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AllTray: Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006 Jochen Baier,
         Portions Copyright 2007, 2008 Michael B. Trausch,

  With AllTray you can dock any application with no native tray icon
  (like Evolution, Thunderbird, Terminals) into the system tray.
  A high-light feature is that a click on the "close" button
  will minimize back to system tray. It works well with Gnome,
  KDE, XFCE 4*, Fluxbox* and WindowMaker*.
  *no drag 'n drop support. Enable with "-nm" option.



  and as root:

  make install


  just start alltray with:

    alltray program_name
  This will dock the program into the system tray. A single click
  with the left mouse button on the icon will show the program.
  A click with the right mouse button will show a popdown menu.
  For the "Click-Mode" start alltray with:
  and click on the target window.

  A click on the "close" button ("X") in the window title will not exit the
  application. The application will be minimized.
  To quit the application use the popdown menu or the "FILE->QUIT" menu
  from the application.
  The "Undock" menu item will undock the window. Yeahh really ;)
  If you use the "--borderless" option, you can move the window with

  Note: * Under KDE the "large_icon" option has no effect.
        * "--configure" option will only work under KDE. You need to configure 
              AllTray after each theme change.
        * If you do not use KDE or Gnome and you want Drag n Drop: use the "--nm" option.
        * If you do not have Gconf/Gnome installed. Use the "--disable-gconf" configure option.

**All options:

  alltray -h:
  usage: alltray [options] ["] <program_name> [program parameter] ["]

   where options include:
   --help; -h:  print this message
   --version; -v: print version
   --debug; -d: show debug messages
   --show; -s:  do not hide window after start
   --icon; -i  <path to png>: use this icon
   --large_icons; -l: allow large icons (> 24x24)
   --sticky; -st: visible on all workspaces
   --skip-taskbar; -stask: not visible in taskbar
   --no-alltray; -na: no "(Alltray)" in window title
   --borderless; -x: remove border, title, frame (if not supported native)
   --menu; -m: "menu text:command": add entry to popdown menu
   --title; -t <sec>: show tooltip with title for <sec> seconds after song change
   --geometry; -g [<width>x<height>][{+-}<x>{+-}<y>]: initial position (if not supported native)
   --key; -k [Modifier:]Key: Keyboard shortcut:
     Modifier="Shift", "Control", "Alt", "AltGr"
     Key (Examples) = "a", "F1", "End" ...
     or "Keycode" (Number) returned by the program "xev"
   --notray; -nt: display no tray icon (usefull only with the "--key" option or what ever
   --nominimize; -nm: click on window close button: do not minimize back to system tray, close
   --configure; -conf: show KDE configuration dialog

 usage: alltray

 Click-Mode: Click on the window you would like to dock.
 (Abort with <c>)

    - X Window stuff
    - GTK+ >= 2.2
    - Gconf stuff. if not disabled with "--disable-gconf"
    - Gnome 2 with "Panel Notification Area" applet.
    - KDE (>= 3.2 [3.1 ?] ) with System tray.
    - XFCE 4.2 with System tray.
    - Fluxbox (devel version)
    - WindowMaker with "docker" dockapp.

**License: GPL


   Bug, feature request, not working application ? let me know.
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