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Further details on the Carmel driver and the modifications for
the X-BWC-Glyph character set are under the doc directory.

Building the Carmel driver
1. Build pine, the c-client and imapd as you would normally so
   all machine dependent source directory links get set up correctly

2. Copy all files from contrib/carmel/c-client into the Pine c-client

3. run "patch < Makefile.patch" to modify the Makefile.

4. If you want the X-BWC-GLYPH character set stuff turned on in the
   c-client for mail generated before 1994 make sure that
   EXTRACFLAGS=-DBWC in the Makefile

5. If you want the carmel driver to be the default for non-fully 
   qualified names, change that in the Makefile for your system.

6. If you want the X-BWC-Glyph display code turned on some patches
   have to be applied to Pine.  If not, these steps can be skipped.
   6a. Copy all the files from carmel/pine into the pine source 
   6b. Run patch on each of them: "patch < makefile.ult", 
       "patch < filter.c.pathc".
   6c. You may have to add a -DBWC to the CFLAGS= line in the makefile
       for your system if there is no patch file for your system.

7. Remove the imapd executable imapd/imapd from the Pine source tree
   to force it to be rebuilt (Make won't figure it out).

8. Run build again from the top level directory

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