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ALE Authors

This article lists authors of documentation, code and patches in the source
repository, including (but not limited to) all files distributed in source
releases.  E-mail addresses have been slightly obscured, with '_a&_'
substituted for '@'.

Image-processing code

David Hilvert (dhilvert_a&,

HJ Hornbeck (hornbeckhj_a&

Gregory Maxwell (gmaxwell_a&

Image-processing documentation

David Hilvert (dhilvert_a&,

Build and installation code and documentation

Distributions of this software may be based on the GNU project build tools
("autotools"), which may automatically import code written by authors other
than those listed below.  These authors may include, but are not limited to:

X Consortium
Free Software Foundation (FSF)

More information on autotools may be available from the following sites:

The documentation Makefile is part of the DocBook Project XSL Stylesheet
distribution, copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Norman Walsh.  The DocBook
XSL stylesheets are maintained by Norman Walsh, (ndw_a&, and members
of the DocBook Project, (docbook-developers_a&  See the COPYING file
in the documentation directory for more details.  (This file may eventually be
merged with the root COPYING file.)

David Hilvert (dhilvert_a&,

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