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             AIDE - Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
                               Version 0.14

    This file is free software; as a special exception the author gives
    unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it, with or without
    modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.

    This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extend permitted by law; without even the


    AIDE is a tool for monitoring file system changes. It can be used
    to detect unauthorized monitored files and directories. AIDE was
    written to be a simple and free alternative to Tripwire. Features
    currently included in AIDE are as follows:

        o  File attributes monitored: perissions, inode, user, group
           file size, mtime, atime, ctime, links and growing size.
        o  Checksums and hashes supported: SHA1, MD5, RMD160, and TIGER.
           CRC32, HAVAL and GOST if Mhash support is compiled in.
        o  Plain text configuration files and database for simplicity.
        o  Rules, variables and macros that can be customized to local
           site or system policies.
        o  Powerful regular expression support to selectively include or
           exclude files and directories to be monitored.
        o  gzip database compression if zlib support is compiled in.
        o  Stand alone static binary for easy client/server monitoring
        o  Free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

    Current Version

    AIDE is currently maintained on the SourceForge. Details of the
    latest version of AIDE can be found on the server project page under


    The documentation for AIDE can be found in the doc/ directory. The
    most up-to-date documentation an be found on the SourceForge project
    web site.

    For generic instructions please see the INSTALL file.

    For AIX 5.1 or 5.2 it is reported you need to use --with-gnu-regexp
    when configuring AIDE.

    For AIX 5.3 it has been reported there is a problem with using mhash
    which causes an "Undefined symbol: .rpl_malloc" error. This is a problem
    in mhash_config.h which can be fixed by removing the line that reads
    #define malloc rpl_malloc

    For Mac OS X Darwin/Leopard (10.4/10.5) you need to use --disable-static
		when configuring AIDE. Please note that dynamic linking introduces a
		security risk and is not recommended.
		For Mac OS Leopard (10.5) you also need to use --disable-lfs because it
		handles 64 bit file support out of the box.
    Source Code Verification

    We highly recommend checking that the version of AIDE downloaded and
    install is an original and unmodified one. You have two options to
    verify the source code; PGP and md5 has. PGP verification is the
    preferred method.

    a) To check the supplied signature with GnuPG:

        $ gpg --verify aide-0.11.tar.gz.asc

       This checks that the detached signature file is indeed a signature
       of aide-0.11.tar.gz. The key used to create this signature is:
           pub 1024D/5930D198 2005-10-04 [expires: 2007-01-01]
               Aide Developers <>

       If you do not have this key, you can get it from the SourceForge
       web site or from one of the well known PGP key servers. You have
       to make sure that the key you install is not a faked one. You can
       do this with reasonable assurance by comparing the output of:

           gpg --fingerprint 0x5930D198

       with the fingerprint published elsewhere.

    b) To check the supplied MD5 hash signature, you can use the md5sum
       program that is supplied with many *NIX systems.

           $ md5sum aide-0.10.tar.gz

       This should yield output that matches the published MD5 hash:

           39eb7d21064cac7b409c45d038b86cd8   aide-0.10.tar.gz

       Or use the openssl package to verify the MD5 hash:

           $ openssl md5 aide-0.10.tar.gz
           MD5(aide-0.10.tar.gz)= 39eb7d21064cac7b409c45d038b86cd8


    AIDE requires the following development tools:

       o  C compiler (such as Gcc).
       o  GNU flex.
       o  GNU yacc (bison).
       o  GNU make.
       o  Mhash (optional, but highly recommended). Mhash is currently
          available from A static version of
          libmhash needs to be build using the --enable-static=yes
          configure option.
          Aide requires at least mhash version 0.9.2

      flex version 2.5.31 is broken, you might see the following error

       conf_lex.c: In function `conflex':
       conf_lex.c:4728: error: `yy_prev_more_offset' undeclared (first use in
       this function)
       conf_lex.c:4728: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
       conf_lex.c:4728: error: for each function it appears in.)

      Either downgrade to flex 2.5.4 or get an updated version that fixes
      this bug. See also:

    Large File Support

    To be able to store the size of files larger than 2GB, aide needs
    large file support (LFS) to be available in the OS. The configure
    script automatically checks for the correct defines and functions.
    If configure fails, and during compile time you see errors containing
    the number 64, try configure again with the --disable-lfs option.
    This turns off the large file support.

    Cross Compilation
    When cross compiling, manually verify the data types defines in config.h
    as they cannot be accurately determined by configure. Most notably,
    AIDE_INO_TYPE will be set to "cross".

    Feedback and Support

    End user support is available on the AIDE mailing list. To subscribe,
    send a message to with an empty Subject: line and
    the following text as the BODY of the message:

    subscribe aide

    An archive for the mailing list archive is available online:

    To report bugs, contribute patches and contact the current team of
    developers, visit the SourceForge project web site for additional info:


    Please see the AUTHORS file.
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