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NB. These will all need to be universal if you are building aMSN to be universal.
TkCximage depends on:
	- libjpeg
	- libpng
Growl plugin:
	- The growl tcl bridge.
Winks plugin:
	- cabextract

There are two ways to build aMSN on os x:
1. Via the command line (recommended):
	i.		Make sure you have all the dependancies installed (via fink {NB. it will only compile for the native architecture of your Mac, so you can't create a universal binary from these libraries} or by installation into /usr/local).
	ii.		Run: cd path/to/
	iii.		Run: ./configure
	iv.		Run: make
	v.		Run: sh ./utils/macosx/
2. Via XCode:
	i.		Open the .xcodeproj file thats in path/to/
	ii.		Choose amsn as the active target, and then click build.
-Universal Binaries-
As of version 0.96, aMSN on OS X has been distributed as a universal binary. This means that it will run natively on both Intel & PPC macs. To have this gcc links two compiled versions of each compiled object as a single file (ppc & i386). This is done automatically by adding "-arch ppc -arch i386 -isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.4u.sdk" to the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. If these flags are set, and you try to link against a library that doesn't contain the required architecture it will cause the build to fail.

-Firewalls & Proxy Settings-
Proxy settings are set in aMSN. Global proxy settings set in OS X are _not_ used.
Currently the reflector doesn't work with the Mac version of aMSN.

-Weird Things About aMSN On Mac OS X-
Profile data is stored in: "~/Library/Application Support/amsn/"

The aMSN binary is provided as a bundle called The contents of amsn is in "". Tcl/Tk is installed as a framework in "" & "" respectively.

The wish shell used to wrap aMSN as an executable file is installed into "".

The aMSN bundle (also referred to as is stored in the directory "/Applications/" by default. Please note that some people may not install aMSN into the correct location, and so you shouldn't refer to the absolute path in "/Applications/". To find the definitive path, please use this shell command (NB. aMSN will open):
	osascript -e "return POSIX path of (path to application \"aMSN\")"

When the bundle is launched, the wish shell sources the file "", which in turn sources the file amsn.

	- Webcam device is in-use or there is no driver present.
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