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The  os‐xxx.h  files are created totally by hand.  Start with os‐
gen.h, the generic version of the os.h file.

The os‐xxx.c files may be created by hand or you may use the sim‐
ple include method that is used here.  The os.c files are made by
creating an os‐xxx.ic file which lists all of the  files  it  in‐
cludes,  and  then  running make os‐xxx.c.  There is an os‐gen.ic
generic version of the

You will also need to create a in the parent  direc‐
tory.   There  are  other makefiles to inspect there, including a
generic makefile.gen.

The names of all the included files here have to be eight charac‐
ters or less for DOS, hence the stupid names.

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