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1.3.1                        09-February-2010
- Fix D-Bus connection leak in Nepomuk search backend.
- Disable slow query logging by default for internal MySQL.

1.3.0                         20-January-2010
- Work around D-Bus bug that could cause SEARCH to hang.

1.2.90                        06-January-2010
- Fix change notifications for search results.
- Fix database creation with PostgreSQL.
- Fix copying of item flags.
- Fix internal MySQL shutdown.
- Support PostgreSQL in internal mode.
- Fix table name case mismatch.

1.2.80                       01-December-2009
- Support for collection content type filtering as part of LIST.
- Adapt to Nepomuk query service changes.
- Experimental support for PostgreSQL.
- Support for preprocessor agents.
- Support for distributed searching.
- Support for agents creating virtual collections.
- Protocol parser fixes for non-Linux/non-KDE clients.
- Support for single-shot searches using the Nepomuk query service.
- Support HRID-based LIST operations.
- Support RID-based MOVE, COLMOVE, LINK and UNLINK opertions.
- Respect cache-only retrieval also regarding on-demand syncing.
- Add configuration accepted/rejected signals to the agent interface.
- Fix change notification compression when using modified parts sets.
- Use one retrieval pipeline per resource.
- Reduce unecessary change notification on flag changes.
- Fix RID quoting.
- Fix resource creating race for autostarted agents.
- Create new database also when using external db servers.
- Return the created result collection when creating a persistent search.

1.2.1                          28-August-2009
- Fix item creation with RID's containing a ']'.
- Fix ASAP parser not reading the entire command.

1.2.0                            28-June-2009
- Fix attribute joining in collection list results.
- Buildsystem fixes for Mac OS.
- Do not show a console window for akonadi_control on Windows.

1.1.95                           23-June-2009
- Fix item size handling.
- Add support for retrieving collection statistics as part
  of the AKLIST/AKLSUB commands.
- Add support for collection size statistics.
- Build fixes for Windows.
- Support RID-based operations for CREATE, MODIFY and DELETE.
- Avoid emitting unecessary change notifications when
  modifying items or collections.
- Add COLMOVE command.
- Reduce number of database writes when modifying a collection.
- Fix parsing of attributes containing CR or LF characters.

1.1.90                           03-June-2009
- Return the storage location for items in FETCH responses
- Fix remode identifier encoding problems
- Fix infinite loop when parsing RID lists
- Fix parsing errors on stray newlines
- Support RID-based operations for STORE and MOVE
- Fix race on resource creation
- Provide modified item parts in change notifications
- Build system fixes

1.1.85                            05-May-2009
- Improved CMake scripts so it is possible to detect
  the Akonadi version in projects that depend on it.
- Simplified the check for existance of tables.
- Add a dedicated item deletion command, to get rid of 
  the old STORE/EXPUNGE which was extremely inefficient.
- Some fixes to support sqlite in the future.
- Soprano is required now.
- Qt 4.5.0 is required now.
- Support for collection retrieval by remote identifier.
- Support for item retrieval based on the remote identifier.
- Less useless debug output.
- Fixed leak on socket error.
- Various smaller bug fixes, see ChangeLog for a list.
- Support for writing large payloads to a file.
- New Item retrieval code.
- Added a streaming IMAP parser, and ported code the use it.
- Add support for manually restarting an agent instance.

1.1.2                             30-Apr-2009
- Avoid DBUS lockups, reported at:
- Update user mysql.conf only if global/local one's are newer

1.1.1                             21-Jan-2009
- Fix code that was not executed in a release build.
- Require CMake 2.6.0 which fixes boost detection.
- Don't try to restart an agent that has been deleted.

1.1.0                             03-Jan-2009
- Restart agents when their executable changed.
- Buildsystem fixes to find and link boost on all platforms.
- Improvements to the startup to prevent partial startup.
- Include revision number in the version string when building from SVN.
- Shut down when we lost the connection to the D-Bus session bus.
- add some basic handling of command line args.
- Add a D-Bus call to flush the notification queue.
- Automatically fix world-writeable mySQL config files.
- Fix for FreeBSD mysql path.

1.0.81                            16-Dec-2008
- Restore protocol backward compatibility with Akonadi 1.0.x servers.
- Build system fixes.
- Fix compiler warnings.
- Fall back to the default server path if the configured one points
  to a non-existing file.

1.0.80                            19-Nov-2008
- Query agent status information asynchronously and answer all queries from
  cached values, reduces the risk of an agents blocking the Akonadi server.
- Increase mysql limits to more realistical values.
- Don't mark all new items as recent.
- Changes so it can store the size of an item.
- Better error detection.
- Prevent translated month names in the protocol.
- Some build fixes.
- Handle multiline output correctly.
- Terminate the control process when the server process failed to start.
- Add the ability to debug or valgrind a resource right from the
  beginning, similar to the way this can be done with KIO slaves.
- Fix fetching of linked items in arbitrary collections.
- Add notification support for item references in virtual collections.
- Add LINK/UNLINK commands to edit references to items in virtual collections.
- Add a way to notify agents that their configuration has been changed remotely.
- Make sure that all modification times are stored in UTC time zone.
- Unquoted date time with a lenght of 26 characters was not parsed properly.
- Add serverside timestamp support for items.

1.0.0                            22-July-2008
- First official stable release
- Bugfix: Unquoted date time with a lenght of
  26 characters was not parsed properly.
- Add serverside timestamp support for items.
- Build system fixes (windows & automoc)

0.82.0                           18-June-2008
- Several build and installation fixes for windows and mac.
- Some improvements in the build system.
- Add item part namespaces.
- Implemented all the fetch modes advertised in ItemFetchScope.
- Notify already running clieants about all found types during startup.

0.81.0                            10-May-2008
- Fix bug where full part was not fetched when a partial part was available already.
- Collection parsing optimalisation.
- Optimization for quoted string parsing.
- Use org.freedesktop namespace, instead of org.kde for the dbus interfaces.
- Add support for version numbers for database and protocol.
- Fixed foreach misusage.
- Depend on external automoc package instead of a copy.

0.80.0                            24-Apr-2008 
- Initial release
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