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aircrack-ng - Reliable 802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP key cracker…  more info»


Documentation, tutorials, ... can be found on
See also manpages and the forum.


Latest driver (3.2.1) is required.

The Aircrack-ng suite provided has been modified to work in conjunction with the AirPcap 
adapters and the drivers included in the AirPcap CD.

aireplay-ng requires an AirPcap Tx adapter to be able to function while all the other tools can use either adapter.

	Usage Instructions

	The adapter name you need to use is \\.\airpcapXX, where XX is the number of the AirPcap device.
	For example:

	airodump-ng.exe \\.\airpcap00 airpcap 0 trace
	aireplay-ng --fakeauth 0 -e "MYSSID" -a 11:22:33:44:55:66 -h 66:55:44:33:22:11 \\.\airpcap00

	How to build the sources Instructions

	1. Install cygwin from
	2. Download the AirPcap Develper's pack from
	3. Unpack the AirPcap Develper's pack inside the main aircrack folder, and rename the new directory to "AirPcap_Devpack"
	4. Open a bash shell
	5. run "make -f Makefile.airpcap"

	More information

	Official AirPcap Website:

OpenWrt Devices

You can use airodump-ng on OpenWrt devices. You'll have to use specify
prism0 as interface. Airodump-ng will automatically create it.
Rq: Aireplay DOESN'T work on OpenWrt with broadcom chipset since the driver doesn't support injection

Other issue:

Problem: Airodump-ng stop working after some time
Solution: You may have a network manager running that puts back the card in managed mode. 
          You'll have to disable it (the fastest solution is killing the process) then restart airodump-ng.

Madwifi-ng known bugs:

Problem: When changing rate while you are capturing packet makes airodump-ng stall
Solution: Restart airodump-ng or change rate before starting it

Problem: After some time it stops capturing packets and you're really sure no network manager are running at all.
Solution: That's a known bug in the driver, it may happen at any time
          (the time before it fails can vary a lot: from 5 minutes to 50 or even more).

Problem: When creating a new VAP airodump-ng takes up to 10-15 seconds to see the first packet
Solution: It's the behaviour of madwifi-ng, don't worry.

Sample files
    It show a connexion (authentication then association) to a WEP network (open authentication).

    It shows a connexion (authentication then association to a WEP network (shared authentication).
    The difference with open authentication is that the client has to encrypt a challenge text
    and send it back (encrypted) to the AP to prove it has the right key.
    This is a sample file with a WPA handshake. It is located in the test/ directory of the install files. 
    The passphrase is 'biscotte'. Use the password file (password.lst) which is in the same directory.

    This is a sample file with a WPA2 handshake. 
    It is located in the test/ directory of the install files. 
    The passphrase is '12345678'. Use the password file (password.lst) which is in the same directory.

test.ivs ( 
    This is a 128 bit WEP key file.
    The key is AE:5B:7F:3A:03:D0:AF:9B:F6:8D:A5:E2:C7.

ptw.cap ( 
    This is a 64 bit WEP key file suitable for the PTW method (-z option).
    The key is '1F:1F:1F:1F:1F'.
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