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Here were my goals when designing this theme :

- Take advantage of CSS (and DOM soon) for better navigation, visualation and code maintenance
- Produce valuable additionnal technical value so that grahpic designers would derive their theme from this one
- Have a dark background to emphasize the photos
- Have a french theme easily translable (most of current theme are not easy to translate)

Goal not yet achieved
- add a -style option to pass a derived stylesheet so that the user doesn't need to write a theme to change some parts of the look (like background, font, ...)

This theme was written on SuSE/Linux using :
- mozilla
- vim
- gimp
- GQview

This theme is optimized for browsers that support w3c standards (CSS).

According to me they come in that order (from best to worst) :
- Mozilla 1.3
- Konqueror 3.0.1
- Opera 6
- IE 5.5
- Nestcape 4.7
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