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From Tue May  7 10:14:10 1996
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:57:45 -0000
From: Dan Cross <>
Subject: Pine patches for the IBM RT (Pine 3.93, 4.3BSD)

Hi there!
   I ported pine 3.93 to the IBM RT running AOS using the BSD port.  (AOS
is IBM's port of 4.3BSD to the RT architecture.)  There were only minor
changes that had to be made to the source to get it running under AOS, so
I just stuck with the BSD port.  (It seemed like a waste to change, since
there was so much duplication between the BSD port and an AOS port.)
   I wanted to send back the patches to you all to get them re-integrated
into the main distribution so that the RT becomes a supported architecture.
So, without further inane babble by myself, here they are.  Thanks!

	- Dan C.

(ps- if you would like my binaries to put up for FTP, let me know and I'll
pack them up for ya'll!)
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