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  apng2gif version 1.5

  This program converts APNG animations into animated GIF format.
  Wu quantizer is used for true-color files.

  Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Max Stepin

  License: zlib license


  Changes in version 1.5:

- fixed loading of 1,2,4-bit per pixel paletted APNGs.


  Usage (for command-line version): 

apng2gif anim.png [anim.gif] [/t tlevel] [/b bcolor]


/t 128 

  will set the transparency threshold level as 128, so pixels 
  with alpha level less than 128 will become fully transparent.

/b #ff0000  
/b 255 0 0 

  will set the background color as red, so partially transparent 
  pixels will be composed over red. When /b is used, /t is ignored.

  When no options are specified, default threshold is 128, 
  no background color.
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