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** Version 5.098 (10sep2010)

Added experimental support for Index generation. See aft-refman.aft for
more info.

Also, I've started some much needed code cleanup.

** Version 5.097 (05sep2009)
Section levels 5 thru 7 are now supported in HTML and LaTeX.

** Version 5.096 (27sep2005)

*** aft-html.dat and aft-tex.dat
Removed the ''historical'' hack: using \\ to produce a line break.
This was never documented, so it shouldn't cause too much pain to have it
removed. If it does cause pain, let me know. You could always use a pragma
to (re)implement this feature/hack.

In the meantime... A new rule element: |LineBreak| has been introduced so that
internal reliance on \\ goes away. |LineBreak| has not been exposed to the end
user (yet).

Fixed a small bug concerning line continuations in verbatim mode: Line
continuations are no longer parsed when in verbatim mode. What you type is
what you should get.

** Version 5.095 (29jul2004)

*** aft-refman.aft
Used a double backslash \\ to represent a backslash
when a single backslash would do. (Double backslash is a very old (archaic?)
way of forcing line breaks in AFT). A single backslash _not_ followed by a
new line, |\[,\_, or \~| will be left alone. Does this make sense? 
This will be re-investigated and a better solution offered. Soon..

Now correctly quotes window file paths. This should fix an issue with launch_ie.

*** aft-tex.dat
Added \usepackage{ae} to utilize outline fonts instead of bitmap fonts.
(suggestion by Flynn Marguardt).

Some internal renaming of variables, etc to make the programming style more
consistent. So far, tests indicate that nothing is broken. Please, please let
me know if something breaks because of this. Nicer looking code make future
changes easier :-)

** Version 5.094 (6apr2004)

*** bn-html now default
Ben Lilburne's HTML (aft-bn-html.dat) is now the default HTML style.

*** Footnotes!
AFT now has support for footnotes and endnotes. Footnotes (notes in
page footers) are used where supported (e.g. LaTeX), otherwise notes
are collected at the end of the document and linked back to the
referent text in systems withouth page footers (e.g. HTML).

*** New aft-refman.aft
Added a syntax section, documented line continuations and footnotes.

*** Code cleanup of
Getting slowly better. Better regexes. Better perl.

** Version 5.0931 (2feb2004)
*** New .dat file element
|EXT| has been added to specify the default output file extension. If |EXT|
isn't present, then |ID| is used.

*** aft-tex.dat
In the previously release, I accidently distributed this as DOS file (^M terminated lines) which caused much havoc.

** Version 5.093 (30jan2004)
*** aft-tex.dat
Guido Gonzato has cleaned up aft-tex.dat to produce even more beautiful LaTeX
*** aft-html.dat
Slightly tweaked to support aft-bn-html.dat (first foray into stylesheets).
*** aft-bn-html.dat
Contributed HTML extension to include stylesheets.

** Version 5.092 (19oct2003)
*** aft-tex.dat
Better LaTeX support _(including tables!)_.
Better, but not perfect. It still fails trip.aft, although
aft-refman.aft looks nice.
It was pointed out that if you supply a destination directory that ends with
''aft'' then the script will incorrectly try and install the |aft| program
(same exact name as directory fragment) there. This will have unexpected results.
Since only non-Unix users should be using ||, the fix was to name
the resulting program || (to reduce chances of conflicts). This is
essentially a Windows fix.

*** Table Parser
A new table parser (controlled by pragma |#---SET-CONTROL tableparser=new|)
has been included. The new parser requires you terminate a row with a line
of dashes (|-|). With the new parser you can do multi-line rows like this:

#---SET-CONTROL tableparser=new
	! _Very_ Important Dates        !
	! Year ! Month ! Day ! Notes    !
	! 1966 ! Oct   ! 9   !  Hello   !
	!      !       !     ! Multiline!
	!      !       !     ! text here!
	! 1999 ! Dec   ! 25  ! xmas is  !
	!      !       !     ! Christmas!
	! 2000 ! Jan   ! 1   ! New Years!


#---SET-CONTROL tableparser=new
	! _Very_ Important Dates        !
	! Year ! Month ! Day ! Notes    !
	! 1966 ! Oct   ! 9   !  Hello   !
	!      !       !     ! Multiline!
	!      !       !     ! text here!
	! 1999 ! Dec  ! 25  ! xmas is  !
	!      !      !     ! Christmas!
	! 2000 ! Jan   ! 1   ! New Years!

** Version 5.091 (14aug2003) 

*** preFilter/postFilter

Irwin Oppenheim suggested a neat way to extend AFT's capabilities: allow perl
expressions in preFilter and postFilter regexes. So, now we have |preFilter/e|
and |postFilter/e| and the capability of specifying 1 line perl "subs" inside
of the .dat files (see aft-tex.dat).

*** New URL variable symbol 
A new URL symbol: %_text% has been introduced to help the LaTeX url package
produce meaningful url links. %_text% is set to %text% if %text% != %target%
otherwise %_text% is blank. Since TeX displays the actual URL, we won't get
''double-up'' values when %text% is the same as %target%. Confused?

** Version 5.09 (29jul2003)
*** aft-html.dat international characters
This was somehow missing in the last release!

*** New and Improved Lout support
Courtesy of Abel Morabito!

*** New escape sequences (for literals)
You can now escape |\_|,|\||, and |\~| with a backslash.... (if you don't want to double them up).
*** Verbatim Square Brackets
Don't like the new \[] hyperlink interface? Turn it off with:
	 #---SET-CONTROL verbatimsquarebrackets=yes

*** File URL syntax
Fixed the problem where \[text (file://something)] wasn't allowed.

*** Relative URL syntax
Added support for \[local ref (:aft-refman.html)] ([local ref (:aft-refman.html)]) to support relative URLs.

** Version 5.08 (31may2003)
*** New ''Clarified'' Artistic License
A more GNU friendly license has been adopted: A clarified Artistic License.

*** now more Windoze Friendly
''Experimental'': You can now install AFT onto windows with .aft filenames
associated with the AFT executable.

*** SET Pragma
Before all variables had to be words (\w), now they can be anything not
containing a space or "=" character. (Be sure to escape special characters...)

*** Target and References
You can now escape \[not a link] by preceding it with a backslash (|\|) to 
prevent bracketed text from becoming links. Other target/reference errors
were fixed too.

*** Refactoring
Cleaned up the code to make the Perl a bit more consistent. No impact on

*** New aft-tex.dat and aft-html.dat
Guido Gonzato (ggonza -at- cleaned up aft-tex.dat to produce more
readable and modern (and hence more beautiful) LaTeX. He also added some
internationalization to aft-html.dat.

** Version 5.08b (1apr2003)

*** Targets and References
The old style:
	 {-click here@some target-}
	 }+some target+{
has been deprecated (gently!) in favor of:
	 [click here (some target)]
	 =[some target]=

Deprecated is a _strong_ word. I won't be dropping the old style anytime soon
(and if you _want_ parens in your target/reference text you will need to use
the old way), but I encourage general adoption (and feedback!) on the new way.

*** aft-refman.aft

*** aft-tex.dat
Minor improvements and fixes on target/references.

*** SET bug - expands in verbatim
Fixed a bug where pragmas are expanded in verbatim mode. Now, if you are
in verbatim (but not ''filtered verbatim''), the pragmas are not expanded.

** Version 5.0793 (3sep2002)

*** PDFLaTeX vs LaTeX
I'm using PDFLaTeX (pdflatex) these days. This probably means nothing. However
I noticed that pdflatex has support for jpeg images (as opposed to eps). So,
I changed aft-refman.aft to use |aft.jpg| for the AFT image. This will not
work under the original latex. But, is it worth a special pdflatex mode?

*** Documentation updated 
Updated aft-refman.aft to document |#---SET| pragma and |#)| enumerated lists.

*** Easier enumerated lists
You can now use |#)| or |#.| to denote items in an enumerated list, since
AFT will choose the numbers for you anyway. This means you should never
expect to start ''quotes'' with |#)| or |#.| -- which would be weird anyway.

*** Section headers
Section headers are now processed with filters. In a nutshell, you can now
do emphasis/italic/etc in section headers. Let the havoc begin.

** Version 5.0792 (27mar2002)

*** New build distribution
AlanE saved me from myself (see previous version). This should be good to go.

** Version 5.0791 (27mar2002)

''Never happened. It was just a dream. Go back to sleep.''

** Version 5.079 (21mar2002)

*** New build distribution
Converted build to GNU automake/autoconf. - alane at

*** aft-rtf.dat
Exec'ing fails because it isn't in perl's search path, so we
fake it out for now by prepending the contents of |@INC[0]| to the file
name. |@INC[0]| should be the aft library directory.

*** Trailing Spaces in section headers
Trailing spaces in section header text are now trimmed.

*** Verbatim Spaces to Tab
Fixed bug in  block verbatim mode (|^<<|), where spaces were being turned into 

** Version 5.078 (22feb2002)

*** TOC fixed
Table of Contents (TOC) was generating references to the numbers in
autonumbered sections, instead of the actual sections themselves.
This has been fixed. How long was this broken? I need better regression

*** Output filename mangling bug fixed
Output filenames created from input filenames with more than one |.| in it
caused problems. I wasn't handling filename suffix replacement correctly.
This has been fixed (e.g. processing |aft --type=html| will
now correctly produce an output file named ||.

Thanks to willg at bluesock dot org for pointing that out.

*** PASS-xxx Broken
Yikes! Somewhere between releases the PASS pragma broke (it was being
ignored). It has since been repaired.

*** Block/Filtered Verbatim bug fixed
A subtle processing ordering problem. If you were in Block Verbatim mode
and the beginning of your line looked like an AFT command, that command
was interpreted! We need to check for Block Verbatim mode before we
check for other commands. This is fixed.

Thanks to Greg Hurell at mac dot com for noticing this problem.

** Version 5.078b (12jan2002)
*** SET pragma
You can now set symbolic substitutions in *.dat files _and_ AFT documents. You
get two flavors:
	[#---SET symbol=some text until newline] -
		Sets up a substitution to happen before preFiltering.
	[#---SET-{ID} symbol=some text until newline] -
		Sets up ID specific substitution to happen after filtering.

The first flavor is useful for doing simple substitution of arbitrary text:
	 #--SET NAME=_Bob Baskin_
	 Hello, %NAME%. You may have just won...

The second can be used to do more complex ''output type'' dependent 
substitutions: (e.g.
	 #--SET-HTML NAME=<img src="signature.gif">
	Sincerely yours, %NAME%.

You can also use "SET" (without the preceding #--) in *.dat files to provide
default values.

*** aft-html.dat/
Anchor (target) name for sections was the section number. This isn't intuitive 
(at least not for me), so it has been changed back to the section text. This way, references to sections are once again just the section name (sans number).

** Version 5.077 (29dec2001)
*** RTF
Eva Maria Krause (Eva.Maria.Krause at added RTF support.
I modified aft to allow it to invoke post processing scripts to make Eva's 
changes easier to use...
There are still some rough areas, but it is a good start!

*** Installer Improvements
A little easier... no?

*** Minor bug?
I am not sure if this got released, but the "interpolate" keyword in *.dat
files was being misinterpreted. It works now :-)

*** Tables under Windoze
A end-of-line pattern match '$' fails under cygwin/perl5.6/win2k. This is
troublesome for the superfluous !---------! seperator. We now match on
'$' or '\r'...

*** aft-html.dat change
Dummy links were provided for sections. This got annoying (at least for me),
so the sections are back to the way they were.

** Version 5.076a (21jun2001)

*** prefilters
preFilter can now be used to ''remove'' patterns as well as replace them.
For example:
	preFilter XXXXX
will remove every occurrence of |XXXXX|.

*** Improved URL handling
Once again, Chris Bidmead caught a little niggling bug. The URL parser didn't
handle dashes ('-') in hostnames. This has been fixed.

*** --autonumber
Richard Tietjen (rdtiejen at contributed the new --autonumber
feature. With this switch AFT will automatically provide numbering for
sections. This is mostly for HTML output.

*** Fixed doublequote handling in aft-tex.dat.

** Version 5.072b (23apr2001)
*** Lout Support
Added support for the typesetting language ''lout''. Thanks Abel!

*** Improved Regular Expressions
Slight improvements to make some expressions less greedy. Improvements by Abel Morabito.

** Version 5.072a (14mar2001)
Added more explicit support for ''sectioning''. This gives much finer control
over how sections entry/exit are noted. See aft-lout.dat for examples.

	* Allow passing comments inside of preamble and postamble. 
	  Since the preamble and postamble is copied *verbatim*, 
	  inner comments shouldn't be stripped.
	* Use qq' ' for quoting commands. This lets the crafter of the 
          aft-*.dat do things like add |\n| and other control sequences
	  to their output. i.e.
		* StartParagraph   \n<p>\n

** Version 5.07a (17feb2001)

*** Cleanup
Continued refactoring and clean up of code. One day, I will be pretty!

*** CGI
Preliminary support for doing AFT through the web.

*** Sections
Fixed the nesting/un-nesting of sections. This was done so I could begin to
add support for lout. Lout expects subsections to be sandwiched between
'BeginSubSection' and 'EndSubSection'. Also added new keywords of the same

** Version 5.06 (19dec2000)
*** General Note
I need to make comprehensive test suite... Hopefully, soon. For the time being,
aft-refman.aft and trip.aft will do.

Added a new XHTML element file (aft-xhtml.dat). It should produce well formed
XHTML. Consider it beta for now (I need to get a validating parser installed).

**** A Very Bad List Bug!
If you do ''very'' nested and convoluted things with lists, it will not
work properly. Here is a failure case:
	* Bullet
		1. Number 1
		2. Number 2
This will produce two numbered lists... don't ask why... the problem
turned out to be rather stupid on my part. I forgot that |push| adds
values to the ''end'' of an array. I looked at |listStack[0]| as the
top of the array (stack), but I really wanted |$listStack[$#listStack]|.

This bug has been around for quite some time now. But, it only rears it's
ugly head when you nest lists of differing types.

**** Comment Bug 
     |<!-- --- xxxx -->| isn't valid XHTML? I started with:
|<!----- xxxx -->| and aft kind of munged it. Anyway, it has now been
fixed to produce: |<!-- xxxx -->|.

**** Subtle end list element bug
If a list is the very last thing in your document, the last list element
isn't terminated properly (the nesting unrolls without terminating the
list). Adding a &endListElement() just before unrolling fixes the problem.

*** Element File Compiler
**** Reuse
In Version 5.05b changelog, did I say ''inherit''? I meant ''use''...

    # A new keyword has been introduced: ''use''. This allows a sort of
      compile time inheritance. If you want to utilize some of the features
      from an element file, just 'use' it (''use aft-xzy.dat''). This
      way you don't have to copy end edit to introduce your own modifications.
Also, it was broken... Rather than override preambles and postambles, appended to them :( Now, it's okay :)

** Version 5.05b (21jul2000)

*** New Installation Stuff
Rewrote installer. Everything now expects to install under a single 'aft'
directory rather than all over the place.

AFT turned into a Module.... the first step to CPAN? It's cleaner too
(better modularity and finer grain control).
With this change, now justs invokes the module.

*** Element File Overhaul

**** Spaces Allowed!
You don't have to litter the file with tabs, fields can now be delimited by
spaces... will this hold up?

**** Reuse
A new keyword has been introduced: ''inherit''. This allows a sort of
compile time inheritance. If you want to utilize some of the features
from an element file, just 'inherit' it (''inherit aft-xzy.dat''). This
way you don't have to copy end edit to introduce your own modifications.

**** Name Change
aft-xyz.dat turns into (dropping the 'dac' extension). They are proper
modules, so why not recognize that?

**** New
Rewrote it. Much cleaner now. Oooh.

** Version 5.05a (3apr2000)

*** Plain Old URL Targets
... just got plainer. A simpler regex is now being used. If you need to get
real funky with your URLs, don't use this feature! I simplified the regex. The
older (fuller) one was full of bugs.

*** Ftp is now supported in Plain Old URL Targets
Very simple change. Why didn't I do it before?

** Version 5.04 (9mar2000)
*** Installation bug corrected
Fixed a bug in that causes filenames like /tmp/bin/../lib/foo.dat
to be parsed incorrectly (resulting in a bad output file name).

*** Added LaTeX output support
Very, very preliminary and incomplete. Just for experimenting (right now).

** Version 5.03 (5jan2000)

*** Improved (hopefully?) the installer

The prompts pick better default directory paths... but will this work under

*** Minor aft-html.dat improvement

Centered lines are delimited by <br>. This causes double spacing between
centered lines. This can be annoyong, so the <br> has been removed.

**  Version 5.02b (8oct99) 

*** Multiline face changes

Chris Bidmead (bidmead at  identified a bug with 
multi-line face changes (bold, italics, etc)
where you can't do single line face changes. This has been fixed. 
You should be able to do stuff like:

    ''This is an
      italic paragraph with _bold_ face changes.''

''This is an
italic paragraph with _bold_ face changes.''

*** Plain Old Hyperlinks

Chris Bidmead (bidmead at  identified a bug with Plain Old
Hyperlinks: They don't work
if they occur at the beginning of the line. Here is the offending code:

    $line =~ s/([\s\(])((http|https|file|ftp|mailto)\:[^\s\)]+)/

I have intended to rewrite the http[s]|file parsing to be more rigorous, so
this prompted me to do so. Now all Plain Old Hyperlinks must be delimited
by spaces. See the code for the changes.

** 5.01b 3aug99

Plain Old Hyperlinks were broken and have now been fixed?

** 5.0b 2aug99

The beta release has a couple of fixes:

	* aft-html.dat : Table is no longer centered by default.
	* : Fixed the Window install.

And a new feature:

	* $HOME is searched first for the rule file; then the installation

** 5.0a 22jun99

This is the alpha release of the ''next generation AFT''.  A lot has happened
since 4.6. The world has changed.  Here is what has happened:

	* This implementation is ''not'' written in Aftweb. It is a cleaned
	  up version of the same Perl 5 sources that made 4.6.
	* LaTeX support has been dropped. XML and HTML4 support has become
	  the main focus (you can generate LaTeX from XML/HTML anyway).
	* Reliance on C++ has been dropped. aft-toc has been rewritten
	  in perl and folded into
	* Some rarely used commands have been improved (changed) to make 
	  them more usable. Details will follow.

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