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Google contacts and calendar akonadi resource
Adenilson Cavalcanti

== Features ==

=== what works ===

- contacts: retrieve/add/edit/delete/query-by-updates (i.e. fast-sync)
- calendar: retrieve/add/delete/query-by-updates (i.e. fast-sync)

Network proxy can be defined in KDE System Settings and the resource
will use it.

Passwords will be stored in KWallet, for while only 1 account is allowed
(I highly recommend to use it together with KWallet, because it makes
possible to query by updates automatically whenever akonadi/kde is
restarted *without* re-entering the account details).

For hosted accounts (i.e., just input the whole user id
plus server name in configuration dialog (i.e. For
normal google accounts
(i.e., just the username is required (i.e. joe).

=== Restrictions ===

Only the main calendar is supported.

Recurrent events are not supported, the reason: google uses an invalid
iCal inside of the XML to represent recurrence).

== Dependencies ==

It requires libgcal 0.9.4 (hosted accounts, fast-sync workaround for
gcalendar and support for multiple email addresses and telephones).

Some linux distributions already include the newer version of libgcal.

It also requires: boost C++, xsltproc, akonadi devel libraries.

=== libgcal ===

You will need to have libxml-dev and libcurl-dev with openssl (plus
ca-certificates to do authentication with google) to compile libgcal.

In ubuntu, the packages are: libcurl4-openssl-dev, libxml2-dev, ca-certificates.

 - checkout the code:
 $git clone git://
 $git clone git://

 - configure and compile, you can use either autotools or cmake based
 buildsystem (but *not both*).

 For autotools:
 $autoreconf -i -f; mkdir build; cd build; ../configure; make; sudo make install

 For cmake:
 $mkdir build; cd build; cmake ..; make; sudo make install

- set environment variable to the path of installation (you can add this to
your ~/.bashrc file): export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

After this, you are set to compile the google contacts and calendar resources,
as long you have akonadi and KDE development packages. You will need to
restart akonadi server *after* installing the resources
(i.e. akonadictl restart).

== Getting help ==

You can write to kde-pim list or send an email directly to me:
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