 hour)
	to S3 transactions.

2006-12-14  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_read_sizes): modified af_read_sizes so
	that if an image file doesn't have an IMAGESIZE segment, the
	imagesize is determined by reading all of the segments

2006-11-28  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

2006-11-27  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (canonical_string): added support for BAD_STL,
	so that on pair, where STL is out-of-date, we can still compile

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp (afd_add_file): wasn't setting sectorsize on
	AFD subfiles. This caused problems with files that had sector
	sizes of 1024 bytes...
	* (afd_add_file): files now added to array before new file is set up.

2006-11-25  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/vnode_afd.cpp (afd_update_seg): corrected multiple
	definitions of AFFILE *af2, which might cause compiling problems
	under Windows

	* lib/afflib_i.h: Added AFFLIB_TRACE environment variable; right
	now it just traces seek and read

	* lib/afflib.h: retyped af_seek to take an int64 instead of a uint64

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_open): All S3 environment variables are now
	defined in s3_glue.h

2006-11-18  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/aimage.cpp (debug_list): changed -L option (Log file) to
	-G so that -L could be used for LZMA compression.

2006-10-31  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (request): changed CURLOPT_INFILESIZE_LARGE to
	CURLOPT_INFILESIZE. This limits maximum requests to 2GB in length,
	but I don't think that this will be a significant problem, and the
	LARGE was causing problems on Linux.

2006-10-27  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp (af_set_pagesize): no longer complains if
	pagesize it being set to what it already is

	* tools/afcopy.cpp: added -z (opt_zap) to overwrite existing files.

2006-10-26  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib_pages.cpp: fixed bytes==0 bug in af_get_page. Now if
	bytes==0, it probes for the page existence and then returns.

	* lib/s3_glue.cpp (request): Added up to 3 retries for S3 "500"
	internal errors.

2006-10-22  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* lib/afflib.cpp (af_identify_type): Added flag to allow user to
	specify if file must exist or not. 

	* lib/vnode_s3.cpp (s3_get_seg): Now uses "HEAD" to probe length
	of segment without downloading segment. Note that the
	Content-Length: header needs to be decoded.

2006-10-21  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* aimage/aimage.cpp (process_config_questions): Now has conditional detection
	of readline; if it isn't present, defaults to fgets()

2006-10-20  Simson L. Garfinkel  <simsong>

	* Moved AFFLIB to gnu build environment (autoconf, automake,
	configure, etc.). Apparently I can now edit this file by doing a
	C-x 4 a. How cool! More information at:

Release 1.8.0:
- Added support for storing files on Amazon S3. 
  Set Environment variable AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.
  Set variable AWS_DEFAULT_BUCKET.
  Filename syntax is s3://bucket/filename.aff

  Bucket is getenv("AWS_DEFAULT_BUCKET") unless otherwise specified. 
  Buckets are automatically created if they do not exist (and if nobody else has created
  that bucket yet.)

  Remember, there is a limit of 100 buckets per customer.

- Moved af_read_sizes(af) from each open to af_open(). This means that I need
  to re-validate all of the various implementations.

- API simplification: The "append" flag has been dropped from af_update_seg() and
  af_update_segq(). None of my code ever had append==0, and to make S3 handle it
  sensibly would have required a second round-trip to the server.

- Removed errors from LZMA routines

Release 1.7.1:
- Fixed isdigit() call, which isn't available under Linux

Release 1.7.0:

- Moved AFFINFO mailing list to Google Groups. Actualy, to two groups
  on Google Groups: aff-users and aff-announce. Everybody on AFFINFO
  has been subscribed to aff-announce. 

- Added a new compression algorithm, AF_PAGE_COMP_ALG_ZERO. This algorithm 
  detects a page of all 0s and simply notes that fact, rather than passing
  the sectors through zlib.

- Added a new comparession algorithm, AF_PAGE_COMP_ALG_LZMA, which implements
  the LZMA compression algorithm. Validated LZMA against a terrabyte of compressed
  page images and found no errors in decompression. LZMA averages are,
  on average, 1/3 to 1/10th the size of the ZLIB-compressed images. 

- AFFLIB now maintains a two-page cache for every open AFFILE; this
  can be expanded at runtime to any number by setting
  AFFLIB_CACHE_PAGES environment variable to the number of pages that
  you want to keep in memory. Since pages are typically 16MB, setting
  this variable to 16 will dedicate 256MB to each open AFF file
  (assuming that you are reading the file through the page system; the
  memory only gets dedicated when the bytes actually get read.)

- You can also set the AFFLIB_CACHE_STATS environment variable to 1,
  which will put on STDERR the cache information every time you close
  a file.
- Renamed "af_is_badblock" to "af_is_badsector".

- Removed logfile from AFFILE structure. It was just being used for
  debugging, and not in a particularly effective way. (af_seek and
  af_write no longer reference it. )

- Fixed linking under MacOS for strlcpy problem.

- Integrated LZMA library

- Got AFFLIB (but not the tools) to compile under MS VC6++. Because the Microsoft
  compiler is pretty picky about some things, a whole bunch of signed/unsigned errors
  were found and fixed. (not that they would have ever mattered, but...)
  LZMA is not included in the Windows release currently
- Created new tool, afcopy, which copies an AFF file segment-by-segment,
  and verifies each segment after it is copied by reading the resulting file.
  afcopy thus validates all writes and has the side-effect of compressing files, 
  so the resulting file may be smaller than the original.

- Added "-p" option to afcopy to preen (recompress with LZMA).

- Added -p option to report on preening
- Added -r option to compare directories recurisvely
- Added -j option to just do the data

Release 1.6.33:
- Fixed to compile under Kubuntu 6.0.6

Release 1.6.32:
- pages in AFFILES now have MD5s stored automatically as well. So when
"page3" is written, "page3_md5" is also written. 
- afinfo 
     - when it sees any segment with "md5" in its name that is 16-bytes long, the segment is printed
       in hex. Likewise when a segment has "sha1" in its name and is 20-bytes long.
     - New "-p" option checks the hash for every page.
- aimage: MacOS 10.4 demsg now requires root to run; aimage no longer sends dmesg error to stderr. 
  Instead, errors go to /dev/null, and if there is no dmesg output, no dmesg segment is created.

Release 1.6.31:
Make release now clearly requires gmake and errors if Berkeley Make is used

Release 1.6.30:
Removed dependency on #include <warn.h> from building the library.

Release 1.6.29:
Fixed "reverse" option (-V) on aimage so that it actually works.

Release 1.6.28:
Typedef for "u64" defined under linux so that afflib will compile under Slackware

Release 1.6.27:
- Compiles under Cygwin
- Aimage now has a -Y (--batch) option which prints 
  line-by-line output, so that the program can be easily
  incorporated into other programs.

Release 1.6.24:
AFFLIB no longer assumes that <warnx.h> is installed on cygwin.

Release 1.6.24:
Library and some of the tools now compiles under CYGWIN. 
Programs that rely on termcap don't compile. This includes
aimage and afconvert.

Release 1.6.22:
afxml now displays the same values without base64 encoding as afinfo

Release 1.6.20:
Library should now compile on NetBSD and OpenBSD. Let me know if it doesn't

Release 1.6.19:
Library (but nothing else) now compiles on solaris with GCC

Release 1.6.18:
Now compiles with either Berkeley make or gmake

Release 1.6.17:
- returns 0 if attempt made to read a file with no bytes.
- returns -1 if attempt made to read a file with no pagesize defined.

- Erases screen junk of amount of freespace on disk goes from 1000MB to 999MB

Release 1.6.16:
- Fixed a bug in report printing without going back into \r\l mode.
- fixed error handling when disk fills up. 

Release 1.6.15:
- Removed aff file in tools directory. Sorry about that.

Release 1.6.14:
 - metadata segments that just had an arg and no data are now reported as
   <segname>###</segname>, rather than <segname arg=### />
 - minor cosmetic improvements

Release 1.6.13:
 - error message on split_raw_setup clarified
 - af_open now returns 0 if it can't open the file

 - now has flags to suppress inclusion of dmesg and ethernet address in AFF file.
 - scaled_atoi now checks its parameters better.
 - cleaned up display on 25x80 display
 - cleaned up display when imaging multiple drives
 - --setseg now works
 - now handles improperly-mastered CDROMs

Release 1.6.12:
  - fixed badflag handling (badflags were only 4 bytes due to 
    variable sector size changes.)

Release 1.6.11:
  af_callback now gets propigated from afm layer to split_raw layer
  on af_write.
  AFFLIB now has a "parent" pointer which is set for AFM and AFD.
  callback now uses the parent instead of self if parent is set
  -v now prints the version number and exits.
  -V now scans in reverse.

Release 1.6.9:
- Whoops. Broke update logic in 1.6.8. Fixed

Release 1.6.8:
- remove foo.000 and foo.afm from release

Release 1.6.7:
- Fixed release system so that release X can't be made if release X is already on the server
- Fixed bug in vnode_raw implementation resulting from move to 64-bit math

- modified aimage so that it only updates the screen (and querie
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