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arc-human - orange variation of the Arc-Colors wallpapers and GDM themes…  more info»


This is a set of GDM's/Wallpapers made to match the GTK themes "Shiki-Colors"
and the icon themes "GNOME-Colors".

The GDM themes have a max resolution of 2140x1200 and support all possible
screen ratios below that.

* To install GDM's, extract .tar.gz file, drag n' drop desired themes to the
  login preferences window, or run "make install" as administrator in the
  extracted folder. For more options, type "make help".

* If you replace the "bg.png/jpg" files, you can use any wallpaper you want! (in
  fact, I recommend it if you don't like the included backgrounds, or want the
  GDM's to feature your favorite wallpaper).

* If you replace the logo.png files, you can change the logo of the GDM's to
  your favorite Linux distribution's branding.
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