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2009-04-22  Philip Stewart <>

	** Add Desktop file and install it in the right place.

2009-04-01  Johnny Jacob  <>

	* README: Updated (test commit).

2009-03-19 Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	** src/mail-message-view.c: Mark mail as unread, as you scroll through
	the message. Not all messages are marked unread, when the conversation
	is opened.

2009-03-19 Priit Laes <>
	** src/mail-conv-view.c: Make Shift UP/Down to scroll in steps in
	conversation view.

2009-03-17  Srinivasa ragavan <>
	** src/*/[ch]:  Make it themable and pick colors from theme

2009-03-12  Srinivasa ragavan <>
	** src/*/[ch]: eds-anjal.patch: Preview of unquoted message, of latest
	message in a thread and the corresponding e-d-s patch.

2009-03-11  Srinivasa ragavan <>

	** src/*.[ch]: Folder tree updates instantaneously on new
	mails/updates. Yeh!!

2009-03-10  Srinivasa ragavan <>

	** src/*.[ch]: Spinner love to folder view loading.

2009-03-10  Srinivasa Ragavan <>
	** src/*.[ch]: Added tabbed browsing. Create/delete tabs. View two
	folders together. More work on better folder-selecting. But you can
	view them now.

2009-03-09  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	**src/*.[ch]: Drawn custom widget for showing mails. Scrolling,
	navigating works. Some Accelerator stuffs also done.
2009-03-05  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	** src/*.[ch]: Changed hella lot of code. Rewrite em-format*-*.* and
	em-html-*.[ch]. Now Anjal does full use of WebKits for rendering
	pages, Attachments. 

2009-03-02  Johnny Jacob  <>

	** Composer framework in place. Needs more pruning.

	* src/mail-shell.c (mail_shell_construct): Connect to 'New email' button.
	(new_email_btn_clicked): New email's event handler.

	* src/mail-view.c (mail_view_add_page): Added provsions for composer.
	(mail_view_add_composer): Creates a composer instance and adds to the view.
	(mail_view_add_folder): Create a folder view instance and adds to the view.

	* src/ (anjal_SOURCES): Added mail-composer-view.[ch] .
2009-03-02  Srinivasa Ragavan <>
	src/*: MailMessageView make it look better.

2009-02-24  Srinivasa Ragavan <>
	src/*: Added EMTreeStore of Notzed. Now evo can have very light vs
	light view. ANJAL_LITE env would switch for now.

2009-02-21  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	src/*: Make icons appear nice with multi line text view.

2009-02-21  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	src/custom*: Add custom renderes to render the way we want it.
	Show the message list in a intersting way :-)

2009-02-21  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	src/mail-folder-view.c: Save this file now, its gonna change a lot
	from now on.

2009-02-21  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	* src/mail-sqlite-store.[ch]: Expose the MailSqliteRecord out.

2009-02-18  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	* Implemented cursor based custom gtk tree view. Integrated. Now
	atleast a rough tree view comes up and it should be fast.

2009-02-18  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	* Added hella lot of new code. Made folder tree up and running. 

2009-02-17  Johnny Jacob  <>

	* src/mail-component.c (check_autosave): Commented out references to

2009-02-17  Johnny Jacob  <>

	* Add po/ for AC_OUTPUT.

2008-02-17  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	** Added Mail Shell and made the top bar appear. It may not work, but
	just an interface test.

2008-02-16  Srinivasa Ragavan <>

	** Initial commit for Anjal aka Evo-lite

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