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arirang v2.00  - powerful webserver security scanner for network


what is the 'arirang' ?
arirang - korean word.
          it's a korea's tradition folk song

'a~ri~rang a~ri~rang a ra ri yo. arirang ~~~~~~~~~~    '

from south korea.


arirang is powerful webserver security scanner for network.

it's free, fast and supported report, ssl scan, network scan, flexible rule scan, http socks5 proxy
and arirang ruby script.

arirang different most cgi scanners.
arirang based on twwwscan. designed to network scanner.

arirang can help network administrators find security vulnerabilities, auditing and patch in their webservers.

this program was originally written under OpenBSD

tested on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux

i wrote these tools with honest intentions to audit my own webserver and network.
Please do not abuse this software.


i tested arirang 2.00 on OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux

if you can run with arirang on other unix
such as mac osx, solaris, hp-ux, aix. please tell test result email to me.


To install arirang, you will need : 
(arirang supported SSL since 1.90 and supported Ruby script since 1.95)

Install Requirement
 * Ruby ( )
 * Ruby Library and Ruby Include files
 * OpenSSL Library - libssl
 * OpenSSL Include files - /usr/include/openssl/

 # ruby extconf.rb
 # make
 # ./arirang


* changed 2.00 - 2010/10/03
completed rewritten arirang Ruby script 
- variable style to class style (class Arirang)
- one global variable ($ari_host) 
- three instant variables (@ari_port, @ari_recvsize, @ari_recvflag)
- two functions (baedal, asadal)
- two arirang functions (ariconnect, arisend) 
supported HTTP proxy (-X option)
supported SOCKS5 proxy (-X option)
added environment variables (PROXY_USER, PROXY_PASS, PROXY_TYPE)
added arirang Ruby script examples

* changed 1.95 - 2010/09/15
supported arirang Ruby script (-R option)
changed osfinger to malloc.
fixed few signal in old code.
fixed few bugs.
added script directory - some arirang ruby script examples

* changed 1.90 - 2010/09/06
supported SSL
supported CIDR of Domain Name
supported count of scan hosts
fixed connect timeout 
applied recv timeout of rule scan. 
fixed gcc warning.
fixed few signal in old code. 
fixed few printing style.

* changed 1.77 - 2010/08/31
integration source code bsd version with linux, other unix.
supported NOT keyword in scanrule. - see a rule.uxe or nottest.uxe
supported -t option socket receive timeout
supported -f option scan(process + automatic scan) and bug fix.
supported milliseconds on scantime.
fixed gcc warning.
fixed printing style.
fixed few bugs
added scanrule/nottest.uxe
added scanrule/account.uxe 

* changed 1.7 - 2010/08/26
supported allow check of webserver.
supported CIDR of IP Address.
supported HTML Report.
removed os detect. - changed -O to allow check
decrease TIMEOUT 10 to 5 - increase scan speed
added scanrule/request.uxe
fixed few bugs.
fixed some typo. 

*** took arirang 8 years to come back ***

* changed 1.6 - 2002/07/21
supported automatic wide ip range scan(fast xx times than 1.6beta version)
supported scan time
fixed broadcast bug
fixed osfinger check
a few bug fixed
supported check recent apache chunk bug scanrule/apache.uxe
moved arirang scan rule files into scanrule directory
fixed gcc -Wall compile option

* changed 1.6beta - 2001/08/10
supported recv msg flags (fixed .ida buffer overflow check)

* changed 1.5  - 2001/../..

Date: 2010/10/03
pilot <>

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