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apsfilter - A lineprinter input filter for systems with lpd/lpr…  more info»


# apsfilter 4.9
# Andreas Klemm <>
# Mon Feb  6 19:54:40 MET 1995

This directory contains a template file ``apsfilterrc'' that every 
user _may_ (not have to) place into his home - directory to fiddle 
around with some options ...

Simply copy apsfilterrc to $HOME/.apsfilterrc

	$ cp apsfilterrc $HOME/.apsfilterrc

Edit $HOME/.apsfilterrc to change apsfilters behaviour. Read the 
comments in this user-customizeable setup file.

The etc.magic.* files contain rules for the file(1) command
to detect the type of files.

If apsfilter complains about unknown-filetype, be sure to check out
your /etc/magic wether they contain pieces for the supported

If your /etc/magic is a bit outdated just add the missing part!


be sure that you have no double-entries in your /etc/magic, since this
would prevent apsfilter from printing properly.
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