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8 December 2011: ahcpd 0.53

  * Fixed a longstanding bug that would cause a client to immediately
    deconfigure itself after successfully renewing a lease.
  * Set AHCP packets' TOS field as network control (thanks to Dave Taht).

28 July 2011: ahcpd 0.52

  * Port to OpenBSD, by Vincent Gross.
  * Tweaks for compatibility Mac OS X, thanks to Matthieu Boutier.
  * Fixed incorrect testing of the prefix length of received IPv6
    prefixes, thanks to Gabriel Kerneis.

29 January 2010: ahcpd 0.51

  * Servers are now configured with a plain-text configuration file.
  * Implemented client-side support for prefix delegation (-P).
  * Made requesting state more persistent, to deal with packet loss.
  * Fixed a typo that prevented the -I option from working.
  * Fixed compilation on BSD systems.
  * Fixed a bug that could cause an expired lease to be discarded when
    older ones are available.

11 August 2009: ahcpd 0.50

  * Complete redesign of AHCP as a client-server protocol layered over
    a built-in multicast routing layer.  This protocol (version 1) is
    completely incompatible with the old (version 0) protocol.

25 May 2008: ahcpd 0.5

  * Made ahcpd gracefully survive interfaces going up/down or being
    renumbered, as usually happens when tunnels or VPNs are started or
  * Implemented the ability to run as a daemon.
  * Implemented the ability to try multiple stateful servers.
  * Implemented the flag -r, which prevents the routing protocol from
    being started.

17 February 2008: ahcpd 0.4

  * Implemented stateful configuration for IPv4.
  * Tweaked timing to avoid hopping between competing configurations.
  * Fixed conversion of Babel hello intervals to seconds.

28 October 2007: ahcpd 0.3

  * Moved user-serviceable parts to /etc/ahcp/
  * Added support for configuring an NTP server.
  * Made ahcp print warnings when a clock inconsistency is detected.
  * Fixed error handling when the configuration script dies unexpectedly.

27 September 2007: ahcpd 0.2

  * Fixed a bug in computation of validity time that would cause ahcpd
    to be much more chatty than necessary.

22 August 2007: ahcpd 0.1

  * Initial public release.
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